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New Lives

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Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Federation Embassy

She had been staying on the station under an assumed name. She was used to that after all the work that she had done...She carried a precious bundle under her cloak as she stayed in the shadows. She hadn't seen him in months and the secret she had carried was to protect everyone involved...however, She had been abandoned by Starfleet and now worked in less than legal fields she had no choice to do what she was about to do.

The man she needed to find the precious cargo didn't have his office set up...knowing someone who would know how to reach him.

Hoping that the codes she had paid for were still good and she had yet to change them. Punching in the security code she waited for the door to open. Looking around before she entered and placed the bundle protectively on the couch against one side of the wall. She caressed the small sleeping bundle and left a hologram disc beside the bundle.

"Goodbye my darling." She whispered fighting tears. She took one last look at the daughter that would never know her mother and slipped from the room.

Alex approached the doors to Brianna's office nonchalantly. After what little he had seen on the station so far, he found himself quite concerned about the inefficiency of security. This little visit was the first in a large number of checks he was to make for those he cared about. If Brianna knew he was doing this she would surely shake her head and just chalk it up to another of his quirks knowing there was going to be no way to stop him. Not to mention arguing with Alex was like planning on losing an hour from your day only to finally surrender from mere fatigue. The spook had a way of getting what he wanted whether others wanted it or not.

A quick tap of the pass code allowed the doors to the diplomatic office to open. It was a small office. Nothing like what the Klingon Ambassador had. He wondered if Brianna knew she was being robbed of a much better working space. Regardless, she didn't have a small army of Klingons to protect her on the job, so Alex would have to use a little more guile in protecting the woman he loved.

His eyes soon shot toward a couch and the bundle lying upon it. A bomb? He hoped not. He had just woken up not too long ago and the last thing he wanted to do was explode before the day even began. Carefully he stepped over to the mass of blankets. His hands reached down to uncover it when he noticed a small holodisc and grabbed that instead. After all, if someone went to the trouble of leaving a message behind, he might as well listen to it before taking whatever it was that was there. Kind of like reading the card on a gift before opening it. Alex stepped over to Brianna's computer and brought it to life. It was simple enough. Brianna seldom changed her passwords and when she did she merely rotated which one she was using at any given time. Alex placed the disc in a port and watched it play.

"Alex, I knew you would be the one to find this before Brianna. It has a long time since we last saw each other and I am sorry that I cannot give you this message in person. By the time you are viewing this I will be on a transport. He is back Alex and you have to protect Brianna but more importantly you need to look after Maya. She is your daughter Alex...she was born early but she is healthy and strong and she has your piercing grey eyes. Because the doctors could not reverse the DNA resequencing she is half betazoid. Please Alex....don't come looking for me, he will only find you faster that way and right now he is concentrating on finding me. Give our child my love and tell her about me someday..." A tear ran down the woman's face before the holomessage ended.

Alex stood silently for a moment. A baby? It seemed improbable. They were only together that one night. And that was... Alex shook his head in disbelief. As if his life wasn't complicated enough. He was still having trouble getting Brianna to even accept him as himself. Now he had another child he didn't know about. It was enough to make him want to seriously consider celibacy. Regardless, he had a problem. Technically, he had many problems, but this child presented the most immediate and with it brought the most questions. Who was after her? Why did she think that she would not survive to see the baby grow up? Who was back? Too many questions and nothing to go on for answers short of a recording. Alex ejected the disc and placed it in his pocket. Perhaps with a little more searching he would be able to discover something he might have missed upon first looking at the message.

The officer stood up and walked over to the small bundle on the couch, carefully picking it up in his arms. A girl. A baby girl. So helpless in this universe. And now, Alex had to figure out what to do with her.

Brianna had Mac on one hip and the diaper bag on her opposite shoulder. "You are getting big, my boy." Brianna shifted him a little so it was easier to hold him. Mac simply smiled at her and tried grabbing her hair. "Oh no you don't...and don't let me catch you ever doing that to your sisters or to the girls in school either." She laughed.

She turned the corner and punched the security code before entering her office. "Alex?" She was surprised to see him. "Thinking someone bu..." Brianna stopped. "Who is that?" She asked.

"A baby. Her name is Maya. She was here when I came in," Alex explained not quite ready to try to go into details with Brianna. At least not yet, "Here, I need you to watch this one for a while. I have some investigating that needs to be done. It shouldn't be too difficult. She can play with Mac."

"Wait a minute Alex. You can't just dump this child in my arms and tell me that you have to go investigate something. What were you doing in my office and who's child is this? Where is her mother? Where is her father?"

"Really? Do I need to answer all these questions now? Especially when I don't have all the answers yet," Alex asked already knowing that he had no choice but to answer the questions. Quickly he rattled off the answers to her, "I was here to install some new security measures. The child is Jadzia's. She is the mother. I am the father. Now I must be going. Time is of the essence."

Brianna stared at him for a moment in complete disbelief, she blinked away tears quickly. "Jadzia?! You slept with her and created a child with her?! She was working for Craig and you..."She sank into the couch still holding her son....their son. "Hand me the child..." As soon as he did, "Go...just go...You have 'important' things to do." She replied bitterly.

"Yes, I do," Alex acknowledged as he stepped back from Brianna, "But I will be back as soon as I can. I just need to make sure that you are going to be safe. Unfortunately, I need resources that are unavailable in this office. I will check back with you as soon as I can. Are you sure you will be alright?"

"Are you sure that it is me that you are protecting and not her?" She asked. "I have survived Craig...I am sure I can survive a couple of hours without you."

"I'm sure you could, but that is not the point of all this," Alex responded as he began to get lost in thought, "You really have no reason to be upset. We don't know any of the details of what is going on. Did you ever think that the child might not be mine? No. You didn't. You are going on the word of what I told you based upon the word of someone you don't trust anyway. To jump to conclusions at this point is not only counterproductive, but likely to hurt us in the long run. We have a few facts and a lot of questions. Until we have answers, your anger is going to do nothing but cloud your mind and make you miserable. Far better to look at the positive side of this for now and concentrate on the things that are in your power to control. There is a larger picture here Brianna. It is not just you and I. We need to be able to see that picture if we are to move forward without endangering ourselves or the children."

"She is yours Alex...she and Mac look the same and she has your eyes. Of course I am going to protect them both. I trust what you say...even if it doesn't always seems like it recently. I am upset and hurt about the though Alex...and you have to understand slept with someone after you asked me to be your wife and now you have connection with this woman for the rest of your life. I need you to tell me that she meant nothing...I need to know why..." She held Maya and she saw so much of Alex in her...the same with Mac. She looked up at Alex, tears threatened to fall down her cheeks.

Alex thought about countering her argument with talk of Craig, but decided against it since it would do nothing for the situation other than bring it to an even louder argument. "We were about to die," he finally said flatly. She could chew on that information for a awhile. As far as he was concerned this little complication was beginning to become a major distraction and a major distraction was something he didn't have time for. Not when there was already so much to do.


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