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Shifting Sands

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

After daydreaming of a good nights sleep and refreshing shower during the lock down the combination of the two made Kristina feel like a new woman with a rejuvenated spring in her step.

The event in which left her somewhat isolated in a formidable position had caused her to question the position within the crew that Captain Romano had bestowed upon her. He'd been confident that she could perform fresh from her person trauma of loosing Zeek. She too believed she could handle the stress, the pressure and remember to keep a civil tongue but when the cards were down she felt she'd fallen by the wayside.

The thought had motivated her to Zor's ready room where he sat looking haggard, a shell from his former self due the previous illness she'd been fortunate to avoid. "Captain," she prompted. "May I have a word?"

Zor had been engrossed in the recent news from Command about the structure of the Chain of Command in the sector and had completely tuned out of his surroundings until a small voice from the threshold of the room pulled him back. "Commander, of course come in!"
He offered her the seat across from him as he lifted his legs from the table top and sat up straight in his own chair. "What can I do for you?"

Krissy slide into the vacant seat gladly and moved straight to the heart of the topic: "Firstly I'm glad to see you'll up and around, and I'm sure you've been informed of how the station faired during the lock down. However," she paused, "I do not feel my conduct was appropriate during the crisis. I appreciate you have the confidence in me to do the job - its just a fair cry from anything I've done before I'm struggling to adapt."

"I did hear about the incident with the freighter Captain!" he allowed the comment to hang a moment as he considered how he would proceed, but there really was only one way. "Would you like to fill me in as to your side of the story!"

She wined at the comment. She knew he'd hear about that and most likely from Biscoe himself. "The freighter captain in question had defined security, the Klingon forces and attempted to undock from the station at the full impluse. I tried to reason with him as the docking clamps buckled enforcing that while the station was under quatrine no one could leave." Mason retold the story wishing she'd been more forward thinking at the time of the incident. "The clamps were on the verge of breaking, so with the assistance of a tractor I intended to release the ship before damage was caused, however the clamps already strained failed to release the freighter. I had the crew transported off the freighter while security secured the vessel and damage teams assessed the station."

"Thats not quite the full story I've had from Biscoe... You must remember that being in a position of Command you have to employ a certain level of Diplomacy in your dealings with anyone and unfortunately Captain Biscoe is a close relation to someone on the federation Council".
He pulled himself out of his chair, relishing the thought of getting her out of the Strategic Operations position and back into something that she was more capable of dealing with. "I have orders here to shift you into a less critical position and to enact a demotion on you and place a mark on your file".
Finally he came to rest in a chair by the side of her.

She felt the carpet being pulled out from beneath her feet. She greeted his comment with silence, lowering her gaze and dropping her head an inch in dissopointment in herself. Her career in Starfleet was turning into a fast roller coaster that seemed on an endless down wound track into the dark depths of unknown.
"I see," she finally repiled stiffly nodding slightly. "For what's its worth I'm sorry I'm gifted with a more dipolmatic dememour."

"No need to apologies Commander...", he smiled and patted the young women on the shoulder trying to make her feel somewhat better. "I could tell you a story from my past, but I think reminding you about your history would be a better tack... What happened to Admiral Kirk after the Whale Probe incident?"

She shook her head slightly allowing him to continue to story.

"Admiral Kirk disobeyed orders and went off, stealing the batter USS Enterprise... The first one that is, on a fools errand to the Genesis planet...", he paused for a moment to see if she knew anything about Starfleet and Federation history. "And we all know how that ended?"

Mason nodded mutely understanding the morale of the tale Zor was reiterating. "We also know of the achievements Kirk made during his lifetime, despite his misgivings," she felt slightly irksome by this after Kirk was the forefront of shaping the Federation in its early days. All Mason was good at was disjointing the noses of those that wanted to continue to strengthen the Federation into a bright future. "He was an extraordinary man, I'm far from it."

"Don't interrupt Commander..." he smiled to soften the hard edge to his voice before continuing. "After that was all done and dusted, he started back to Earth in the stolen Klingon vessel, the HMS Bounty if I remember correctly", he again paused for a moment remembering a better, simpler time not only for his own people, but for the Federation as well. "On the return to Earth they picked up a distress call from Starfleet Headquarters informing them that earth was under attack by an unknown probe... Is this all coming back to you yet Commander?"

She rolled her eyes toward him: "I think you'd like to finish no matter if I recalled or not," she smirked senseing Zor was attempting to soften the blow of the punishment she was received, again.

"Correct!" this time the smile was open and unhidden to the slightest degree. Instead he was flaunting the fact that he was softening the blow, but what she didn't realize yet was it was, in many ways, a blessing. "As you will recall he went back in time, caught himself two whales and a Cetation scientist from the twentieth century and then returned to his own time with them. Crashed the Klingon ship under Golden Gate bridge and saved the day... What happened to him after that?"

She rolled her eyes up-wards at his cheerfulness masking a groan of displeasure as he went on. "They lived happily ever after?" she asked sarcastically knowing the historical details rather vaguely. Honestly she felt a shiver ripple down her spine at the thought of traveling through time since her own trip had lasting, painful memories.

"Not quite... If you remember Kirk and his senior officers were pulled in front of a board of enquirer.. Each of them had to face different charges that were all dropped, all that is except one."
Once again he paused for dramatic effect before plowing on with the moral of the story. "Kirk was still charged with disobeying orders and for that he was stripped of his rank of Admiral and reduced to Captain... Kirk was born to Command a starship not fly a desk as he had been. Starfleet recognized this and in an attempt to put on the appearance of disciplining him in front of the visiting dignitaries, there were actually honoring him for everything he had done for earth by awarding him what he was best at... Command".

Mason blinked chewing over the closing statement to Zor's tale: "You're demoting me because its for the best?" she turned to him feeling taken back by the thought. She had to bite her tongue to stop herself asking the next question that almost come tumbling out of her mouth : Am I not deserved of full Commander?

"Your talents lie with Security and handling situations from that point of view, but Starfleet wouldn't allow you to stay in Security with the rank of Commander. I know this and you know this. The only problem being, you wouldn't be happy doing anything else... would you?"
His voice had turned soft and soothing as he tried to coax the truth from the party that it directly involved.

Her previous stern gaze shifted nervously around the room as a weighty silence fell heavily between them both. "Truthfully? No," she answered. "I didn't join Starfleet to see the wonders of the universe, or to discover new life in some distant uncharted part of space. I enrolled because I wanted to protect other that were incapable of defending themselves." She turned back to Zor fixing him with a unsettled look that few had seen - the venerable side of her. "I have a lifelong debt to Starfleet, and I don't feel as if it could be repaid shuffling reports and manning the communication traffic."

"So, if this demotion and department move isn't a bad thing, then what is it?" He asked pointedly.

Krissy lips twitched with the knowledge of bittersweetness. "I was actually going to ask you if I could step down anyway."

"In that case, congratulations Commander I'm demoting you and moving you over to head the Stations Security teams... How does that sit with you?"

Perhaps the sudden reintroduction to sleep had caused some lasting damage for Krissy laughed full hearted at the comment. "That sounds just fine, I never thought of myself wearing a red uniform anyway,"


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