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Posted on Fri Aug 19th, 2011 @ 6:15pm by Lieutenant Helen Shire & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Klingon Embassy - DS7


"In my experience I have learned that it is far easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission," Alex commented lackadaisically. The idea of dealing with Klingons was so far behind the notion of finding a body and then figuring out what happened to it, "Regardless... Don't forget to puff out your chest when you talk to the Klingons and if you make a threat, be sure it is one you can back up. The Klingons will not be afraid to call a bluff. Especially if it means getting into a fight to the death. Don't let them bait you. Swallow your pride, keep focused on the task at hand, and if worse comes to worse... pull a phaser and start shooting. That last one is important because if you want to survive you better shoot first." Alex stopped and a smile crossed his face as he swung his arms back with a rocking of his body and brought them forward in a clap, "Well, how about that? We're here." He smiled over at Helen with the kind of smile that gave the impression that there was a possibility no good could would come from this.


Alex followed Helen up to the entrance of the Klingon Embassy. Much like the rest of the station it was firmly Cardassian in design, but that didn't stop the Klingons from adding their own touches to make it appear to be their own. The Klingon colours were as prominent as the warriors themselves who were standing in and around it. Alex felt his face go a little sour. He wasn't a big fan of dealing with Klingons. They were generally very direct and the game of words with them was often tossed out for a physical challenge, usually to the death. Two qualities that led to little or no fun at all. Still, the Klingons were an honourable race. Honourable being a very loose term in many circumstances. Childish would be more appropriate in some cases. They had a tendency to throw fits if they didn't get their way using their genetically superior physical standing over any form of mental common sense. Alex placed his hand in his pocket and gripped the small phaser he always carried tightly. If things began to go south, he wanted to be sure that he could shoot first.

A small knot of Klingons was blocking the entrance. When the security officers approached they closed ranks to block the door as nonchalantly as possible. Eventually a moment came when either the Klingons would need to move or be run into by the two humans.

A burly Klingon woman stepped forward. They had not received orders from the High Council so she was not about to let anyone from the Federation enter the embassy. "What do you want?"

Alex smiled the kind of mischievous smile that made it appear like he had a pair pocket aces in his hand at the Klingon woman's loud and quite direct question. He could have certainly talked circles around such a simple question given the need to do so, but all things considered he had a number of other things to learn before making any moves. Like why Starfleet was so interested in a missing persons case that led them to the Klingon Embassy. Quickly his eyes scanned the group of Klingons mentally taking in their positions, their stances, and most importantly their demeanor. Negotiating with Klingons was a tricky task in even the best of circumstances. Knowing as much as one can before the talks began was generally essential if one wanted to escape without at least a bruise. He looked over at Helen with that same smile he had when the Klingon woman asked them their business and said, "Well? Tell her why we're here Ms. Shire."

The acting security chief resisted the urge to clock Winters around the ear and wished possibly even harder now that he was able to keep that active mouth of his closed.

"Lieutenant Shire, acting Chief of Security," she introduced herself not certain if was utterly required. "I have come to here investigate the whereabouts of a missing officer, reported to inside the Embassy, deceased."

Winters could tell the Klingons were upset. They were obviously confused about the matter and how to handle it, but didn't want to just let the humans in until they knew what to do. They were looking for some strong leadership.

The one at the door folded his arms and snarled, "No one but Klingons are allowed into the Embassy until we hear from Madame Matlh."

"Really?" Alex asked with raised eyebrows and a hint of annoyance. Maybe he should have brought Brianna along. After all, diplomacy was her thing. Then again diplomacy took time and time was not always a luxury afforded to those with a ticking clock. His left hand rubbed his eyes in disbelief that it might come down to the one thing he had hoped to avoid. A fight for honor. Technically, he wasn't really in disbelief, he had just been hoping that these Klingons would be different from most. Regardless, he carried on in an even tone, "You are going to stand there and not let us in after calling us to inform us that there is a body in there of a missing officer because you have not been given permission by Madame Matlh? And now we are going to be forced to make a decision that benefits none us on this little stage? And by extension cause us to sit on our thumbs and wait until Madame Matlh gives the word, which could be now or a year from now given the fact that by your very confusion none of you have had any contact with her since you discovered the body. Or we can leave and let this whole incident just play itself out without helping ourselves to learn the meaning behind it. Blindly hoping for things to turn out the best despite having what we need on the other side of those doors. And then of course there is the other option. The one I personally would hope we don't have to go to because when it comes down to it, none of us really have time to waste with it. We could shoot you all down and make our way into the embassy, assuming we don't get slaughtered along the way, and continue on with our investigation while losing time, energy, allies, and possibly limbs in the process. Now I know Klingons like a good fight, but I tell you now... fights are something I try to avoid. If it comes down to a fight, I do not care about honor or fairness. I have no mercy, nor any pity to give. Whatever means are necessary will justify my ends. And if I have to die to protect that which I care about, then so be it. Klingon heaven may be a glorious place that I am fairly certain given my past and more than likely future actions, I will never see. So you need to ask yourselves if it is really worth it to play these games of chest thumping with someone like myself who is not worthy of the ground you walk upon? Or would it be better to acquiesce the wishes of Ms. Shire here and let us go in so we can all work together to find a solution to the puzzle presented before us?"

