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End Game

Posted on Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 @ 9:16am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: F'Hew/DS7

USS Repulse

Aboard the Repulse Commander Jacobs surveyed the scene in front of him. He hadn't seen such an armada before. He was too young to have seen the vast fleets assembled during the Dominion War. He'd watched newsvids but this was his first time with the real thing. He had to admit it was awe inspiring. Surely nothing could stand before the might of this force.

Not that he would play much of a part. He was a lowly piece in the game - merely flying fighter escort and making sure the big boys didn't get into too much trouble. Still and all, he thought, it could be the making of you. Do this well and you could come out of it a captain. Hell, you might even get a commendation. A fleet this size, there's bound to be some very big brass looking on closely.


The IKC FHew was well out ahead of the main body of the fleet. The intention was to circle around and approach from a different vector so they weren't accidentally caught in cross fire. With their cloak up, they could not use their shields. In the Transporter room Haqtaj was looking over the assembled assault team: Herself, Vartog, Lam, Mason, Virgil, and the Illustrious' Chief Medical Officer Jiasha.

USS Leipzig

The comms channel was buzzing as the moment of contact approached, if they opened fire it would be first time two Federation fleets had fought one another, Captain Hristov had a gut feeling this would end badly, his old Excelsior class having survived battles against the Borg and the Dominion, now his foes knew every weak point, every blind spot, "Battle Group forming up sir, Commanche and Neptune are in formation" his train of though interrupted by a slightly panicked shout from a young Ensign.

Looking round the bridge from his Captain's chair he settled on the viewscreen ahead, "very good, signal the flagship we're in position." The shadow of the large planet obscured their view but when the moment came, it would be their job to press home the attack.

USS Leyte Gulf

The whole concept of battle and fighting went against Captain Jarot Hagan racial traits but in her time within Starfleet she had been called upon, along with her crew mates and in this instance her ship and crew to defend that which was in danger. Again this was that very same situation but from what she understood the lines between friend and enemy were blurred with no defining edge between them.

On the screen loomed a fleet of worrying size as it powered its way towards Deep Space Seven. The lead ship one of the most powerful and most advanced ships in the fleet was over run by invading forces and now she had been tasked with taking the Citak out of the fight as her ship stood ready, nestled between the upper pylons of the station.

"All hands battle stations. Raise shields, power the weapons."
The bridge dimmed from the usual bright colors to darkness with a pulsing red glow. "And may the Goddess have mercy on us all!"

Deep Space Seven - Operations

The red alert had been sounded and the arching beams of light had shifted to a traveling pulse of red moving from top to bottom of the immense operations centre of the station. Sat at the Operations table was Captain Romano and to his left an empty seat. Ulonova should have been present at a time like this, but since the alert had sounded she had not appeared.

"Captain", a young Ensign called from the rear of Ops. "The battle group sounds ready and the enemy ships are moving to within weapons range".

This was not how it was supposed to happen. It was supposed to have been silent in nature yet the invasion had ground to a halt after the DeVuor mammal had discovered the plans, and now she had been able to gather a fleet to oppose him.
"Sound general quarters, evacuate the civilian population to the emergency shelters. Have Security standing by in all check points for boarding parties.", finally the last of the stream of orders slipped from between his lips. "Target the lead ship and open fire, order the battle group to follow suit."

USS Illustrious

Phaser blasts slammed against the Illustrious' forward shields, engineering having reinforced them as much as possible, "full starboard roll, target the fore ship and fire Quantum torpedoes, attack pattern Sierra." Without a word of acknowledgement the zero point energy weapons streaked towards the lead ship of those approaching from the station, a Nebula class that was sent spinning away as her port nacelle was ripped from its pylon, Sedgwick had decided to come out swinging this time and the tactic worked, the fleet defending the station scattering from the heavy cruiser and the various other cruisers flanking her. "Signal our battle group, all ships make for the station!"


Ro' keyed the comms, "We are closing to the beam in coordinates. Be ready in three minutes."

He ground his teeth. The biggest battle of the decade was happening around him and he was forced to watch and play ferry.

