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A New Job, A New Bar

Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2011 @ 10:40am by Steve Summers

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Deep Space Seven
Timeline: After the taking back of DS7


Lieutenant Commander Xal Ra-Movraii took a deep inhale of the thick air in the bar he entered, finding it less than satisfying, but as a human once put it: "Any port in a storm", and for the Efrosian's purposes, they were correct.

The ageing white-haired man had only just arrived a few hours prior on Deep Space Seven, having been reassigned to the Nor-class station after the departure of the station's new strategic operations officer, a certain Caleb Virgil, before he even took the job. Ra-Movraii only knew the most basic of details: that the parasites had infested the station, but it was taken back by a fleet of Federation vessels, and that Commander Virgil was now staying aboard the Citak as its XO.

Ra-Movraii couldn't blame the man, as it was a decent promotion. Ra-Movraii simply took the job because it sounded interesting, and would keep him occupied. That, and it had a multitude of bars, which was something he was always interested in, even if he had to share it with other officers.

"Ktarian ale," the stratops officer said, taking a seat at the bar. He was too sober to start his shift yet.

A young man dressed in a black tuxedo with brown hair and a goatee appeared from behind a wall with a big smirk on his face.
"Hi I'm Steve I bought a share of this bar,Anyway what was the drink you ordered"Steve asked politely.

The Efrosian had busied himself regarding a couple of the Starfleet officers that had entered when he registered what the barman had said. "A Ktarian ale," he repeated, annoyed at having to do so. "And not your life story. Why would you want to work at a bar, anyway? You just have to put up with people like me all day and night."

"Ktarian ale coming up,and the answer to your question is I work at a bar because one I own it and two I have got no where else to go after Starfleet kicked me out". Steve said rather bluntly and his happy go lucky smile had turned into more of an angry frown.

"Sounds like you might have what it takes to serve my drinks then," Xal replied with a slight huff of his own. "Everyone likes a good story." He took the drink from Steve's hand and began taking large gulps, but stopped to keep speaking. "So how did you get kicked out of our 'wonderful' institution? Keep me amused long enough, might earn yourself more money."

Steve looked at the man whith a bemused smile "Fine then, It all started on the U.S.S. Kierzen,2 Earth years ago, I was assigned there as a Security Officer,well we were engaging an enemy Kzinti vessel when an enemy away team beamed aboard our vessel,as I was a security Officer my team and I were tasked with stopping the away team,When an officer in my team attacked the team and we were boarded,the Kierzen was then taken to a Kzinti starbase,a few of us managed to escape but,when we returned Starfleet charged us with treason,we avoided prison but,lost our commision and we were forced to resign, so yes, that's pretty much the reason why I got kicked out,so,have you got any stories you wish to tell?"said Steve.

"Hmph," the lieutenant commander grunted simply, taking more of his drink down. "Some, but I have to admit, yours is pretty good. Never had the pleasure of meeting the Kzinti myself, not that that's a bad thing. I've spent enough time amongst Cardassians, though, to know my way around this station without even having to check the schematics." Xal shifted himself round a little where he sat, and loosened his collar a little. "Ever heard of Dallos II?" He asked finally.

"No,should I?" said Steve who was looking uneasy about not knowing something as he thought he was well clued up.

"Wouldn't have expected you to - too young. Well, before I was given these charming pips and the red collar, I was a marine, serving on the frontlines of the Cardassian War, before the Dominion were even around," Xal said, a faraway and sad look on his face. "I was a staff sergeant, and second officer of my squad when we were attacked, on a routine assignment. Both the LT and the sergeant major were gunned down, and we were forced into one of the administration buildings of the colony. For five days we were holed up. Few supplies, low on ammo, Cardassians everywhere... Cabin fever developing. You know, the usual."

Steve looked shocked,he thought the Lieutenant Commander was just a pen pusher."how did you escape?".

Ra-Movraii sighed for what seemed to him to be the umpteenth time in a very short while. "A few rubber bands and metal stationery. What do you wanna hear, kid? We were soldiers, damn it. Just shot what moved and was scaly, and did our best not to shoot each other. What else do you wanna hear?" Quickly finishing his drink, the stratops officer indicated he wanted a refill by tapping the glass. "I'll tell you what, though, kid... You keep them drinks coming, and more stories'll come your way." Offering Steve a wink in the hopes he hadn't upset the young man too much, he continued: "Interesting stories are supposed to be great for new customers."

Steve grabbed the glass and refilled it."So what's the deal with this station,and why is everyone goin on about parasites?".

"That," Ra-Movraii then said finally, "is someone else's story."



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