To the Klingons, this looked like a typical Starfleet officer; too afraid of the consequences of his actions to actually do anything. They dismissed him in an instant. Then again, they were pleased to have something to focus their frustration on.

Groaning to herself that Winters really wasn't the right person to bring along Shire felt the Klingon's gaze harden and their eyes light with the prospect of a challenge. Instantly she inched her hand closer to her phaser for self defense purposes.
"I only wish to validate the report and have the body removed if truthful"

Things looked like they were about to go bad when a new figure appeared. Cha'a had returned, now wearing a Starfleet Security yellow sash and com pin.

"Is there and issue here?"

The lead Klingon took in the sash and grunted. He was obviously cowed by the larger Klingon but still defiant to Starfleet.

"No Humans are allowed in the consulate."

"I am not Human," Cha'a smiled in a most unsettling way. She turned to Shire, "Acting Security Deputy Cha'a reporting for duty, Ma'am. I can escort you into the embassy, but you will need to leave your weapons outside. Otherwise I can just go in and take some tricorder readings for you?"

"Excellent! A man with some sense!" Alex enthusiastically said while pulling the small phaser he always carried out his pocket and handing it over to the nearest Klingon. One could almost see a little bounce in his standing as resolution and progress had won out over cuts and bruises, "I daresay, a tricorder reading might be good enough for some, but without seeing the scene how can we ever hope to establish what might have happened? How can we fill in the blanks with nothing more than imagination and speculation? No, we must go in and have a look around. If not for the case then for curiosity's sake. I'm sure Ms. Shire would agree with me. After all, she is the woman in charge and whether she wants to admit it or not, she knows I'm right."

Shooting Winters an look that would make Mason proud Shire tugged her phaser from its holster and handed it over to the guard.

"I will require visual evidence of the claim in addition to readings should I find anything out of the ordinary, " She stated calmly glad that Cha'a had offered his assistance to the cause despite Mason previous reservations. "If I didn't know any better I would say you both were deliberately hindering an investigation which within current Federation laws you can be prosecuted."

"Luq, DaDo'meH," the Klingon muttered taking the weapon and stepping aside. [Yeah, good luck with that.]

"HIpvam botIchmoHchugh SaRiQmoH!" Cha'a barked back, "This way, lieutenants." [Next person who disrespects this uniform, I will injure]

They passed through the crowded antechamber where several worried Klingons mingled. They didn't seem very pleased to see Security here, but none made any move to stop them. they went through a side door to the Ambassador's personal meeting room. It was a mess.

Three things stood out instantly. First was the security officer tied to the chair in the centre of the room. She was tied with metal cable rather than ropes, and was slumped forward, quite obviously dead. However, the only sign of a wound was a small puncture at the base of the neck.

Secondly, the room was a mess. A fight had happened here and no one had bothered to clean it up.

Thirdly was the vent to the Jefferies Tube was open.

Cha'a indicated the room, "I'll tell you what we know. Ambassador Matlh announced a feast for all Klingons on the station at lunch time. We gathered with Vartog just across the way at the refectory. At about 12:15 station time a human came and delivered a child to ambassador Matlh before being escorted away by Human marines. The fact it was Marines rather than security, and Haqtaj had wanted us all present, was a concern."

"I came in to ask a question about the posting to security and we found the room in this state. Because this room may have sensitive information discussed, internal sensors are deactivated. However, the video feed from the anteroom shows the Human here asking to see the Ambassador at about 12:00, and entering the room. A short time later Vartog runs to the door and fires some shots."

"Shortly after Vartog and Haqtaj exit the room. The human never leaves. Eventually Haqtaj, Vartog and the Human child enter this room. We assume they left by the Jefferies Tube so as not to be observed."

She indicates the dead human, "Our tricorders are not as good as Federation ones, but even we can see that this individual was not killed by disruptor fire or physical injury. There is no toxicology we can find, and the injury on her neck appears to be burst from inside out. Perhaps a suicide device if she was captured?"

Lieutenant Shire stepped closer to the body to exam the wound having paced the room, making several mental notes in the process. "Perhaps..." she muttered lowly before looking away toward Cha'a. "I will of course be requiring the video feed for this room coverage of all the entrances, additionally the body will be taken to the infirmary for an autopsy."