USS Leipzig

A shower of sparks momentarily blinded many of the crew on the bridge, it had only been a few minutes before the small reserve force was called to action, a pair of light cruisers had them bracketed, no matter which way they turned the stream of fire was constant, "Commander I need one of them out of the picture, now!" he shouted at his first officer who had been forced to take over at tactical. As the ship rolled to minimise impacts to her now unshielded ventral surfaces Commander Loval targeted the larger of the two ships, a Steamrunner class that was giving them hell, "Sir, limiting our fire isn't working, permission to go after their primary systems."

Another impact threw many before the Captain could reply, the shields had once again been breached, regaining his footing he looked at Loval, "do whatever you need to Commander." Without a moments hesitation Loval opened fire, the phaser strikes and torpedo salvoes immediately hitting the navigational deflector suspended beneath her main hull. The tactic immediately paid dividends, the smaller ship breaking off contact, immediately followed by its comrade. "Good work number one, lets get the shields back online and get back into the fight!"

Deep Space Seven - Operations

Romano climbed from the debris strewn floor of Ops as the last rack of phaser fire had knocked the station noticeably. With a quick glance he could see that the station shields had been breached and collapsed completely in one section and it was this moment that the red signal light flashed to life as the stations internal sensors picked up the tell tale energy signatures of a transporter activating and depositing a team somewhere on the station.
"Romano to Marines Corp. We have intruders!"

Having received orders from Captain Bant, Jason quickly distributed the areas for the Marines to defend, and any fall back plans that may become necessary. All of the Team leaders were ready, and he ensured all the teams had setup at their posts before joining his CO.

USS Illustrious

"Hull breaches on decks three, seven, eight and twelve, we're venting drive plasma from our port nacelle and ventral phasers are offline!" Leok shouted as the Captain immediately regretted asking for a damage report, "evacuate those decks, tell engineering to get the nacelle online and re-route phaser power to dorsal arrays, we've got to break the back of this fleet once and for all!" Will was shouting far louder than he realised as a number of people paused to look at him, "helm, bring us to heading one four two mark three three six, half impulse, tactical stand by for a full weapons spread, knock out whatever you can!"

As the Illustrious rolled onto her back before sweeping round towards the main battle line the viewer was filled with ships being torn to pieces, DS7's close in phaser fire taking a heavy toll on any who strayed to close, Ticon was well into her stride, she was at one with the weapons, reaching out and neutralising targets almost at will but there were so many of them, "Fire!" came the order from Sedgwick, once again the heavy cruiser unleashed its fury, crippling a pair of frigates and heavily damaging an Excelsior class which began to spin out of control, "Sir, we're out of Photon Torpedoes!" replied Ticon as she assessed the damage from their strikes.

Taking in the damage reports, and the fact that they were down to only a few powered phasers and a dozen or so Quantum torpedoes, Will could see only one option, "signal the flagship, advise them of our weapons status and tell them we'ere withdrawing from the battle area." The words leaving a bitter taste in his throat, walking away from a fight was something he never liked but at that moment he had to think of the safety of his own crew.

USS Leyte Gulf

Jarot was shaken and blackened by the soot from the damage strewn bridge but she was on her feet and prowling her bridge like a caged animal. Several of her crew lay still on the floor or slumped over consoles but sickbay was to overwhelmed to keep up.
"Target the Illustrious impulse generators!"

It was as she placed her last order something caught her attention. Deep Space Seven had been doing most of the heavy work in repelling the enemy fleet but now her weapons ports sat silent. No more yellow tinged energy beams spat forth to fell the enemy instead she was quiet and still.
"Open a channel to the station... NOW".

Moments passed while the battered ship tried to open a communication channel with the old Cardassian station but the look of the young officer sitting at Ops told her that nothing or noone was left in Ops.


Ro' bellowed, "Signal the Fleet. The Insertion team is in position. Pull back to a safe distance. There is nothing more to be gained from this engagement."

"Jared, get your Shield/Cloak converter on line. I want some protection as we pull out. Helm, new heading, zero one zero mark zero three zero. Full Impulse."

USS Phaeton

With the team aboard the station Varal could see that further fighting would simply lead to greater loss of life, logic had dictated all along this would be the point to withdraw, "all ships, fall back to mobilisation point delta!" like a startled shoal of fish the ships loyal to DeVuor turned as one and broke off contact, the fate of the entire Federation now resting on the shoulders of half a dozen officers.


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