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Touching base

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2011 @ 8:02pm by Jillian Forst & Ryan Horgan

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Prophet Eye Office

Jill stood outside the office and pulled her slug thrower out. Chances are if they were willing to kill Vox over this trinket, they wouldn't think twice about coming after her. As the door slid open, she spun into the door, gun drawn looking for anything that was out of place. To her relief, the same mess that had been there before she left was still there. She re-holstered her sidearm and walked over to the comfy green chair in the corner of the office and waited for Ryan.

In a contrast similar to night and day Ryan wandered into the office, a picture of calm after his run in with the Vulcan assassin, "hey, so what did you find?" he asked, throwing his jacket over the back of his chair before slumping into his chair and sliding his smart shoes off.

Jill tossed the trinket over to Ryan. "That is what they are after I think. They jammed a knife into our patron and shot at me over that stupid thing and I don't even know what the hell it is." Her adrenaline was still running high. All she could think about was lighting up a smoke, but she still couldn't find anyone on the station that sold them.

Taking a long look at the strange trinket, he wondered if it weren't of Vulcan in origin the triangles reminding him of the IDIC, the symbol the Vulcans used a symbol of their use of logic as the basis of their wisdom, "sounds like you had fun, I was making progress with our dealer before he was assassinated in front of a room full of people, the assailant was Vulcan or at least of that heritage, he wasn't overly talkative but did mention something about a teacher and that the whole situation to avenge some sort of travesty, got me to be honest." Grabbing a pair of glasses he pulled the cork out of a bottle he produced from desk cupboard, before pouring a couple of generous measures.

"Teacher.... teacher.... I think one of the goons mentioned something about a Teacher to Vox before he offed him." Jill looked over at the booze that Ryan was pouring and licked her lips. "These guys weren't Vulcan though, pair of humans, one looked like he was just a thug, the other... he was professional. Could tell he was real cold blooded. Jammed a knife into Vox so that he'd bleed out and walked away" She stopped for a moment to remember back. "I'll have to see if I can pull him up on the OFNet. What did you learn before your guy got snuffed?"

Pushing one of the glasses across the desk he looked into his own one, "not as much as I'd hoped to be honest, he was a trader, mainly working out of Targus IV, you ever been there? Its a sprawling port city where anything can be bought for a price, I reckon we should chase down all other leads before following that one, it could take quite a while if we don't know what we're looking for?"

"Yeah, agreed." She took the glass that Ryan has pushed in front of her. "You really know the way to a girls heart." She swirled the glass a little bit then stood up. "Computer screen on." One of the walls disappeared and a screen lit up with a picture of their former patron, Vox. "Alright... So I think for the moment we can ignore the two from Rigel, that seems like a dead end possibly." She walked over to the screen and drew a line up. "Vox bought that trinket from the trader." She drew a line. "Vox was offed by two humans who mentioned the teacher and were looking from the trinket, and the trader was offed by a Vulcan who mentioned the teacher, the trader sold the trinket to Vox." She took a sip from the glass. "Aren't Vulcan's supposed to be sneaky? I didn't think they were too keen on murder either..."

Refilling his glass his leaned back in his chair before taking another sip, "why do I have a feeling this is going to be a messy one?" his question entirely rhetorical, "What about a Vulcan offshoot race, I mean it would explain the differences?" He didn't want to say it but they were now both thinking the same thing, 'Romulans'.

Outside there seemed to be some commotion, Jill looked out the window and watched a platoon of marines ran by. She turned back around as the screen she was working on popped up with a security message.

"This is a security alert one message. Deep Space 7 is now considered to be in a locked down state. Do not attempt to leave your quarters." The screen flashed back to the board that was displayed.

"Well.. I guess we have time to work on this huh?" She took another sip of the drink. "Alright, lets assume that someone other than a Vulcan is after a Vulcan artifact, what do they want with it and who are they?" Jill looked at the diagram."The teacher.... that bothers me."

"Could it be culturally significant? I mean, if this person is a teacher they may have an academic interest." Putting his glass to one side he opened the lid of his computer, "I'll start a search using the artifact, see where that leads us." With a slight sigh he began his search, tonight was going to be another all nighter unless they turned something up quick.

Jill downed the rest of her drink and walked over to a panel in the wall, she hit a button, which made a panel spin around. All manner of weapons, phasers, knives and ammo rested along the wall. She removed her Roo from it's holster and placed it in an empty spot on the wall. "Teacher... teacher.." she kept trying to rack her brain about who he could be. Jill sat down across from Ryan at her desk and started feeding in information on the man that had nearly snuffed her out.

As the bottle drained and the hours slowly passed Jill had fallen asleep, slumped across her desk before he finally found something that may be of use, sitting forward he quickly scanned through the information, "Jill, wake up, think I've found something." Scooping up his computer he set it down on Forst's desk with a gentle thud, "I think you'll find this interesting, looks like this trinket black listed by the V'Shar, Vulcan security, did some digging and it gets interesting."

Jill slowly lifted her head off of the desk, booze and fatigue making it even harder to wake up. The side of her face red from the desk. "Black listed? Could explain the whole shooting and murdering thing huh?" She rubbed her eyes. "What else did you find?"

"From what I've been able to find this trinket of ours seems to be related to prohibited rituals, used to allow people to make contact with their emotions, I guess that alone would be enough for the Vulcans." Grabbing a cup of coffee he pushed the cup in front of Jill, the aroma filling the room within moments, replacing the stale smell of sweat and alcohol, "you think this could be some sort of cult, I mean they have a teacher and aren't passed doing whatever it takes from what we've seen?"

"It might be, especially if the Romulans are involved... if a Romulan can't become a Vulcan, maybe you can make a Vulcan turn into a Romulan. Do we know any Vulcans or Romulans we can talk to?" Jill took the coffee, the smell made a little bit of the color come back into her cheeks. "I don't care much for either of them but it might be a start."

"I'll need to check my contacts, I used to know a couple of Vulcans a few years ago, might take some time to make contact but they may be able to get us some inside information." Gulping down almost half of his own mug of coffee he could feel the warmth passing through his tired body.

"Great, just what we need more Vulcan's..." She stood up threw her tie on the rack across the room. "They have about as much character as this desk. I've got a former Tal'shiar contact I can get a hold of. He thinks I'm hot, but lets deal with it tomorrow, I need some sleep. We can figure out who this teacher is and make us some cash."

She headed off to her bedroom as the sound of troops filled the corridors and phaser fire pinged off one of the outer walls. "Sounds like we got back just in time huh? Night Ryan."

"Night Jill" Horgan mumbled as he grabbed his heavy slug thrower, if whatever was going on out there came in here, well they'd regret that much he was certain of. Turning the office light out he ducked into his room, as he settled into his bed he couldn't help but wonder where this case would take them, that was a concern for another day.


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