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CISM for Jrez

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2011 @ 6:49am by Ensign Tem Par & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Jrez's quarters

Jrez had been waiting to escape to his own space all day. It seemed everyone was relying on him to solve every personnel problem in the station. Ah, the lot of being Command Chief. He couldn't count the number of crew he'd spoken to but he knew the captain relied on him to monitor their morale.

He had barely got in the door before the chime sounded.

What now? Enter.

Standing at the threshold was a young Vulcan man in a teal uniform. He held a PADD in his slim fingers and a professionally practised smile on his face.

Jrez did a quick double-take. A smiling Vulcan! The sight left him momentarily speechless.

"Good Morning, Sir. Ensign Tem Par, Counselling department. I am here as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management incentive, in direct response to the recent medical emergency here at the station. As part of the ongoing support of personnel, Starfleet has offered a free counselling service to everyone who was affected by the incident. May I come in?"

A reply formed on Jrez's lips but he rejected it. The fact that the introduction came across as something learnt by rote should not be held against him. Par was just doing his job and he could not do so with blithe throwaway answers. "Good to see you, Ensign. Will you be visiting all personnel? Many of the crew are showing signs of wear and tear, even those not directly involved. Or would it be more efficient if I was to refer crew members to you?"

"I will not personally be assessing each of the crew. I was sent with the crisis response team to bolster the numbers temporarily in response to the very real and present issues you have dealt with this week. The CRT will attempt to provide support to all who need it, but we do appreciate department heads who can flag significant personnel for us.

"I have been tasked primarily with the command staff, since you were the individuals who carried the majority of command at the time of the event. I understand that you held a key role for the duration of the incident. How did you find that experience?"

"I honestly did not think I would get out of there alive," Jrez replied. "That is a sobering experience but, at the time, I didn't give it much thought. I had a job to do and people were relying on me. We had to get that contamination cleared or everyone on the station could die."

"So you threw yourself into your work and didn't think about it? A common response in crisis, but it often falters when the immediate threat is relieved. How have you been sleeping lately?"

"I don't wake up screaming, if that's what you mean. I'm lucky, in a way. I have my own, internal counsellors. Previous hosts have been through their own traumatic incidents and come out the other side. Ensign, I am not trying to dodge the issue. Believe me, if I need you I will seek you out. However, there are many in the crew who need your services much more than I do."

Tem levelled his gaze at Jrez, "I assure you, sir, no one is being short changed. Everyone is being given exactly the amount of counselling we feel is necessary for them. I do understand, however, that as a Trill you must have seen many other incidents like this one."

This is one of Tem's favourite questions. If the client says, 'yes', then he has an avenue to ask them about their past. If they said, 'no', then they were admitting this incident was one of the most significant in the client's life.

"I have or, that is to say, other Jrez hosts have. It is not something I like to talk about as our history is personal but this is not the first time Jrez has stared death in the face. Nor, I imagine, will it be the last."

"I am given to understand that you were in the heart of the contaminated area and were locked down by quarantine. That must have given you pause for thought."

"As I said, I didn't give it much thought. I was aware of it, of course, but if you start to dwell on things like that the the problem can become insurmountable."

"From what I have read you did an admirable job."

"Thank you. But while I appreciate the sentiment, a lot of other people helped. Really, all I did was keep the operation on track and made sure everyone stayed focused on the task at hand."

"I understand there was only one death under your direct command?"

"The Klingon? PO Vartog handled most of that. Once Bella Delrisa confirmed that he really did want hek'bath performed then I walked away. It was difficult but it let him maintain his honour. No, it is not that which troubles me. It is the thought of so many things that could have gone wrong."

Tem looked concerned, "Yes, PO Vartog is something of a quandary for us. We doubt normal CBT would work for him, given his cultural background, yet as a member of Starfleet we have a responsibility to him. I am hoping Ambassador Haqtaj could advise us on this."

"You mentioned that you were worried about what 'could' go wrong. A spaceship full of the most hazardous pathogens in known space crashes in to the station and you fear things may get worse?"

"As you said, only one person died. If we had not succeeded in cleaning the contamination the whole station could have become a wasteland. I understand there was a near riot too. Something about traders needing to move their goods or something. That sort of thing we don't need in the middle of an emergency."

