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Dabo Royale!

Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2011 @ 7:04pm by Jillian Forst & Ryan Horgan

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: 7th Heaven
Timeline: Current

"DABO!" A rather spindly human male shouted as the wheels aligned on a winning space. His hands thrown up in excitement over hitting it big. "I knew I'd finally hit it!" He shouted as the crowd around the table clapped and howled.

"Go again mister?" The Ferengi table master snarled a big grin. "Lady luck seems to be on your side!"

"Yeah spin it again! Bet it all!" The little man watched as the wheels spun up and slowed down again. He watched in horror as it landed on a losing space. The crowd groaned as the Ferengi smiled.

"Sorry friend! Better luck next time! Step up step up!" The Ferengi yelled as another person stepped to the table. The little man wept as he was pushed from the table by a large Nausican.

Ryan had been casing the joint for nearly half an hour and the gaunt man had been on the up and up for most of it, but in the same time a some what quieter man had been slowly gambling away a large sum of latinum, his seemingly endless pockets producing slip after slip of precious material. Gathering up his drink he took an empty seat at the table next to human and broke out his somewhat modest supply of gold pressed latinum before gathering up his chips.

The man next to Ryan grunted, acknowledging his presence. "Lets hope you bring more luck than the last guy that was here."

The Ferengi yelled at one of the table girls. "Get this man another drink, I think he might be here a while." An Orion moved over next to Ryan and smiled. "Whatcha drinking sweetie?" She bent over, trying to be as flirtatious as she could be to Ryan.

"Saurian Brandy, neat, thanks"he smiled back remembering that she was only interested in one thing, drawing his attention away from the game, perhaps she was a good source of info he'd have to check out. "So friend, how's the table treating you?" asked Ryan of the wiry man as he set out his own small pile of latinum slips.

"Better than some I'd have to admit" He watched as the wheel spun around. Landing on a combination of squiggles, groans erupted from the table. "Not from around here are you." He looked up as the Orion girl brought the glass over and sat it next to him as the wheel spun again.

"Need some company sweetie?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around Ryan.

"I'm fine for now, perhaps later we could, talk" he said suggestively before turning back to the game, "new to these parts, trader in various crystals and the like." As the strong dark amber liquid hit the back of his throat he could feel the slight burn before a warmness filled his chest, it was the real stuff from he could tell which made for a refreshing change to synthehol.

"Crystals eh?" The man perked up a little bit as the dabo board spun around again.

"You in the hat, you are a winner!" he tossed a few slips back over to Ryan.

"What kind of crystals? I have some experience in crystals." He said as he dropped another strip down on the table.

"Well that really depends on where I've been but I've dealt in everything from Lobi to Denevan, you know the story, wherever you can turn a profit, what about yourself?" Ryan put a couple of slips of his winnings into his pocket while reinvesting the rest, he was in luck, or at least thats what the Dabo girl wanted him to think, an old trick he wasn't going to fall for, for a change.

"This and that, that and this really but recently antiquities, all legal of course, and through the treaty of reciprocity under Targus VI pretty much everything is legal." The man through a strip down on the table.

The sound of the dabo table whirled and one of the dabo girl nearly fell in Ryan's lap."Ohhh my, I'm so sorry mister."

The antiquities dealer grabbed the Orion girl by the wrist and threw her off of Horgan. "Get out of here you green slut and get me another drink."

"Not a problem" he muttered to himself, "I'm not really into items, never had a good eye for that sort of thing, so you here to buy or sell then?" matching the ante he upped it with another slip, "confront."

"Both, there is a Ferengi on board who likes certain artifacts that I occasionally procure." He looked at Horgan and threw another slip on the table. "I held an auction not to recently for him, he always wins but I make more profit that way. He usually gets into a bidding war."

The table slowed to a stop, landing on Ryan's number. "DABO!!!" Yelled the dealer at the other end as he pushed a pile of strips towards Ryan. "Nice job mister! I'd say you have a knack for this." The Ferengi grinned.

"Looks like I'm not going to catch a break tonight." The man stood up. "Good luck with this.. keep an eye on his right hand, I think he's fixing the table but I can't figure it out." He turned and started to walk out of the bar away from the table.

"Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll catch you around, my name is Ryan, Ryan Webster" it was an old trick but he had uploaded a fake identity to the stations mainframe that confirmed his cover story, one of several that were ready in case of emergency.

"Hopefully I'll see you around." The man said as he turned back around. Suddenly from across the room, a deafening sound erupted from the back corner and the man's face twisted in pain, fell to the ground and stopped moving. A puddle of green started to pool on the floor. The room was silent save for the sound of the still spinning wheel when one of the waitresses screamed.

