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CISM for Annabella Delrisa

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2011 @ 12:54am by Ensign Tem Par & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Delrisa Quarters
Timeline: Late afternoon

It was still an hour before the evening meal, and Soraya had just managed to get back to her quarters with Annabella when the door chime rang.

Standing at the threshold was a young Vulcan man in a teal uniform. He held a PADD in his slim fingers and a professionally practised smile on his face.

"Good Morning, Sir. Ensign Tem Par, Counselling department. I am here as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management incentive, in direct response to the recent medical emergency here at the station. As part of the ongoing support of personnel, Starfleet has offered a free counselling service to everyone who was affected by the incident. I believe you contacted our group about support for your daughter. May I come in?"

"Certainly," Soraya said, stepping aside so the young man could enter. "I didn't realize that you would be coming here. Please, have a seat."

Tem stepped inside, "You reported the child was having anxiety dreams. It seems counter productive to interview the child in a foreign and anxiety producing environment. The Home is a better place. May I ask you a few questions, Soraya, before I meet with Annabella?"

"Yes, of course," Soraya said, sitting on the couch. Annabella could be heard laughing in her bedroom.

Tem indicated a seat and set himself opposite her, "Your child has developed some of her fathers racial empathy, is that correct?"

"Well, I've never known her to show any Betazoid telepathic or empathic ability before this incident," Soraya said.

"Her father is not here to guide her through the development of these abilities?"

"Ah, no."

"Were you given any guidance by her extended family on Betazed? Does she have any direct contact with them?"

"No, we've never actually been to Betazed," the doctor said.

"Has she tried to link directly with you, emotionally or telepathically?"

"No," Soraya said, surprised by the directness of the young man.

Tem Made a note of each response and then looked again at the CMO, "As you are aware, Vulcans are telepathic as well, though not to the same extreme as Betazoids. I do have some exercises that might help if these become necessary. I would like to proceed with the child through more regular channels initially. I do not believe repression of emotion is going to be beneficial for your child. Have you had much time to observe her socialisation; how she plays with others?"

"She seems fine," Soraya said. "Last night she woke up screaming for me, crying, and said she was in pain, and that the man that she was in contact with was in pain. He died during the crisis," she said. "This morning she seemed like her normal self. Her teacher said that she was just as outgoing and curious as any other day. I only just picked her up a few minutes ago, and as you can hear, she's playing with Nero just like any other day. We're supposed to see Counselor Drayus tomorrow," she said.

"A very competent practitioner. Has she demonstrated any other anxiety type behaviours; separation anxiety, unusual fear of strange people or environments, dissociation, running away, unwarranted aggression or depressive behaviour, etc?"

"No, nothing," she answered, watching as the efficient young man continued to make notations. "Ensign, I don't want to appear rude, but I've had a rather long day myself, and I would like to spend a little time with my daughter before we have dinner. Perhaps we could continue this another time?" Soraya said.

Tem looked up, "Actually, I was hoping I may be able to observe her at play for a while, if it will not be too disruptive of your routine. The way a child plays can tell us a lot about the state of her mental health. In fact, I have here some projective toys that she might like to use for a while."

Tem produced a set of a dozen or so plastic animals. There was a variety including some species of bovine, a Targ, a winged rodent, and something reptilian.

"I suppose that will be fine," Soraya said. "She's in her room now if you would like to meet her." The young man's practiced smile returned and he followed Soraya to Annabella's room. The child didn't seem to mind being observed, and continued to play with the dog, her dolls, the toys Ensign Par proffered her, and a coloring-padd. Soraya left them after a few minutes and tried to relax with a cup of tea and a book in the family room. A short time later the young man returned and sat opposite the doctor once again.

Tem sat back and tried his relaxed smile, "Soraya, I do not believe you have much to worry about at this stage. The child has had a traumatic event and will take some time to adjust, but they are resilient, and I can detect no trace of permanent damage. However, it may surprise you how much of her behaviour she is exhibiting that you are not aware of, or are prone to discount. For example, you have said she has not demonstrated any anxiety behaviours previously, but her school records show she has run away from class on at least one occasion."

"Well, she can be rather precocious, but to be fair we were previously on a starship which was much smaller than this station, and prior to that I was away from her for weeks at a time and she was with a caretaker. We're still getting used to our routine since my transfer to Roark..," she began, somewhat defensively.

Tem held up a hand hurriedly, "I am not trying to challenge your parenting abilities, Soraya. You are doing a very difficult job, with limited support. However, this is no normal human child you are raising. At the Age of three Betazoids begin to come into their powers, though many do not develop them fully till their early teens. Without some sort of contact and guidance to people experienced in raising a telepath, you may find it is more than you can cope with."

"In short, my official report is that this child is not at risk, or suffering any PTSD from the events of this last week. However, I would make a recommendation that you and she access some support structures to guide you through the next phase of her development. I can contact one of the Social work members of the CRT to get some details to you, or you can access them yourself. Obviously I am also on the station for a while if you feel the need of my services. It was a positive experience, meeting you and your daughter, Soraya. Good night, Annabella. Thank you for playing. Good night, sir."

"Good night," Soraya said, as Annabella waved playfully as the young man left their quarters.


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