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CISM for Mason

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2011 @ 11:08am by Ensign Tem Par

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Security office

Mason knew she was keeping herself busy so she didn't have to go to the Damn Klingon's party. Where did that brown skinned poser get off telling HER how to run security? A distraction arrived in the form of a chime at her door.

"Yes, yes come in!" she barked with her usual short temper.

Standing at the threshold was a young Vulcan man in a teal uniform. He held a PADD in his slim fingers and a professionally practised smile on his face. The effect of a smiling Vulcan was so startling it always left people speechless.

"Good Morning, Sir. Ensign Tem Par, Counselling department. I am here as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management incentive, in direct response to the recent medical emergency here at the station. As part of the ongoing support of personnel, Starfleet has offered a free counselling service to everyone who was affected by the incident. May I come in?"

Mason blinked. What the hell was this all about? If the man before her wasn't some rather odd Vulcan looking out of place with a beaming smile she would have turfed him out thinking this was another one of those 'Stress management courses' Beverly had been trying to make her attend.
But because he was a Vulcan whom rarely gasped the idea of practical jokes or lying to another persons face she shook off her misgivings and nodded curtly: "If you insist."

"I understand that you held a key role for the duration of the incident. How did you find that experience?"

She scoffed: "Stressful, obviously."

The Vulcan took a seat across from her, his face returning to the neutral state, "Obviously, or I would not be needed. What would you say was stressful about it? Your answer will help me dealing with your colleagues who were on duty at the same time."

She sighed slumping back in her seat folding her arms; "Captain Romano place me in strategic operations the day before - I was working virtually blind - with no previous 'official' training. I watched in horror as the freighter collided with the station, and witnessed the situation as it unfolded over the next two days of which I remained on duty throughout. That, was my biggest downfall - the lack of sleep. The senior officers had drawn up a rota system so that at least one of us were in operations at all times, I was due for some down time when sickbay informed me that Captain Romano and Commanders Lam and Ulonova had either been injured or became sick leaving me the sole person in charge. Much to my dismay."

"So you found the lack of sleep and continued duty more stressful than any of the decisions you made? Interesting."

Tem made a short not on his PADD allowing Mason time to speak.

"That's the downside of being human - we need to sleep for a prolonged expanse of time to maintain our peak level. However, it was not the only factor that added to the burden. It felt like I was trying to hold water in my hands - no matter how hard I tried it would seep away. I could sense hysteria building throughout the station and was helpless to ease it."

Tem nodded, "So you felt unable to establish a firm control of the situation? Good. Being aware of the situation, and how you were feeling is a very positive thing. I would worry if you were unaffected by it. Did that feeling ever abate or do you still feel it now?"

It was true this Tem Par character had her talking more then normal to a counselor, perhaps she was still rallied by the recent change in her position and rank thus giving her a further motive to talk.
"I feel it has past, for now at least."

"According to your record you have had issues with chain of command in the past. Respect for authority is not something you necessarily accept in all cases. How did you find it being top of the command chain? Did you find people respected you?"

"That's not exactly true," Mason injected. "I've disagreed with selected topics, never the chain itself." It sounded like a poor excuse in her own opinion so she continued onward. "I've never enjoyed being on the fore front, yes I can handle my own, understand what needs to be done and the time parameters - but I'm very much a hands on person. I find it hard to take a back seat."

"I wonder if that contributed to your feelings of a lack of control? If you had been 'at the coal face' such as WO Jrez, would that have been easier for you?"

The idea never crossed her mind: "Perhaps."

"I think this swap back to security might be exactly what you need, then; a step away from the administration and back to a more directly active role. Would you agree?"

"That is why I requested it to the Captain, though he had already been planning to action the move before I spoke to him."

"This is excellent, Commander. I realise you are a busy woman and have a party to get to, so if you like we can leave this here for the moment, but there are a few other things I would like to cover off with you."

"Counselor," she sighed. "Over the course of the last month I have seen every member of the counseling team on the station. I don't think there is anything you say that I have not already heard. As for this 'party' I'd rather not attend."

Tem lowered his PADD, "I understand your frustration at counselling, sir. Please understand that I am not here to find fault with you, or your performance. On the contrary, I am here to support you in your continuing role, and even act as an advocate on your behalf. For example, if I feel there is a legitimate psychological risk for you in attending the Klingon party today, I have the authority to forbid it on medical grounds. I am not sure if that would be helpful to you though. Can you tell me why you are not wishing to attend? Is this related to your trial and acquittal, or is there a deeper issue between you and Klingons, not listed in the files?"

"Ambassador Malith and I have never seen eye to eye. We have constantly disagreed on every topic imaginable, sized one another like prey - and yes since becoming the main topic of her poisoned pen I intend to stay away from her as much as possible. I doubt she has painted my image well among her kinsmen either. I fear this 'party' will turn into a battle."

Tem raised both eyebrows, "Well that hardly sounds a conducive environment for you to relax in. I'll tell you what I can do. It is my professional opinion that you are still undergoing some unresolved stress issues relating to previous crisis, such as the false allegations about you, that have been exacerbated by recent events. As such I am formally recommending a further course of 6 visits to counselling and avoidance of any non-essential functions for the term of that counselling. The extra sessions are just a formality to back the excusing you from the party. You will have to attend, but you do not need to do any counselling if you do not wish. Attendance will suffice. Is that acceptable to you?"

Mason wasn't fooled for a moment. Tem had given her a choice of two evils. The psychotic Klingon, or the psychologist Vulcan. Still, maybe she could use the session times to catch up on paper work without people ringing on her door.

She shook her head wearily, "Counselor," she started. "Thank you for your professional opinion, however I feel already that a fair piece of my time is already spent in the care of those in your department. I recognize I have some issues that require addressing but for now I simply wished to be left alone. I have a mountain of paper work to attend to as well as several investigation to carry out, attending a party is such a low priory on my list its fallen off the bottom."

Tem stood and stepped back from the table, "Then I will leave you to make the first of those six appointments at any time that is convenient for you in the next week. I will pass on your apology to the party, Kristina. Good day to you, sir."


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