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The pieces are moving...

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2011 @ 3:52pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: USS Phaeton

The word of the battle between the Genesis and Churchill was still being digested when the latest data stream was received, the Citak had opened fire on the Illustrious meaning the problems were far more wide spread than he and many others had estimated. "Commander Walker, signal all ships to meet us at these co-ordinates, from there we will move in force." Varal's stern look accurately portrayed his thoughts for the once as the crew busied themselves with their duties.

"Yes Admiral" replied Walker, he had been a junior officer under Varal only a few years ago but he had constantly risen to the challenge and as such was one of his most trusted adjutants, now Executive Officer and effectively day to day commanding officer of the Phaeton, but like every other member of the crew he would follow the Admiral to the end, no matter when it took them.

Varal reviewed the tactical map, there had already been over a dozen incidents of insubordination, vessels both Starfleet and Civilian that were failing to adhere to the quarantine protocols while some Captains wilfully disregarding orders and took their ships to distant systems, they were the ones he could possibly count on at least if they did nothing.

"Admiral, all ships respond, only the Cerberus has reported they may be late in arriving, Captain Lee advises their warp flow regulator problem is intermittent at best." Varal acknowledge with a reassuring nod, many of the vessels had been recalled from patrol routes across two sectors while a few others, like the Cerberus, had been rushed out of drydock and problems were to expected. All in he had twenty seven vessels under his command but there were easily double that number in the quarantine area, let alone the stronghold of Deep Space Seven, a direct assault would be costly and success far from certain so logic dictated a non combative response.

"Once we have secured the Illustrious and Citak I want a plan to put a strike team aboard DS7, find out every weakness of the Nor class so we can get them in without detection." Although Sedgwicks report had been brief the information he had relayed from DeVuor was enough to shed light in the issues at hand, whatever was going with this parasitic invasion, it was somehow at the centre of it.


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