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CISM for Romano

Posted on Thu Mar 24th, 2011 @ 7:54pm by Ensign Tem Par

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Zor's Quarters

Zor had hardly even got to his room after another interminable shift when the door chime sounded.

His quarters were still dark after his entry as he had made a beeline for the couch under one of the large oval windows, intending to have a nap before the second part of the day started again. Instead he settle for sitting on the couch and calling for the door to open and the lights to come on.

Standing at the threshold was a young Vulcan man in a teal uniform. He held a PADD in his slim fingers and a professionally practised smile on his face. The effect of a smiling Vulcan was so startling it always left people speechless.

"Good Morning, Sir. Ensign Tem Par, Counselling department. I am here as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management incentive, in direct response to the recent medical emergency here at the station. As part of the ongoing support of personnel, Starfleet has offered a free counselling service to everyone who was affected by the incident. May I come in?"

"Of course... Please", he swept his arm around as if to motion the Vulcan to come and take a seat.

"I understand that you held a key role for the duration of the incident. How did you find that experience?"

"Exhausting... Still, life goes on and we need to get the station back to one hundred percent operation".
It was a plain fact, nothing hidden or disguised, but something about the Vulcan unsettled Zor... Maybe because it could unravel the delicate balance that his associates had been building in the area for the last four months.

The Vulcan nodded, his face resuming its normal emotionless state, "Of course. As and El-Aurian I would imagine you have seen many situations similar to the one you just encountered?"

It was a clever question. If Zor said yes, then it opened a line of questions about Zor's past. If he said no, then Zor will have admitted that the last few days were significantly trying for him.

"Counsellor, I have no intention of being rude but I really need some rest!"
He could see how the line of questioning was going and he needed an out from it.

Tem gave the CO a level gaze, "Do you feel appropriate for members of the staff to refuse medical or psychological help? I am new here and need to know the policy. Obviously I cannot provide any form of support if you simply refuse it. I am here to help you, not manipulate or control you. If you honestly feel there is no benefit from a formal debrief then I will leave you to your rest."

"However, I believe that it is impossible for the events of the last few days to not have had some effect on those in command at the time. This may impact on your future performance; which we would both like to avoid."

"So... Would you like to chat for a while longer, or reschedule for the Delta shift?"

"Counsellor... You may have heard the old adage that Doctors make the worst patients... In this case, Commanding Officers are also applicable."
He levelled his gaze at the new Counsellor feeling more and more irritation at his intrusion.

"Now if you wish to reschedule for another time I will oblige, otherwise you are dismissed Counsellor".

Tem stood up and made a note on his PADD, "First thing in the morning it is. Thank you, Captain. Rest well."

With that the young Vulcan turned on his heel and left Zor to his rest and rumination.


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