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CISM for Ulonova

Posted on Thu Mar 31st, 2011 @ 12:03am by Ensign Tem Par

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: First Officer's Office

The trail of death and disease left a wake of paperwork that would last for months. Leanne didn't hear the page on her office door at first. On the third time she looked up.

Another distraction, Leanne tossed the PADD down on her desk and rubbed her face a little bit. "Enter" She yelled at the door. This day was already shaping up to be a nightmare. She looked at the empty cup of coffee sitting there, mocking her as the door slid open. The headache she had during the meeting earlier was getting worse.

Standing at the threshold was a young Vulcan man in a teal uniform. He held a PADD in his slim fingers and a professionally practiced smile on his face. The effect of a smiling Vulcan was so startling it always left people speechless.

"Good Morning, Sir. Ensign Tem Par, Counseling department. I am here as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management incentive, in direct response to the recent medical emergency here at the station. As part of the ongoing support of personnel, Starfleet has offered a free counseling service to everyone who was affected by the incident. May I come in?"

"I suppose so Ensign, though I don't remember scheduling a counseling session."

"You did not but, as you are no doubt aware from your time as CMO, sometimes a house call may be necessary, particularly with senior staff."

She moved the stack of AA reports to the opposite side of the desk so she could get a clear view of this ensign. "What can I do for you today?"

"I understand that you held a key role for the duration of the incident. How did you find that experience?"

"Well, unfortunately I wasn't in charge of it mostly, I became involved through the incident on the promenade, that explosion that killed and injured so many and led to the riots." She stood up and went over to the replicator. "Coffee extra black" The replicator hummed as the cup appeared, steam emanating from the top. She knew he was looking for anything in her response that might lead to further questions. She wasn't fond of counselors, understood their use, but still didn't like them too much.

"I suppose if I had to sum it up, I felt useless, The good Doctor had it well under control, the Captain decided the course of action, I just fiddled with the procedure and assisted, a first year med student could have done what I did." She took a sip of the hot coffee. "I'm sorry, did you want something?"

"Thank you, no," the other responded holding up a hand. "You say you felt useless; that the skills you used in the instance were within the grasp of a junior officer. Your training was as a Medical doctor, and you seem to have something of a specialty in immunology, based on the work you did with Beverly DeVour. Why do you think your skills were not used adequately in this instance? Do you think that was because of a lack of need in the other command staff, or lack of ability on your part?"

"I'm just used to being in control I suppose, it isn't a knock against the doctor or the Captain, I still just trying to find my feet in this role I suppose." She started to have a throb in the back of her head. "It is like having too many cooks in the kitchen, if your good chef, and you get pulled from the kitchen to go and tend bar, but they have it well in hand you feel like you are just in the way."

"You are feeling you had nor role to play in the crisis. Is this true of the regular running of the station? What do you see the role of XO being?"

"Essentially a roving position I suppose. Go where is needed, do what is needed, carry out the captains orders." Leanne gave the counselor a questioning eye.

"Is that what other XO's have done in the position? Have you checked the role description on the DB?"

Before she could answer he went on, "You had not been XO for long before the crisis occurred, and had not worked with Captain Romano for long. Why were you given the post?"

"We'd lost our last executive officer, and well Krissy has a few blemishes on her record. I've passed and taken the bridge officers exam, I've been in command of the Hope during the Gorn Incursion, I suppose that makes me qualified for the Job. He also maybe wanted someone who was familiar with the crew." She never really questioned why, she figured it was that he was impressed with her track record. Leanne finished the rest of the coffee, hoping that the caffeine would help with the headache.

"So you believe you have been selected for this role based on the previous record of your activities. As I understand it, selection for such a role is incredibly stringent. Captain Romano must have been very impressed with you. Do you think he was right in his appraisal, or has there been some mistake?"

"His judgment is his own. You'd have to take that up with the Captain." Leanne took a sip of her coffee. "So what are you deducing out of all of this counselor?" Leanne sat back down at the desk and looked across at the Vulcan. "Getting me ready for my padded rubber room?" She gave him a quick smile.

The Vulcan returned another of his practiced smiles, "Unfortunately our rubber room hasn't yet been installed. I would say, at this short time we have had, that you are a fairly well balanced individual, used to crisis situations and having to give command decisions, but have a large dose of self doubt."

"Without delving into your family history I would not be surprised if one or both of you caregivers was highly performance motivated and transferred to you values of performance over sociability. As such you see your performance as the guide to your success, and not the appraisal of peers. When you are not in a position of usefulness you struggle to feel like you belong."

The Vulcan leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers, "Tell me, Leanne, who would you say is your closest friend on the station?"

"Is that medically relevant to the events that took place during the last emergency?"

"It is very relevant to how you are dealing with the emotional strain of the previous week. You have been placed in a very responsible role, taken out of your familiar department, just at a time when it could use your input. You faced a major crisis. This sounds like the time when you could use a friend. I am trying to ascertain what support structures you have in place. Who are your friends? How do you relax? What do you do to wind down each day?"

Leanne thought for a moment, the only one on the station could really call a friend was Krissy, it was too soon to be sure with Zor. "I'd have to say Commander Mason would be the closest thing I have to a friend on the station. In my tenure as CMO you don't really have time for friendship."

Tem latched onto this, "You can identify at least one friend, and that is a good start. Given you felt your previous position was not conducive to establishing friendships, how do you feel your new role will facilitate that? Do you believe it will be easier or harder?"

"It will more then likely be harder considering she now reports to me." Leanne could see where this was going.

"Anthropologists suggest Humans are a sociable animal and individuals who can identify themselves as part of dynamic social groups are more likely to prosper than recluses or those who have been ostracized by their peers. Do you believe that is true?"

"I don't disagree with that assessment though some of us tend to be less social then others. Sometimes it isn't bad to be alone." She didn't mean to be sounding snarky to the counselor as she responded. The headache was starting to take over.

"What special efforts will you be making to seek and cement relationships in this new phase of your life?"

Leanne rubbed her head again, her headache had gotten worse. "Counselor, can we continue this at another time? I've got a very bad headache that I might have to try and sleep off. Can we set up an appointment for later this week?"

"Leanne, I would like nothing better. I trust you have already found some benefit to this time. I believe their is a Klingon celebration latter this evening. It may be a good time to find some of those friendships we discussed, but it would be wise to stock up on analgesics. I will leave you to your work, sir. Good Day."

Tem quickly stood and gave a stiff bow and practiced smile then left Leanne as he had found her.

Leanne watched as the Vulcan left. "Computer, no visitors, please." The computer beeped with acknowledgment as she layed down on her couch writing in headache misery.


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