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Cavalry Returns

Posted on Fri Apr 8th, 2011 @ 6:51pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Bridge-USS Phaeton

It was time, Varal's sense of time passing had yet to fail him, getting up from his seated position and rolling up his meditation matt he quickly stored it before grabbing his jacket just as the comm chirped, "Admiral, we're approaching DS7" came the XO's voice, "thank you Commander, please advise Admiral DeVuor" walking with a reassuring stride Walker replied with a quick "aye sir" before making the call.

During the voyage Varal had spent little time on the bridge, taking Beverly's advice he had returned to his cabin to continue his rest, only now after several days of travel did he feel even remotely in control of his faculties and emotions. Taking the centre seat he instructed the operations officer to put the station on the screen just as DeVuor entered the bridge from the side turbolift, Varal standing as she moved towards him, "welcome to the bridge Admiral."

"Strange, it feels so comfortable being up here...", allowing herself a moment of reflection, remembering the time she had spent on the Bridge of Genesis and comparing it the her time on Six One One. Both had been challenging, but Genesis had been a more fore filling time for some reason.
"Are the medical teams ready for transport?", she snapped back to the matter at hand, racing once again with what could happen or may have already happened.

"Indeed, all medical and science personnel are ready to assist, four teams are ready for transport at this time, I believe Commander Ulonova is the officer on duty at this time, perhaps you would like to make the introductions?" Moving off the centre of the bridge Varal invited her to take the lead in making contact with the erstwhile station, a friendly face would no doubt help them resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Leanne had walked into ops and looked around at the duty officers. "Report."

"Sir they are on the outer perimeter." One of the younger officers swiveled in his chair to look at the commander.

"Good, hail them." Leanne walked over to the view screen to get the best vantage point possible.

"Comm open."

Ulonova cleared her throat. "This is Deep Space Seven, Commander Leanne Ulonova." The words flowed off of her tongue as if it were water pouring from a pitcher. "Please state your intention."

"I hear you've been having a few problems Commander!", Beverly didn't disguise the humor in her voice as the situation, as dire as it was, was still slightly amusing. "We have four medical and scientific teams ready to transport over and assist with the clean up from the Cardassian Freighter!"

"Admiral, we are ready for your teams to transport over." She stared at Beverly over the comm. She quickly studied DeVuor and her demeanor. "I'm sure the engineering and medical teams will be excited to have some relief.

"I must admit Commander, I was expecting the station to be more of a mess... What happened?" Beverly observed Leanne, and something seemed to be... Off for lack of a better term. "Is everything alright Commander?"

"Fortunately our teams have been pulling around the clock shifts to get everything back and running." Leanne looked across the screen at the admiral in front of her and cut a little smile. "Why of course everything is alright. As good as can be expected considering all of the events lately."

Drawing alongside DeVuor, Varal greeted the Commander with a gentle nod, "if operations have returned to normal then I would like to request docking permission." Something about Ulonova's reaction seemed to nag at him it seemed like she was hiding something but dismissed it as an over analysis on his part, perhaps a side effect of his recent troubles.

"Come around to Upper Pylon Beta." Leanne went over to the ops table and typed in the necessary command codes. "You are clear for docking procedures. Is there any requests I can help you fulfill?"

Something was wrong, and Beverly could tell that Varal was at the same conclusion but neither was willing to let slip that something was amiss.
"Nothing from me Commander", she said, raising the facade of a smiling face.

"Thank you for your assistance Commander, Phaeton out" the comm closed to be replaced with the ever larger image of the station, "it appears I may have needlessly interrupted your vacation, please accept my apologies."

DeVuor for her part was worried. She had known Leanne for more than a few years and she had always been a friend. The greeting she had just witnessed was far less than that. "Stow it Commodore... Something else is going on here!"

The unusual outburst from DeVuor made Varal think his initial reaction to Ulonova was correct, "of course Admiral, helm initiate docking procedures." As Varal returned to the Captain's chair Beverley simply stared at the station on the viewer for a few moments before storming off the bridge, something else was indeed going on.


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