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A work in progress

Posted on Tue Apr 19th, 2011 @ 12:12pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Landing Pad C

It wasn't often that a sensor scan would peak Varal's interest but an interesting warp signature emanating from the station's central core had certainly done the trick and as the Doctor had told him to take time away from the Bridge he felt a brief constitutional was in order. As the large airlock spun open he was greeted with the source of the unusual emissions, poking his head through the door he saw a pair of legs protruding from under the forward console, "hello there" he said clearly startling the engineer.

Lam did just enough not to smack her head off the underside of the console before dragging herself out, the tall Vulcan Admiral looming over her, "Sir, I wasn't aware you were wanting to inspect the runabout, I only submitted the report last night?" Sara fumbled with her tools as she tried to kick the pile of tools under the console and dust herself down.

With the characteristic head tilt Varal looked down on the young woman, before raising an eyebrow, "I have received no report, my ship detected a stable tetryon warp field coming from this craft, a most unique design." it was a compliment in the only way he knew how to do so but it went straight over Lam's head.

Varal was a Rear Admiral in the Operations and Engineering department so Lam had no doubt he had clearance,"oh, well I can give you a brief run down on the systems if you'd like?" The question was met with an approving nod so Lam started with the control console, "well as you can see the majority of the control surfaces as the same as the Danube class, the major differences come in the warp manifold controls, the system uses a focused dilithium spiral chamber with a custom designed intake manifold allowing the tetryon plasma to mix with the plasma return making an effective sealed system, which brings us to the next part." Sidling past the Admiral she lifted the floor panel behind the transporter pad, "we've got a sealed system allowing a high flow rate so once charged the runabout can maintain a cruising speed of around warp 7 using the same amount of energy as the current Danube, well that's the theory anyway." A look of frustration crossing her face, one that even Varal could pick up on.

"Fascinating" commented Varal, it had been some time since he had been at the Academy and done Warp Theory, a course his daughter was now about to start on, but even he could tell that some of the work here was ground breaking, a mixture of tried and tested methods going back over a century with new warp field equations and experimental technology, "may I ask what issues you encountering, it seems you must be close to putting the craft through final trials?"

Letting out a slight sigh, which she immediately admonished herself for, she brought up the field stability management system, "this is the problem" she said stepping away to allow Varal to get a closer look, "my current theory is a problem with a subspace differential which has been causing some pretty rough turbulence."

Cycling through the various data screens Varal was assimilating data at a rate that only Vulcans could do, "what speed does the buffeting begin? From what I can ascertain the control system is lagging by around 0.4 seconds, a bumpy ride to say the least."

Sara crossed her arms before going through the data in her mind, "from our last two flights we start getting issues just over Warp 5.8, so faster than the Danube but I know the system can do so much more!" It was her pet project but for the first time in months she felt like she was talking to someone who knew what she was aiming for.

"It is clear you have done all you can to augment the computer systems so logically of they cannot be made faster we must find an alternative to resolve the subspace differential, perhaps test flight with a more comprehensive sensor array would be prudent." Varal slowly spun the chair round, "perhaps tomorrow morning, we can use my ships sensors to gather the required data, I believe they will be more informative than what you have collected using the runabouts own sensors?"

"That would be fantastic sir, I've got a meeting with Captain Romano at 0800 but that shouldn't take long." All the hard work and long hours were now paying off, a Nebula class' sensor array would really help her testing and the fact that the Admiral had volunteered his ship seemed to a massive stroke of fortune, "thank you Admiral."

With the briefest of acknowledgements Varal turned and exited craft pausing at the door, "contact Commander Walker on the Phaeton when you are ready to proceed, have a good evening Commander." At that he left, the sound of the airlock spinning open then slamming closed a few seconds later, Lam left in silence before she let out a loud giggle, she hadn't been this happy since she left Earth, the thought bringing her down from her ecstatic high.


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