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Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2011 @ 8:55am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: USS Illustrious


As with so many of the injured from Citak they were relocated to a number of ships in the fleet as the loss of Brenari left Mason's medical department depleted, Sara waited patiently to see someone as the triage process had deemed her a low priority, or so she had learnt from the gesturing and movement of the Illustrious' medical staff, thankfully with the effects of the hypospray wearing off a Bajoran woman approached her.

Jiasha's mood was dark as old memories of her time killing the oppressors of her race flooded back. Each time she had been called upon she had been treating people in the same position as they were now.
"So Commander, what happened to you?"

It was hard to believe but Sara actually thought the good doctor was suffering more than she, "encounter with a physically augmented El-Aurian, think I just landed on it badly but you're nurse informs me its broken." Her attempt to move her arm sending a lance of pain all the way through her shoulder and down her back.

"Here...", Jiasha was all out of the niceties today. She slipped her hand swiftly but painlessly behind the other womens and somehow produced a hand held form of Bone Knitting device in her other hand and started the small device off. It hummed softly as the delicate pink light started to do its work.
"It should only be a few moments and you'll be back to normal. Just be careful as it will be tender for a few days".

"Thanks" she replied sharply, "I'll get out of you're hair then." As she hopped down from the biobed the pain shot through her body again, never again would she complain about being treated by a ships EMH.

Jiasha saw the women wince as she landed on the floor and noticed the look, or she should say the lack of other visible notice that would tell her that her patient was still in pain. The truth was also the better form of treatment for her own mood.
"Commander... Wait please", she caught the women at the door to the sickbay, already a hypospray in hand. "I'm sorry. The last few weeks have been difficult on a personal and professional level. I have no excuse other than that. Here, this is a mild form of pain relief", she administered the hypo to the womens neck. "It will numb the pain but not hide if completely but it will allow you to continue working!"

Feeling the numbing effect of the drugs wash through her she took a moment to steady herself, "don't worry, think we're all having a rough time at the moment, just make sure you don't burn yourself out."

"Sara," a second voice called out closeby. The bruised and slightly bleary eyed face of Kristina Mason offered a weak smile. "I heard what you did, I'm sorry you were injured."

"Yeah, seemed like a good idea at the time, think I need to join some of your training classes once this is all done." It hurt to smile but her poor attempt at humour was enough to make her smile briefly before she stopped not so much at the pain but the thought of laughing at her own jokes.

Mason snorted with a chuckle, "I'll keep a space open for you."

"So what brings you aboard?" Lam started to walk slowly down the busy corridor towards the assigned guest quarters, the ship was so modern, the brushed silver surfaces making her think about the dreary brown walls of DS7 and how much she missed them.

"Like you I needed someone to fix me up since my CMO decied to beat me to pulp," she shrugged as if that sort of thing happened everyday.

Shaking her head Lam reached the turbolift junction, "we need to finish this and get back to normality" she paused as the door opened to an empty car, "I'm glad you made it Mason."

She smiled abet slightly lopsided, "Me too."

Illustrious-Captain's Ready Room

Sitting with the lights dimmed Will hoped he could catch up on some much needed sleep and after what could only have been half an hour or so the dreaded chirp of the comm system roused him from his slumber, "sorry to bother you Captain, there's a Chief Jrez here, he's asked to speak with you as a matter of urgency".

Taking a moment to straighten his top he thought of the name, it didn't ring any bells but with the threat now known and checks of all those brought aboard complete he decided the grant the man an audience, "send him Lieutenant."

"Sir," Jrez said, "Let me get straight to the point. I've been ordered to get a message out to Starfleet Command without alerting the parasites. The Citak did not have the necessary facilities." Only now did Jrez take time to observe the captain. If he was only half as tired as he looked, he must be exhausted. "If this was all, I would not have disturbed you," he offered by way of apology. "Put simply, I believe there is a link between the parasites and Trill symbionts. I need to urgently speak to someone from the Symbiont Commission but, again, I need to do it without the parasites catching on. That will be a lot more complex than sending a message.

"I thought it best to inform you before I went ahead with this task."

"Well, I thank you for letting me know" the slightest hint of sarcasm in his tone, "do you believe there's a direct threat to Trill or is this more pre-emptive?" Normally ships trying to keep a low profile didn't run their subspace transceivers at full power to send long range communications, it was a risk, one that he was loathe to take if it could be avoided.

"Both, Sir," Jrez replied ruefully. "I don't know how much you know about the situation on Trill..... There are parasites which were formed from genetic manipulation of Trill symbionts. They behave differently to what I've seen of these parasites but not differently enough to say categorically that they're not somehow linked. The Symbiont Commission has undertaken extensive study of the parasites. That information could be very useful to us right now.

"If these parasites are linked then Trill is in very real danger. They have tried to attack Trill before and failed. Taking over DS7 might not have been aimed at the Federation at all. Call me paranoid but I think the first target was to be Trill."

The Trill made a convincing argument, "from what you've said and the latest information brought back by Admiral DeVuor I can certainly appreciate the situation but from here the signal would need routing through local relays, leaving it open to intercept, or we send it directly but we'd show up on every long range sensor across half the sector." Moving to the other side of the desk he tried to put Jrez at ease by removing the barrier, "we need to reduce the distance or at the very least circumvent the normal relay network, I'll need to talk to the Admirals first, leave it with me Chief."

Illustrious - Guest Quarters Deck 6

Meandering towards her bed which was calling to her now more so than ever in the last few days, she saw Jrez exit the turbolift at the end of the corridor, "Chief" she shouted weakly although it was enough to get his attention, "how you doing?"

What now? Jrez thought, not recognising the voice. He turned to see Lam standing further down the corridor. Propped up might be a better description, he thought as Lam leant against the corridor wall. He walked up to her.

"You look wretched, Commander. Go get some sleep. I've seen Captain Sedgwick and appraised him of the situation and our role. I'll fill you in after we've both slept a little."

"You'll get no arguments from me, think I could sleep for a week" Lam steadied herself and continued to move slowly down the corridor, "can't wait to get back to my bed, see you in the morning Chief." Stopping at her door she tapped the locking mechanism to be presented with what seemed to be a rather spacious set of guest quarters I wonder if there's a bath her mind beginning to wander possibly due to a mixture of tiredness and the cocktail of drugs she been given to deal with the pain, but as her head hit the pillow she left all her concerns behind for the others.


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