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Gearing To Fight

Posted on Tue Aug 16th, 2011 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5

He had given the order to kill the one last bastion of resistance, but something at the back of his mind told him it would not be that easy. She had been more than an annoyance, but what could he have expected from an Admiral that had defied the odds when she had gone up against the Borg, an insidious Alien Infection, not to mention taken on a Gorn Fleet. At each and every step of her career it seemed she had been more than lucky.

"All remaining senior officers report to the bridge. All hands battle stations!", he called to the computer as he stepped from his office into Ops. The dull glow of the column like lighting stripes on each side of his office snapping from bright white light to a pulsing red traveling from the bottom to the top.
"The Citak is dealing with Illustrious Commander, but I have a funny feeling that it isn't going to be that easy. Run combat drills and inform the crew that a rouge element to Starfleet is launching an attack in this area."

"Aye sir." Leanne had moved to the ops table and pulled up the strategic battle plans that she had drawn up for just this event. "I doubt that they'll be able to withstand our fully armed and operational battle station." She smiled to herself, soon they'd have free reign to carry out the rest of their mission.

As Jon reviewed the formation schematics for the platoons, the alert sounded. He immediately left his office and made way towards the bay where the rest of the Marines would be forming up. It had been all too long since he heard that sound, and was ready to re-enter the fray.

Leanne looked over her check list and hit her comm badge. "Commander Ulonova to Captain Bant and Lieutenant Blaze, I want you and your men to prepare full lock down of the station. That includes all nonessential Starfleet personal and the civilian population. The only ones you are to take orders from are from myself and Captain Romano, is that understood?" With the marines on board, they almost guaranteed her complete supremacy of the station.

"Solid Copy Commander." Jason said over the comm station at the barracks he then pushed another button, "All hand, General quarters, general quarters. All Marines report to Operational battle stations, time to lock, cock and load."

"Acknowledged Commander. Alright everyone get your gear on ! Let's move I don't have all day! Gunny as soon as these men are ready let me know." Looking over at Lieutenant Jacobs, he nodded and handed him his rifle. "Lets rock and roll Roger." Seeing the equipment lockers emptied in a matter of seconds, he knew the Marines were ready for anything that may be coming their way. Something told him that diplomacy wasn't going to get them out of this one.

"Excellent If anyone opposes you, give them one warning then eliminate them. We have to be very careful about who is with us and who isn't." Leanne brought up an internal diagram of the station. "Give me updated every five minutes. Leanne out."

"Ma'am? These are our crewmembers, our friends ma'am. You honestly can't mean eliminate, perhaps detain, or apprehend?" Jason asked back over the comm.

Eliminate civilians or Star Fleet personnel? That can't be correct Jon thought. He hadn't received any written orders approving such drastic action. Following the lead of his Captain he advised the Commander further "Commander these Marines aren't going to kill friendly military or civilian personnel. It's against the oaths we've all taken."

"I don't care about your silly oaths to whatever." Leanne was getting irritated. "You have orders to neutralize threats on the station including rogue civilians and starfleet. If you don't carry out my orders, I'm going to find someone who will, and have you both arrested for insubordination and treason!" Leanne went over to one of the weapons lockers in ops and grabbed a phaser rifle. She was starting to feel like caged animal. A few of the other officers in ops were looking at her with fear.

Jason swallowed and then replied, "Aye, ma'am. All Marines report to the barracks. Lieutenant Blaze, report to me ASAP."
He cut the transmission and headed for the barracks.

"Does anyone else have a problem following my orders!" The commander yelled at the staff as the rifle charged up. "I've nearly had enough of you all, questioning, plotting. You are all officers! Trained to follow orders from your superiors!"

Jon rushed towards the Captains office and met him midway down the hall. He stopped and gave his report."Marines are ready and awaiting your orders Sir."