Tem leaned back in his chair, "Mr Jrez, you are an intriguing individual. You down play your achievements, as if they were commonplace. You deflect every offer of help or support stating that there are greater needs elsewhere. You would have me believe that you are completely together and focused only on the needs of others and the tasks at hand."

"I did not say that I am not in need of counselling. Indeed, this little chat has been most therapeutic. But, yes, there are those who need your services far more than I do. It is part of being a joined Trill that few things come as a complete surprise - or a major shock, for that matter. Humans have a saying, I believe; been there, done that. It can be quite like that for a Trill, especially if a few hosts have come before you. It manifests itself in different ways. Some seek a quiet life away from situations that might cause upset or turmoil. Others go looking for ever greater thrills and adventure - always trying for a greater adrenaline rush than the last one. Me...I'm motivated by a deeply ingrained business sense. To get ahead, you must focus on the task at hand. All else is irrelevant distraction. Now that I have time to reflect on all that happened, I can put it into context. In that I have, as I said, my own counsellors."

"Then let me ask you one other question: how are you coping with Thalal's absence?"

That hit a raw nerve. Jrez swallowed hard. "I don't think she is ever going to return to Starfleet. She had her own demons and I think that she has now exorcised them. Starfleet was never truly home for her; she is too much the Andorian for that. As for me...we had a good time together but as soon as she reconciled herself to joining in the shelthreth then she was lost to me.

"I will not lie to you, Ensign. For a while I went into denial. When Thalall said she would return, I believed her. I think that at first even she believed it. But as time dragged on and her messages became less frequent, I was forced to face reality. I will not say that I am over her. I don't think I ever will be. On some levels I sincerely hope I never will be. She was a truly amazing woman but Starfleet's loss in the Imperial Guard's gain and my loss is the gain of her partners in the shelthreth. Remember, she is a zhen; it is her who will carry the child to term even though it was not her who conceived it. That also lays a heavy responsibility on her for the rearing of the child. The others will assist but it primarily falls on her shoulders. No, she is better off where she is.

Jrez laughed hollowly.

"One of the former hosts is telling me she told me so. She's never liked Andorians and was against our pairing from the start."

"I do have experience dealing with MPD clients," Tem tried his practised smile again. Few clients managed to identify when Tem was having a joke, it was quite uncharacteristic for Vulcans. Tem recognised he had an unusual talent, and capitalised on it. Fortunately he was spared the vanity of pride.

"I am glad that this visit has been helpful, Akina. I will admit to having an ulterior motive. It had been suggested that a Trill aboard this station was suffering from a particular Trill condition which I will not name. As a prominent member of that species, I needed to ascertain the integrity of your bonding. However, I am pleased to say that your integration tags seem to be at 40/42 so I am not concerned for your sake."

"If you are referring to the person I think you are referring to," Jrez said forthrightly, "then the condition is Devares' Syndrome and the Trill suffering from it - or should I say, the Trill I suspect to be suffering from it, is Lieutenant Kriss Max. However, I don't believe the Lieutenant is still stationed here."

Tem's gaze went steady, "I cannot reveal any details about another member of personnel, particularly given the nature and severity of the issue, but I can confirm that Maxx is no longer rostered here at the station."

"Now, I will get out of your way an let you prepare for the party tonight. I understand the Klingons are preparing quite the celebration. If you ever feel you do need to chat further, I am easy to contact. Also, if you feel you can identify individuals you feel need priority counselling, please alert the head of the Crisis Response Team. Good evening, sir."

"I think I'll be giving the Klingon party a miss," Jrez confessed. "A bit boisterous for my taste, I'm afraid. No, there's someone else I wish to visit tonight. Goodnight Ensign. Believe me, it has been good talking to you. When you're finished with the interviews, I'd like to see a report on the health and well-being of the crew. No names, that is for trained medical personnel. I'm more interested in statistics and any ideas or suggestions you might have on improving and maintaining morale."

Tem Paused at the door, "May I strongly recommend you attend? From my understanding, just being invited is something of an honour, and there is likely to be an increase in Klingon personnel at the station. It would do well for you to be seen publicly drinking with the Ambassador. I also think you may wish to have a little noise and distraction around you tonight. You are not as closed a book as you would have me believe, Jrez. Good day, Akina."


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