Cha'a replied, "There is no video footage for this room, but you may have the details from the Anteroom. However, the body cannot be released to the Station without the appropriate authorisation That is ether permission of the Ambassador or signed extradition agreement.

Alex paced around the room slowly with his hands in his pocket. His mind attempting to recreate the events that may have happened. The fight, the woman tied to the chair wearing of all things a gray Intelligence collar, and the disappearance of the ambassador, Vartog, and the human child. Alex had to wonder how such a small frail looking Starfleet officer was able to put up such a fight against a Klingon. Surely whoever the woman in the chair was, she was exceptionally talented in the field of hand to hand combat. At least that was the way it looked on the surface. Fortunately, Alex was the type of person who always looked below the surface even when there was no need to do so.

"So what do we know so far?" he asked almost as much for himself as he did to others in the room, "We have a woman tied to a chair, not just with rope or some similar material, but with metal cable. We have a room that looks like a disaster came through, or more likely had a fight happen in it. We also have the body of what seems to be a Starfleet Intelligence operative. And finally, we have the missing people in question and their strange behavior before disappearing. So! let's start with the body. Why would anyone tie up a body with metal cable. Certainly Klingons can be a bit rambunctious, but this seems overkill even for them. A rope or cable of a much lighter weight and easier malleability would seem more than sufficient enough to restrain even the strongest of humans. This can be interpreted as a sign that they were concerned they might not be able to hold the woman in that chair by normal means and decided to go all out in order to prevent her getting loose. Of course the next obvious question is who is the woman in the chair? From her uniform she appears to be Starfleet Intelligence, which I suppose if you are going to be any branch of Starfleet and not want a paper trail behind you for verification, that is the department to go with. Mr. Cha'a? Ms. Shire? Do we have any information about the identity of this woman?"

Cha'a shook her head, "I do not have authority to search the personal files of Starfleet intelligence. I agree about the cable; it seems extreme. Even more so since Haqtaj is a very notable warrior. I would not want to face her in combat."

Shire had pulled a tricorder from her belt and scanned the corpse but the displayed information barley registered. "Very little is known about her, Commander Tamzin Leigh barley upon the station a week before slipping off the radar. Though as an Intel officer that hardly surprises me," she glanced at Winters before consoling the readings.

"Indeed," Alex agreed with the two comments from his current companions, "So why would a woman from Starfleet Intelligence be tied to a chair in the office of a missing Ambassador? Was it to kill her? Was it to persuade her to do something she may not have wanted to do? If it was any of those options, then why would the ambassador disappear when this would seem to be the safest place on the station for her? Our victim has an obvious wound in the back of her neck where something came out of it. But what was that something? knowing Klingons and in particular gleaning what I have already from the ones here, Ambassador Matlh doesn't seem the type of women to waste time with weapons that would explode out of her enemy when a weapon that could puncture her enemy would be more noble. Not to mention easier. We can see the room is a mess signifying a struggle took place. In the corner is a knife and yet there is no blood in the room save that which came from our victim. Ms. Leigh. Speaking of which, Ms. Leigh seems to be lacking the kind of physical wounds necessary for her to be incapacitated bluntly. Therefore she was either taken and put into this chair while still awake and struggling or she was stunned. Our tricorders should be able to detect which it was. More importantly, there is the question of the child and her place in this puzzle. It is obvious the child escaped with the ambassador into the jeffries tubes, so her whereabouts are connected to the ambassador. What reason was she delivered to the embassy and by whom? Not only that, but why would the marines take the mother? Was it for information or something more sinister? Do we know who the human mother of the child was? The pieces of the puzzle are all here for us. We just need to finish piecing them together. I think we should have this body transferred to medical. I would like an autopsy done. I can't be sure yet, but we may all be in far more danger than we ever expected."

Cha'a responded, "the Mother was the Current CMO, and the child often has been seen in Mada'am ambassador's company. I believe they had quite a bond. If she had not been missing for so long, I would think they were just playing a game in the ducts. If the Doctor expected to be detained it would not be unusual for her to call on Haqtaj to mind the girl. Our readings suggest the Ms Leigh was indeed stunned from a disruptor set on very high, and shot repeatedly."

"As for releasing the body, I am not at liberty to permit that. None of the Klingons here has that authority. You would need permission from Haqtaj or the High Council itself. Normally I would suggest you bring your medical team here, but as the CMO has been transferred off station (OOC: I believe she was killed in the latest skirmish?) and is a potential suspect, I am reluctant to suggest it for this situation."

Cha'a' folded her arms in thought, "Perhaps, if we were to leave a Klingon Security guard here to watch the body on behalf of the Federation until Haqtaj returns? And before one of you questions if a Klingon can be trusted to do so I will warn you what an insult to the individual's honour such a question would be. So please let us not start being unpleasant."


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