"Good, have them gear up. Their orders are to detain anyone who doesn't comply to our orders. We are not murderers here, we are Marines. Orders be damned. Now that being said, I need you to get a squad of Marines together and have them armed with stun grenades, and phaser rifles. They will be attached to me and you. We're gonna head to the bridge to detain the Commander. Do you have a problem with that Lieutenant?" Jason asked.

"No Sir! I'll have second squad ready to move shortly. Do you think there could be some type of mutiny going on within command?" he inquired.

"Right now, I know that the Commander has issued an unlawful order and we are disobeying it. We will take the Commander into custody and detain her until we know exactly what the hell is going on. Lets get a move on." Jason said as he grabbed a rifle and headed out to meet up with his Marines.


"Commander, I'm not going to allow you to continue on like this." A young ensign stepped up towards Leanne."We can't follow your orders."

"Ha... HAHA" The woman let out a deep laugh, and brought the butt of the rifle quickly to the side of the young woman's head, dropping her to the ground in a bloody mess. "Anyone else?" Her steely eyes staring at everyone in ops. Phaser pointed at them."Don't make me do something I might regret"

Romano turned at the wet crunch he had heard from the ops table. Things were moving forward frighteningly fast now and he knew that the real nature of the situation could no longer be kept as a silent truth.
"Commander... Do you have too?", the smile that spread across his face was something unlike anything the younger officers still in Ops had seen. The joy at the tang smell of Human blood filled his nostrils making him want to spill more blood. "Back to your stations... All of you!"

******Marine Barracks******

Jason looked at his Marines, "Alright, I know Lieutenant Blaze has already informed you, but to be clear, you will detain anyone who does not comply, officers included. Bring them to the brig, If there is no room in the brig bring them here and tie them up. All but Bravo squad is dismissed."
After everyone shuffled out of the barracks Jason spoke up again, "Alright, our mission is one of high importance, we are going to Ops, against orders and take Commander Ulonova into custody. I have reason to believe she has been compromised and she has issued unlawful orders. Does anyone have a problem with that?" Jason asked.
"No sir." Came the reply from the 8 man squad.
"Good, Lieutenant, take point. lets lock, cock, and load." Jason said as he turned to the Lieutenant.

Jon made his way ahead and lead the squad towards the nearest crawl shaft. Making their way in full gear they all placed themselves just outside of the Captains Office. Utilizing a camera he made sure no one was in the room at the moment and went to pop out the wall panel and was surprised when it didn't fall out. Embarrassingly, he entered his security code ino the wall panel and the locks released. Trying a second time, meeting with success, the panel fell outward and the 8 man squad filtered out into the tiny room. As they stacked up on the door, he glanced over to his Captain. "Sir we're in position to enter OPS"

Jason nodded and then made a silent count to three holding up one, then two, then three fingers, then he took his index and middle finger placed them together and made a gesture towards the Main OPS.
"Lets move." he said silently.


Leanne stood watching as the crewman remained on the ground, any attempt to try and move over to her was met with the end of the phaser rifle. "Anyone of you could be a subordinate of the Admiral, I should just summarily execute every single one of you. What do you think Captain?" She snarled a little bit as the crew, now petrified with fear refused to move.

"I'll start with this one to prove I'm fucking serious." She looked at the crewmember on the ground and aimed the phaser right at her. A slight cry escaped the woman on the ground, before she stopped. "Now do you all understand!" Leanne yelled at the crew in ops as she raised the rifle once again.

Just the the door to the Ops Center opened, "Put the weapon down Commander. You are about to execute a member of Starfleet and a junior officer. You have been compromised, you have issued unlawful orders, You are under arrest." Jason said as he trained his rifle on his target. "I don't want to have to pull this damned trigger, but so help me God, give me a reason to. Unknown to the Commander, his team was still waiting outside for his worded command to enter.

"Apparently people have trouble following orders around here." The commander smiled at the Marine who had burst through the door. "Didn't I tell you to exterminate slime who got in your way." She let out a deep throat laugh. "If you only knew what a pawn you were in the grand scheme of things." She was staring at the marine, shooting daggers with her eyes. "Are you going to come over and arrest me Captain?"

