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Your Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

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Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Cargo Bay One/Emergency Trauma Center
Timeline: Present

The thrills of battle that are often felt by all soldiers can never truly reach a doctor. While at the height of battle men are filled with a defined purpose or some with an inescapable fear the only emotion that greets a doctor is the the piercing scream of young man unable to comprehend his injuries or the whimpering sobbing hysteria of a middle aged marine corporal finally cracking after seeing his best friend torn to shreds by relentless phaser fire or of the little girl with wide brown eyes looking outwards robbed of the look of innocence only left with a sudden shocked face unable to comprehend the incomprehensible. In normal circumstances an injured or dying person on a Federation outpost or starship would be greeted with all the medical knowledge of several doctors or even an EMH with countless lifetimes of experiences and skills.

This was not the case in a field hospital, nor did it help that every few moments the station buckle with the force of phaser and torpedo fire. In a field hospital, it was a simple glance from Anthony knowing that the trusting eyes of the young man, the paranoid stare of the marine corporal and the hollow eyes of the little girl had one identifying truth.

"Move on to the next one Corpsman" Anthony heard himself say. Seeing the same hatred from a young woman who clearly wanted to save any of the three WIA who would shortly become KIA. Some found his steady voice quickly writing off the countless lives as a cruel thing but this was a warzone and without the luxuries of safety and security the gravely wounded were as good as dead. Even the lightly wounded had to grin and bear horrifying realities.

It had been his thirty-seventh hour when the stock of painkillers and anesthetics ran out, the replicators could not be counted on to fill the void since most of the day they had been spewing out green shit that seemed more disgusting then the smell of blood or so said many nurses. Anthony found the smell different but he welcomed it more then he welcomed the same scarlet scented cooper that seemed to follow him everywhere. He had been reduced to scrubbing his skin with boiling water and using a nearly serrated brush trying against vain in the field hospital shower to rub away the stench.

After the supply of everything from Ambizine to the often unused Zenite started to run out Anthony started to employ things he had been taught to use when no other methods were available. While the thought of amputations became the norm in fact he remember the first young man being told that his left leg would have to be severed at the knee to prevent a potential deadly infection from killing him.

The man had been against it completely, more likely since he was suffering delusions because of the quickly poisoning blood that was pumping itself into his body. The choice had been made that the medical team would go ahead and amputate it against his will and when he said medical team he meant himself and two civilians holding the man down.

Not only was Anthony forced to used a crude crosscut hand saw, it had been messy and forced Anthony to become as cold as possible as he dug through the man's leg noting the barely growing leg hair of the man who was barely 20 years old. The man had screamed loudly begging for it to stop, crying out for his mommy, his daddy and even to an obscure God that Anthony had never heard of, the boy reached the apex of his pleading when Anthony had been forced to break the boys bone not once or twice but three separate times starting with the tibia and the then the smaller fibula bone and finally cracking a small portion of the femur because he needed to cut away a few inches of healthy tissue to insure that the infection did not spread past some of the still healthy muscle. The leg was doused in commercial bleach (the only remaining disinfectant) and it was wrapped quickly.

The procedure was over with the two civvies holding the sobbing boy who kept saying the same few words that haunted Anthony if he dared to close his eyes for a moment.

"The old man took my leg....hhheee toooook my leg"

OCC: They say writing inspires music I say its defiantly the reverse.


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