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Fond farewells

Posted on Thu Aug 25th, 2011 @ 6:31pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Observation Lounge - USS Citak

As the fallout of the battle became apparent Varal received the news he had been waiting for, there was only one person he owed any explanation too and decided that he would tell her before any other. Wasting no time he beamed over to the fleet's de facto flagship, the side effects of battle still evident in every corridor of every deck just like so many other ships, the damage had been heavy.

Entering the observation lounge he saw Beverly at the far end of the long table, her computer and a variety of padd's almost drowning her in a sea of bureaucracy, "Admiral, I hope I'm not disturbing you?" he asked standing at the far end of the curved table, the station framed perfectly in the windows to his right.

"No my friend, please", she stood and motioned for Varal to take a seat next to her finding him to be a welcomed distraction from the mountain of paperwork piled before her and the small mountain of letters that needed her attention. "What can I do for you?"

Slowly walking to the seat next to Beverly he stopped before sitting, "I have received news from Starfleet Command, it would appear I was successful in my application." As he sat he could tell DeVuor was slightly taken aback, "I submitted it nearly two months ago, it would seem they conducted extensive reviews."

"Application for what?", she had a sinking feeling that she wasn't going to like what he was about to say.

Even though he'd never admit it to anyone Varal squirmed in his chair for a moment, "a posting at Starfleet Communications, Director of Development, I will be responsible for deploying and upgrading our current communication network across the Federation."

Beverly found herself speachless for a moment as she looked at her old friend sitting across from her. Never let it be said that Vulcan's don't feel emotion as she could tell without even needing to see that even he was finding this moment difficult.
"Congratulations... I don't know what else to say", he was one of only four people left alive that she could call close friend and the others were of a lower rank making it inappropriate for her to fraternise with them. "I'm going to miss your input and your company!"

"I shall miss your company as well, my hope is to spend more time with my family, well those of them still on Vulcan." Varal knew there was one child with whom relations had been strained for close to a decade. "have you heard the openings for the new Sixth Fleet, I understand Command has all major positions open and under review, command is your destiny, whether it be a ship or a fleet it is your first best calling, you should consider it."

"A posting back on Earth appeals at this moment...", she took a deep intake of breath before lifting a PADD into the air and offering it over to her old friend. "You could do me one favour before you leave and look over the candidates for Command of Deep Space Seven. My track record hasn't been all that clever in recent months!"

The whole situation had become to much for her and a posting at Starfleet Science would improve her mood and maybe even her disposition. Commander Albright is a solid Commander and I've considered promoting him to Captain but I think offering him the Citak is a better option. His first officer Lieutenant Commander T'Rena has some Command experience but I don't know her all that well. The other option is Leanne but I think she's going to need some time to adjust to everything thats happened", she stopped for a breath as if considering. "There are about five other candidates but those three are the top runners... Opinions?"

Varal wondered if she knew about T'Rena or perhaps it was just coincidence, "Commander Albright is a natural starship commander however I am uncertain station command would be his forte or preference, Commander Ulonova is an exceptional officer but the recent parasite incident will cause trust issues for many of the crew, at least in the near future." There was pause as he considered what he could say about T'Rena, "Commander T'Rena has progressed well, is new to the crew and has several commendations in multiple fields, of the officers on the current short list she would be my choice however I would advise looking at candidate further afield, so far Deep Space 7 has had three commanding officers, perhaps the station needs a firm hand."

"I know its not what you Vulcan's do very well, but what does your gut instinct say about this one... I'm less than eager to trust my own judgments as so far they've been less than correct in the matter of this stations commanding officers".
Something in her friends voice sounded almost pained at the mention of T'Rena, but he was Vulcan so she thought nothing of it.

"Indeed, it is not a skill my race has yet mastered, from the available facts I would recommend Commander T'Rena." Things had been complicated with T'Rena for many years, unlike Vorik and T'Pau, she was fiercely independent for a Vulcan and at her request he had not interfered in her career, a promise he had always kept, until now.

"T'Rena it is then... Would you care to extended the offer as she is one of your countryman or do you have to depart?"
Secretly she hoped he would be around for a few more days just while the transition of Command took place, at least then she would have someone she could confide in if she needed too.

As much as he wanted to minimise his contact with the situation at least he had learned something, Beverly didn't know of his connection to T'Rena, "I have agreed to lend engineering support from the Phaeton's crew to the station, as a result I will not be leaving until Thursday." It was only a few days but it was enough to allow them to resolve issues here before he could make a convenient exit.

"I'll take that almost dodge as a yes then!", she said with a smirk unable to contain it after the Vulcan's dance around her question. "So when do you leave?"

"Once Commander Lam's engineers are no longer overwhelmed with repair efforts, if they are not done by Thursday I will take the Magellan to Vulcan then the Gemini on to Earth. What about you, do you plan to stay on the station?" Varal knew he would have to talk to T'Rena at some point and perhaps this was the time to, as the Humans say, mend some fences.

"I'm taking a new assignment myself but I should still be in the area".
An uncontrollable urge griped her suddenly and she pulled her friend into a hug despite the Vulcan dislike of physical contact she needed to say goodbye to him.

An awkward silence then followed as Varal was unsure what to say, clearly DeVuor was having an emotional response but for once he was at a complete loss, all he could do was pat her on the back and allow her the moment.

After a short time she released her friend from the contact and smiled at him. "Sorry Varal", she wiped at the errant tear rolling down her cheek. "I won't keep you from your duties any longer. Good luck with your new assignment". Yet again she was filled with a feeling of loss as the situation changed around her, but this time with a friendship ultimately being tested by the reaches of distance.


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