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What now?

Posted on Thu Jul 21st, 2011 @ 11:12am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Klingon Embassy on DS7
Timeline: Immediately following death of Tamsin Leigh

A knot of Klingons stood around outside the door to their embassy. The commotion inside had died down but no-one had emerged.

"Ma'elmoH," one said. [We should go in]

"Ghobe'! Duy'a'nes nuchaw'mehDI'." [No, not until Madame Ambassador invites us]

"Suvlaw'pu'," the first pointed out. [There was a fight]

"WISovbej'be [We don't know that]," another said, "'ej chaq 'aj'e Vartog 'ejyo' petaq wIqip. Qatlh ghaH'e wIcherghtaH, vIyaj'be. LanDaj roQDaqpu'." [and anyway, it was probably only the Admiral berating that Starfleet petaQ, Vartog. Why she continues to put up with him is beyond me. He should have been put in his place long ago]

"Chaq qab'a?" [And what if it's something worse] came a new voice. "'Ejyo'waw'vam qab'alaw'" [There's something very wrong about this base.]

"'Ejyo'waw' 'Ejyo'," the Vartog hater sneered. "Nuq bipiH?" [It's a Starfleet installation. What do you expect?]

"Qab'e' law 'Ejyo' qab pus," [Something more than the usual Starfleet foulness] was the caustic response. " QechlIj Da-lIjvIS naDevDaq naDev. BInuD qabbej." [Forget your prejudice for a while and look around you. I tell you, something is wrong!]

"RIvSo'Daq vI'el." [I'm going in] the first voice stated. "'Iv 'el je'a." [Who's coming with me?]

The group was fairly evenly divided but she saw she had enough support to handle whatever she might find. She took out her disruptor and blew away the locking mechanism. Someone else prised the door open. What they found was not at all what they expected.

The front room was empty, which was unusual; normally Vartog was there to challenge any comers. The door to the audience chamber on one side was ajar and just inside was a chair with a Starfleet officer tied to it. There were signs of fighting - a knocked over display, scattered PADDs - but no sign of injury on the human. And no sign of Admiral Haqtaj.

"What happened here?" the female warrior asked, falling into Human.

"Isn't it obvious?" Vartog's detractor said. "The petaQ killed this officer then kidnapped the Admiral so she couldn't betray him." His dislike of Vartog was almost palpable.

She sneered at him, "Killed her without a blade wound or phaser burn? Someone needs to be told. Contact High Command."

"Do it yourself!"

She considered pushing the point but just turned to another, "Beq, contact High Command!" Another thought occured to her. "We need to tell someone on the station about this."

She turned to another Klingon. "You, beq, start a seach. I want to be sure the Ambassador isn't hiding or her body hasn't been stashed somewhere."

"Who suddenly appointed you leader?" the beq replied. Growls of support greeted the question.

She drew a mek'leth. "This did! Care to question any further? Seeing as you gutter rats were too squeamish to even open a door, I decided that someone needed to do something. I don't see anyone else volunteering. So...I repeat, anyone care to question any further?

"What happens when Mason finds out?" one older Klingon asked.

"Mason has been posted elsewhere, "Shire is in charge now. So we tell her."

"They are going to be looking for their person soon."

"Quvatlh!" She swore, "We better report it. After all, I am supposed to be one of their new deputies. Meanwhile, get all the boys from the food court in here. I want to be sure we can back any decision the High Council makes on this one."

The woman strode out of the room scowling till she arrived at the security office. She pinned the key-pass she had been allotted and walked inside.

Cameron McRae watched the Klingon leave the office. She bore an intriguing expression: three parts satisfaction but one part concern. McRae had little doubt about what he saw - he'd worked with a lot of Klingons over the years. The cranial ridges had been confusing at first but once he'd gotten used to the way they moved then...well, a whole universe of Klingon emotion opened up to him. So...why the concern? What was it that gave rise to that and, more importantly, why report it to the Security Officer?

He could, of course, just ask the neophyte behind the doors but he did not trust him. No, better too find out for himself. He slid from out behind the stanchion.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Leon Spitari felt his frame tense with the arrival of the Klingon figure into the relatively small office where he sat, bored out of his mind. Feeling dwarfed, he stood, "Good afternoon," he greeted politely.

"Cha'a of House Cha'dich, reporting for station security detail as ordered."

Spitari nodded in understanding, acknowledging the Klingon presence agreed by Haqtaj and Mason; oddly he didn't expect to deal with any of the attention himself.

"I was told that a condition of a Klingon presence on the station was that there would be Klingon's acting to support station security in dealing with my kind. I volunteered. I have something to report already."

"Already?" an eyebrow arched with genuine interest. Unlike Commander Mason, Spitari considered himself approachable and complete with a proper beating heart - not one made of cold steel. He also knew how hard it was to impress both the former chief and her replacement especially when starting out new, so he gave Cha'a leeway and the benefit of the doubt.

"What is this discovery?"

"One of your officers has gone missing, and I believe she is currently in the Klingon Embassy. You may wish to contact the Ambassador and arrange for your officer's return."

"Is the said Officer unable to return by her own accord?" the lieutenant asked, sensing the word 'missing' was an understatement for something more serious.

Cha'a seemed confused, "I do not think so, though I am unfamiliar with Human beliefs about the afterlife. Are you the Officer in Charge of this shift? I believe it is customary to clock in."

"Afterlife!" Spitari stood suddenly. "You mean this person you've found is dead?"

Cha'a wondered how a species who found it so hard to grasp the obvious had managed to maintain such a vast empire, "She would hardly be allowed into the afterlife if she were still alive."

McRae had sidled up to the wall of the embassy and attached an unobtrusive device to it. He'd then wandered back to the other side of the corridor. A tiny directional microphone in the device picked up all that was going on in the room within and broadcast it over a tight band to a implant in his right ear canal. If they moved any further into the embassy he'd have difficulty getting a good signal but for the moment all was loud and clear.

The wonderful device had been supplied by a contact within Starfleet Intelligence. McRae doubted whether it was standard issue - certainly he'd not heard of anything quite so effective before - but, just at this moment, he was not about to argue the toss.

The sudden movement within - presumably the Security Officer standing in response to the Klingon's announcement - did give him cause for concern. He had no need to remove the device though if he moved more than twenty metres away he'd be out of range. Rather, he needed to be ready in case someone emerged whom he needed to follow.

He waited with bated breath.

"Thank you for bringing this to attention, I will set things in motion. We need to contact luitenant Shire, the Embasy and medical." Spitari was already moving around the desk with a nervous expression etched upon his face. This could become messy.


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