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On reflection

Posted on Sun Sep 4th, 2011 @ 6:15am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Undisclosed

Jamieson sat back in her chair. She considered what Frost had to say. She did not like the woman and knew the feeling to be mutual but Jamieson prided herself on not letting such considerations get in the way of her job.

"On reflection," she said, "it might be preferable if we were to put Winters to the test first. We are not certain that Leigh is dead. Certainly, she is not responding to her sub-dermal transceiver so we must, for operational purposes, assume her demise. I propose that we send Winters in to discover the truth. If she is...." She turned her head to one side and spoke to someone out of the holocamera's view. The others pricked their ears but the audio had been muted. Her expression, though, betrayed annoyance and surprise.

"I have important news," she announced. "You will all be aware of an attempt, some years ago, of a race infiltrate the Federation. We were well aware of the 'problem' with Lieutenant Commander Remmick but wished to see how the attempt would play out. It was a...pity...that Picard and his crew intervened before a full and proper study could be made. I have just received word that an new attempt is being made. I do not have full details..." She turned her head towards whomever was standing out of sight at her side. Disgust now joined annoyance. "...and I apologise that we were not informed earlier. However, I am assured that Starfleet Command is not yet aware of the situation. We must act before that eventuates. Haste is now even more essential. I do not want that sub-dermal transceiver falling into other hands. It would be bad enough if Starfleet Command got hold of it but.... Up until now I was concerned about the large Klingon force that El-Aurian, Zor Romano, agreed to post on board. If they managed to crack the encoding then all our transmissions to our operatives would be compromised. If the parasites were to get it though.... I do not need to tell you of the consequences."

This time a shrouded figure spoke up, the holoemitters that generated the image flickering slightly as it spoke.
"Agent Forge Reporting!", the voice a mix of masculine and feminine as it must have been run through some form of vocoder. "The attempt has already been halted at Deep Space Seven by Admirals DeVuor and Varal. They had the element of surprise but the Station had superior numbers, yet still they fell!"

"Why DS7?" Jamieson mused aloud. "Why is all this happening around this one station? We need to monitor the situation closely."

The undeined holographic figure nodded the approximaion of its head at the gathered officers. "I will monitor and relay any pertienant information. Forge out!"

No sooner had the agent reported and spoken than dissapeared as the holographic communication ended.


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