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Up in the air

Posted on Wed Jul 27th, 2011 @ 5:35pm by Jillian Forst

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Vox's room (Conduits above)

It had taken her 20 minutes of crawling through old conduits and jeffries tubes in order to get to her objective; a small hole cut through the ceiling of her patrons room. The cut was precise, made by a pro.

"Well I guess I'll start here." she said softly to no one in particular. Jill was regretting her choice of letting Ryan go to the Dabo tables. She figured that it would be easier for him to get in good with some of the table girls then her, though if you were winning, it didn't matter who you were.

"Where is it Lobes?" A voice from beneath her echoed through the metal passage that Jill was lying in, the voice took her by surprise. "Come on, we wouldn't want to do anything you would regret." The sound of a slap landed heavily on flesh.

"I told you that you guys already took everything!" Vox wailed from the floor.

Jill pulled out her pistol, checked to make sure that there was round chambered and peered through the hole. Two men stood above the Ferengi, one was shaking slightly and holding a phaser to Vox's head. The other man seemed the more professional of the two wore black gloves and a slick gray suit.

"The teacher wants his trinket back, and he sent us here to get it. If it wasn't in the safe, then surely you would know where it was." The man in the suit knelt down next to Vox and whispered something into his ear that made the Ferengi wail even louder.

"I told you! Just leave! I'll make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!" Vox was pleading with them.

What the hell is going on? Jill leaned forward to get a better look when the hastily installed cover over the hole cracked and fell to the floor. She suddenly felt naked, exposed and scared shitless. The two men quickly turned their attention to her and snarled. The the man in the suit quickly produced a phaser towards her and fired, the orange beam skirted past her head, exploding in a shower of sparks right above her.

"We are leaving." Jill heard from the floor as another beam flew through the conduit, and then, a blood curdling scream.

She poked her head through the hole and watched as the two men disappeared into a transporter beam. Vox lay on the ground, squirming, blood pooling on the ground beneath him, a large knife sticking out of his chest.

The detective jumped down, landing not too gracefully next the the Ferengi. There was no way he was going to make it.

"It... its in the cupboard next to the sonic shower... it looks like two triangles..." Vox manged to sputter out. "Contact Klarn... for payment.." The Ferengi spit out one last labored breath and went limp on the floor. Jill ran her hand down his eyelids and went in search of this trinket that the other two had been so interested in.

The cupboard in question was filled with common knicknacks, trinkets, and bath soaps. Nothing out of the ordinary for a bath. Pushing some lotion aside, deep in the back, behind what she guessed was some kind of Ferengi version of a rubber ducky, was the object of her search.

The trinket looked like an hour glass, but in the shape of two triangles; their points end to end. The material that it was made out of, which she guessed was some kind of stone, had intricate carvings around the base. Jill grasped the object and felt a sizzle, a kind of electric charge that one would get when you grab something that wasn't properly grounded.

While looking at the trinket, she tapped her earpiece. =*=Jill to Ryan, you there? Get back to the office... this thing just took a turn for the strange."=*=

"you don't know the half of it, be there in five." Ryan's voice came across the communicator.

The woman walked back out into the main room and looked down at the cold, dead body of the Ferengi. "Detective Forst to medical, dead body at my location." She grabbed a small recording device from her pocket and took a quick scan of the room before leaving the scene. Her hand still clenching the trinket.


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