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Living up to a Reputation

Posted on Mon Mar 21st, 2011 @ 11:13am by Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5

So, this was the infamous Kristina Mason Lieutenant Eckhart mused watching the second woman down the length of the bar exercising her right arm.

Jenny Eckheart, an unfortunate stowaway from two decades in the future had never had the privilege of meeting the Commander in question for in her time line Mason had been killed in action before Eckheart came aboard the Starbase. The senior staff spoke fondly of Mason, her bravely, no nonsense tact and lightening fast anger. They, she noted left out the heavy drinking of the 'real' stuff.

Although as the lieutenant stirred her cocktail absentmindedly she summarized the commander had a fair amount to be miserable about - the death of her lover was no doubt at the center of her depression despite the various sessions with stations counselor team of which Jenny had visited on many occasions. The tragedy seemed only to be the tip of the iceberg. Eckheart strained her eyes at Mason's collar swearing blind their had been an alteration to her line of pips neatly pinned - the engineer was dead certain Mason had been demoted although too afraid to brooch the subject for fear of death.

Mason aware of Eckheart's presence continued to gulp down the contents of the glass, lining it now empty alongside the others in front of herself before signaling for another.
"Cat got you're tongue lieutenant?" she asked looking over the rim of the new shot glass.

Eckheart jumped as if suddenly electrocuted nearly losing her icy drink in the same instant. Stupidly she looked around the bar checking if Mason was addressing another officer. On lookers turned away sharply as if sensing the lion of was the prowl for fresh meat.

"Yes, I mean you," Mason added pointedly. "Get your butt over here," she kicked the vacant stool.

Gulping heavily Jenny moved slowly closer and tentatively took the indicated seat. She winced when Mason slapped her hand upon the counter to order a further round of drinks. The smell of genuine alcohol was rich, and the number of empty glasses seemed endless as Eckheart looked around herself nervously.

"Eckheart, right? From the future?" Mason probed breaking the silence.

Jenny nodded mutely, half frightened.

"A future that no longer exists, right?"

The remark stung, but yes it was partly right for the missing aware team: Aerelon, Ulonova and Henk whom became caught in some temporal distortion were sent back to the correct time line, thus making Eckheart's existence somewhat warped.
Again she nodded.

Krissy was silent for a moment before asked another question: "We were happy?"

Jenny blinked at the question and her mouth managed to make a croaked response: "Who?"

"Zeek and me?"

"Oh," Jenny bit her tongue wishing she was anywhere else but here. "Yes I think so, but he never came back after the shuttle vanished..."

The commander nodded taking a sip from the glass her gaze seeming unfocused as she studied the younger woman. "You don't like me much do you?"

"It's not that," Jenny said quickly. "I never knew you. You'd died before I arrived on the station."

"Died?" Mason repelled sharply, her nostrils flaring. Jenny winced expecting some fury to be unleashed. Hell, then entire bar seemed to go silent, the occupants holding their collective breath.

However, the anger dissipated instantly and Mason slumped against the bar top with a sigh looking more miserable than before. "Guess there's some silver lining after all," she muttered banging down the glass and stood unsteadily.

She slapped Jenny upon the shoulder as she moved past her, "A word of advice," she said lowly, "Don't fall in love and don't ever let the barkeep give you a drink on the house - unless of course you'd like to have a forked tongue of the next twenty four hours."

Confused Eckcheart frowned, leaning away slightly she watched as Mason staggered her way from the bar and onto the promenade.

"Another drink?" a new voice asked sounding a million miles away. Jenny turned back, it was the bar tender who was indicating to the last few dregs in her glass. "Its' on the house," he added seeing her hesitate as he cleared away Mason's trail of empties.

Uncertainly what Mason had meant Jenny still declined the offer sensing despite being enumerated Mason had meant well and was offering genuine advice.

That turned out to be the case as it seemed when Eckheart finally called it a night for on her walk to her quarters she caught sight of her friend Cathrine showing nurse Uma a glistening forked tongue.

Perhaps Mason really wasn't that bad after all.


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