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Mission: Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5
Location: Engineering Office, Sub Level 43

It had been a week since the station had been retaken, for Lam like so many others the terrible events of the recent times still haunted her waking moments. While she did her duty organising repairs, updating crew manifests and staying on top of normal day to day matters she couldn't bring herself to sit at her station in Ops, instead she worked out of her small official office in the bowels of the station away from the glances of those who judged her yet knew little of the truth of what happened.

Every time she heard the whine of a fusion reactor increasing its output or a gravity plate realigning she thought back to the moment she not only destroyed the parasite queen but also vaporised Captain Romano with her rifle. If it hadn't been her it would have been someone else, or at least the counselor told her, Sara wasn't to sure she believed it though, nobody else would have been in her place, perhaps she might have been injured or killed herself but still the sight and smell was as vivid now as it had been a week ago. As she sat at the ridiculously large desk she flicked through the starship manifest, many of the damaged vessels were being patched up before making their way to a fleet yard, her eyes coming to rest on the three ships destined for Sol, perhaps it was time she took the advice of the counselor and got away from the station for a bit, it wasn't as if she didn't have the leave with almost four months worth to take.

Bringing up the template for an extended leave request she quickly filled in the details, the name of the CO still populated with Zor's name, perhaps there were just to many reminders here for her to move on. Checking the starship manifests she reserved herself a berth on ship with plenty of space, all she needed to do was submit the request and have their new CO, a Vulcan called T'Rena approve it. She was still to officially meet the woman, perhaps the fact they had been so busy the past few days leant a hand in that, Leanne however, Sara couldn't bring herself to talk to her. Her closest friend on the station had been infected as well, the thought of what she might have had to do to her had the queen been present in her had brought her to tears when she first thought about it. Now she was just lost for words, she couldn't pretend everything was okay between them as there was still demons she had to get over as no doubt did Ulonova.

The station was changing, for the better in her eyes, but she had no place here for now, her family would welcome her back with open arms. The thought stuck in her mind, they'd all be so happy to see her perhaps she needed to talk to someone first as the thought of telling them what happened was one she daren't entertain. Sending her leave request she grabbed a few of her padds before dumping them into her holdall before turning out the lights, for the time being DS7 would have to recover without her.


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