The figure in the corner flipped over a table and quickly made his way from the door, pointing what looked to be a silver slug thrower at anyone who got in his way.

Without a moment of hesitation Horgan set off in pursuit, drawing his small Type one Phaser, it wasn't much but it would be enough to stun a grown man. As another shot rang out Ryan ducked for cover, a large location screen disintegrating from the metal round that penetrated it. 'Just like old times'.

The shadowy figure looked back and fired another round at Ryan, missing him to the right. The promenade in this section of the station was fairly deserted and only a few people moved about. That should buy me some time. As he turned, the man ran directly into an agitated looking Klingon. Before he could react, the Klingon snarled, swiftly knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the side. The Klingon spat on the helpless man lying on the ground and continued on his way.

Before the would be assassin could return to his feet Ryan was over him, his weapons drawn, "toss the weapon away then put your hands behind your head!" His old training kicking in but the fact he was slightly out of breath reminded him why he'd stop doing this sort of thing for a living.

Defeated the man threw the old slug thrower across the floor. He was breathing heavily as the hood that was over his head fell off revealing long, pointy ears typical of a Vulcan, he complied with Ryan's request. "Logic would dictate that you have the upper hand" The Vulcan had a bit of green blood trailing from his mouth. "I will not be revealing anything to you."

Realizing that any form of normal interrogation would be futile Ryan decided to use logic, it wasn't his strong point and let alone against that of a Vulcan, "consider this then, you give me some pointers and I help you get out of here, if not, I'm sure station security will keep you locked up until they can ship you to a secure facility for murder." Letting him ponder the situation, Horgan cuffed him before dragging him to his feet and pushing him into a turbolift, "docking port three, so what does logic tell you?"

"It would seem that you give me the best alternative, though I am not certain if you are a character of your word. If I speak to you and you release me as you say you will, than the details you seek will further serve as a detriment to my own goals, if I inform you, and you don't release me than the same situation presents itself. If I say nothing, then nothing is gained and nothing is lost as logic dictates that I would have been captured normally in this situation and returned to the Vulcan chancellor. So, in a moment of clarity, I choose to not inform you of anything." If a Vulcan could be haughty and indignant, this one was giving the air of it.

With his best poker face Horgan waited, the Vulcan clearly off put by his lack of response, the lift car stopping Ryan grabbed new friend by the arm before walking down the corridor towards the airlock. As the large portal spun off to the side he put the final element of his plan into action, "tell me why you killed that man or you'll get to find out how long you can hold your breath for!"

The Vulcan looked at the airlock, Horgan, then back to the airlock again. "I suppose your illogical approach to fact finding is effective." The Vulcan looked at the blackness of space. "The former gentleman who is lying dead on the floor of the promenade was responsible for a travesty against certain parties. Logically, he would not co-operate with us, and was eliminated."

Slightly surprised that such a simple tactic would work Ryan pressed on, "what sort of travesty, whatever it was I'm sure you could have found a more discrete way of eliminating him?" For a Vulcan he seemed to be young or at the very least not overly experienced with the galaxy at large.

"It was a simple matter of opportunity and retribution. The man in question had acquired something that was not his and exploited that by auctioning it. Logically, we pursued legal means to retrieve our item. When those failed, he took a slightly more, obtuse approach." The Vulcan was starting to squirm in the cuffs a bit, trying to loosen himself from them.

Taking a step back his hand hovered over the door mechanism, "the item, what is it, what's worth killing a man for?" Ryan could tell his captive was trying to free himself and was ready to shoot him then toss the body out of the airlock, he doubted anyone would miss a murderer with all the commotion going on across the station.

The Vulcan had had enough, he quickly spun around, dropping his head and rushed towards Ryan. A fierce look in his eyes. The young man let out a yell that could curdle blood. "ALL FOR THE TEACHER!!!"

Acting purely on reaction he fired the small type one Phaser, the dark orange beam hitting the raging Vulcan square in the chest, causing him to fall to the deck just inches from his feet, the low level not enough to set of the security sensors but nonetheless Ryan decided it was time to leave the assassin to his fate, closing the airlock he left him to be picked up by security, 'Teacher, what the hell' he thought as he returned the weapon to its concealed holster, hoping that Forst had met with greater success than him.

As he walked along the corridor there was a chirp in his small in ear piece communicator, =*=Jill to Ryan, you there? Get back to the office... this thing just took a turn for the strange."=*=

Pulling out his personal communicator he flipped it open, "you don't know the half of it, be there in five." Shaking his head he boarded the turbolift, some things were never as simple as they seemed.


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