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Olive Branch

Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2011 @ 8:49pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Promenade

Life was slowly beginning to return to normal, the crew had weathered the storm and the station had held together better than most thought possible but as Varal watched a pair of Bolians reopen their restaurant he saw the reason he had come aboard the station, Commander T'Rena, as she saw him she remained completely unshaken before stopping next to him, looking down at the Bolians on the main promenade below. "Greetings T'Rena, it is agreeable to see you again."

"And you Admiral", her eyes staying on the Bolians as they moved around the outer section of their establishment clearing tables and organizing chairs rather than look at him. "I trust Vorik and T'Pau are well?"
She had no idea what he wanted or why he was still on the station but it was making her uncomfortable but through force of will she buried the feeling under her Vulcan conditioning and remained the totem of calm.

"I am fine, thank you, as is Vorik, T'Pau has begun her studies at Starfleet Academy, she finally settled on starship operations, following in your footsteps." As Varal talked to the profile of T'Rena he recalled her stubbornness, a source of great conflict between them for many years, "your mother wishes to know when you will return to Vulcan."

"I am unable to offer any dates in the near future as my duties here will occupy a great amount of my time!"
It filled her otherwise cold heart with warmth to hear that T'Pau was forging her own way instead of bending to her Father's wishes despite how strong willed he could be as she had found when it came time for her to find her own path. "If I may inquire sir", choosing to use his rank rather than the endearment of Father that should have been employed, "What do you wish of me?"

"I do not wish anything if you, whatever issues may have arisen between us in the past I would hope they would not impair our duties. It would be my, hope, that the rest of our family not be sundered by our disagreements." After all that had happened the two had never been able to fully resolve the issues that had brought them to the point where they were almost strangers.

The words of her father stung like a knife and for the briefest of moments she considered objecting to his statement, but ultimately he was right, she had allowed disagreements to cloud the relationship with her father and in turn had left her brother and sister as well as her mother behind.
"I will endeavor to make time in the near future however my promotion may interfere with returning to Vulcan for some time!"

"I know you would be welcomed by many." It was an olive branch, enough to let her know she was no outsider, "so what do you make of the station?" Duty had always been a safe topic, T'Rena had always been loyal to the service and it was common ground, the one thing they both strived for perfection in while they admitted defeat in their personal lives, at least where the two were concerned.

"I am curious as to why Admiral DeVuor saw fit to promote me to the position of Station Commander. My expertise lies with exploration rather than stationary defensive and civilian governor".
Finally a topic she was comfortable discussing with her adoptive father as this was the one thing they did have in common.

"Because the station needed someone new to step into the role after recent events, she believes your knowledge puts you in good stead and I agreed with her." It was a compliment, perhaps poorly veiled but it was one nonetheless, "the Admiral has placed great faith in you, the station is in a period of adjustment, for now it needs your abilities as a leader first and foremost."

The fact her Father had been part of the decision behind her new post irritated her more than she was willing to admit, but with a Vulcan control she smothered it before she could allow it to show on her face.
"I am under the belief that the Station Chief Operations Office is taking a period of personal time and the stations Executive Officer is still undecided on the same matter. With two of the most senior officers off station it could lead to more difficulties. I have requested a Strategic Operations Officer from Earth to help make the transition that much easier!"

T'Rena had done well to conceal her emotions but Varal thought he could see the briefest flare of despair, perhaps something to consider during his meditations, "Commander Ulonova has been placed on restricted duties, perhaps it would make sense to impose your beliefs on her, that is if you believe respite to be in not only her best interest but also that of the station?"

Her temper flared at the suggestion as it seemed to her that yet again her father was trying to lead her and her new assignment as he had done on several other occasions. This time however she was the Stations Commanding Officer and it would be her own insights and thoughts that would lead her actions.
"With all due respect Admiral I have no intention of imposing my beliefs on my crew. Rather I will assess the situations as they arise", her skin flushing green as she fought to keep her anger under control. "Now if you will excuse me I have duties to see to!"

"Commander!" he replied, raising his voice ever so slightly, "perhaps you should consider the concept of trust before you decide what to do." The irony of the statement was far from lost on Varal but as he waited for T'Rena to turn around he allowed the comment to hang over them, "this crew has been through many trials including a loss of faith in the members of the senior staff not to mention the death of their commanding officer." Moving slightly closer to T'Rena his voice returned to the previously hushed tones, more than enough for their superior hearing to contend with, "your beliefs will guide them in all things, none more so than in this matter and others like it, the crew will draw its strength from you but as an ancient proverb says, sometimes you must be cruel to be kind." For a moment Varal wondered if he was speaking as an Admiral to a Commander or a Father to a Daughter, either way though the advice was sound in his eyes.

The sounds were reaching her ears but the words at the moment were completely lost on her as all she could hear were sounds and the rush of blood in her ears from the anger she was fighting to quell.
"Yes sir. Am I dissmissed Admiral?"

With his words falling on deaf ears, as was so often the case, Varal nodded slowly, "Dismissed Commander." Watching as his erstwhile daughter briskly walked away he doubted his decision to recommend her for the post whilst hoping not to be proved correct, for her failures and successes would reflect upon him, a thought that concerned him greatly.


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