"Why should I do that, when I could just stun you as you do have a weapon in your hands and you do have the intention of using it? I could stun you and have every legal right when it comes to my Article 32 hearing. But I will give you one last chance to DROP YOUR WEAPON." Jason said saying the key words, giving his men the signal to enter.

Jon and the rest of the squad filtered into the room with lightning quickness, surrounding the Commander. He double checked his rifle to ensure it was on the highest stun setting and placed Leanne's forehead in his cross hairs. He would ensure that nothing happened to anyone else, come hell or high water.

The situation had changed.. she was now confronted with overwhelming odds, there wasn't anything she was going to be able to do to get out of this mess... the only thing left to do was to try and take out as many of them as she could. The commander dropped the phaser rifle, her eyes quickly darted back and forth between the two Marines and calculated that Blaze was closer, therefore slightly more susceptible to what she was about to try. With a snarl she lept with inhuman speed towards Bant.

Jason managed one shot before she was upon him. His shot hitting her arm, he knew it would do no good, his only hope was that his men would have a clear shot. He wrestled with her, finding that her strength was not what it should have been, she was stronger than she appeared.
"Fire DAMMIT." he ordered as he tried to keep her from harming him.

The Marine was stronger then she thought he would be. She clawed and snarled at him. "Damn you! Your species will die!" She howled and wailed as she struggled against the might of this one man. Phaser fire hit her from all directions, she could feel the body of the woman getting weaker and breaking down.

The two of them continued to struggle and exchange punches with each other, but neither was able to break away for the others grasp. The Marines had stopped firing as they couldn't be certain as to whether they would hit their Captain or not. Although he was a few feet away, Jon struggled to keep his cross hairs affixed to his target.

Unable to safely get a shot off at her, the man rushed head on into the Commander. Or so he thought he was going to. Realizing Jon was coming at her, Leanne kicked the Marine squarely in the chest and knocked him to the side. Seizing the momentary distraction, Jason followed suit by placing one foot to the bottom of her chin and sent her reeling. As she recovered and got back to her feet, Blaze rushed headlong again, this time meeting with success. The pair slammed into a console, breaking the the panel and causing sparks to emit. As they flipped over he managed to land on top of her, bringing his knee into the womans side.

Letting out a yelp of pain, she rolled over and stood back up. Momentarily stunned by her strength he was caught off guard by a fist that managed to catch him in the side of the head. Having an open shot some of the Marines managed to get fire at the woman again but she didn't drop. The realization of her strength being un-human like began to sink in. While she struggled to stand against the phaser shots, Jon returned the punch in kind but instead connected to her jaw. Dislodging a few of teeth, blood began pooling. She spat it out, a line still running down her chin. She then turned her attention to the other Executive Officer. The woman was beyond infuriated, a hate burned from her eyes and at that moment she decided she was going to kill Blaze if it was the last thing she would do.

She picked Jon up and tossed him against the wall, immediately pouncing on top. As Leanne raised her fists into the air the woman began raining down blows into his sides and screamed. With her focus solely on him, Jason picked up his rifle and sprinted across towards her. Upon reaching her, his phaser rifle raised high into the air. With a lethal force the Captain brought the butt of his rifle down squarely into the base of her neck, producing a sickening thud.

With scream, Leanne fell to the ground hard. She laid there facedown, unmoving and barely breathing. The back of her neck, started to move. A nub, so small that if you weren't looking for it, you'd miss it. The nub extended out, and a small scorpion looking creature emerged. It clattered and quickly ran underneath one of the command consoles.

Jason got up slowly, "Take her to the Brig."
Looking down he noticed the small nub, "What the.... Computer contain the foreign object in a containment field, secure it and transport it to the Science Labs on Deck 9."

"Aye sir" One of the Marines slung his rifle over his shoulder and picked the beaten commander up off the floor. The life was gone in her face. "Going to need a corpsman at the brig." The Marine drug her off the floor and out of ops.


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