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The Klingon liaison

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:52am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Just as the ALpha shift began on the USS Genesis, just some 300.000 km away the IKV Krel'leth, a Vor'Cha Class Klingon Attack Cruiser slowly moved out of warp, it's defensive cloak dropped as it set a course to rendez-vous with the Genesis. Stopping face to face with the Nebula-class the Klingon ship proceeded with standard protocol.

On the bridge of the Krel'leth, K'Tan, Officer and member of the House of M'Gogh awaited by his commander as he hailed the Federation vessel. The gruff and experienced commander spoke firmly as soon as contact was estabilished.

"Good morning, captain DeVuor, I am Captain M'Larth, Commander of the IKV Krel'leth. We are here as instructed by the High Council. This is Lieutenant K'Tan, Son of Kroth, Nephew of General M'Gogh, respected member of our House. He is the Klingon Empire advisor you were informed of."

K'Tan moved forward, greeting the captain with a bow of his head "Captain, I am honoured to meet you. The shift in command aboard your vessel and the things I've heard of you make me proud to join your crew under your first command as a Captain, I am K'Tan, son of Kroth of the House of M'Gogh. I am standing by to beam over to the Genesis whenever you are ready".

Her face over the screen took on a confidant smile. "We stand ready to recieve you".

K'Tan nodded and spoke in reply "I shall proceed to the transporter room with my effects and will be order shortly", he then proceeded off the screen and channels closed between the two ships. Ten minutes later the Klingon and his bag of belongings materialised in transporter room 2 aboard the USS Genesis. He looked at the people present nodding to each in greeting.


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