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Meeting the boss

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2011 @ 10:10am by Crewman Ethan Cooper

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Commanding Officer's office
Timeline: ???

Not knowing where to really go on the unknown base, Ethan decided to just wait for Ops to arrange his quarters right there in the waiting area of the department. The exhaustion of his trip was finally catching up to him and there was only so far that adrenaline could take him. Instead, he replicated himself some strong coffee and was sipping it from his position near the corner. He'd set his bag down and flopped down onto it to sit, his legs crossed and the coffee cup resting in his hands while the young man stared ahead, lost in thought.

T'Rena entered Ops, the usual flostem of crewman, officers, engineers and many others all seeming to flood her with questions, information and requests each and every time she entered the Stations Command Center. She would have prefered her first Command Experiance to be one of simplicity and ease but as she was finding her feet she was also finding that Command never came simply, and Commanding a Station was even more challenging as it was less like a Command posting and more like a community Governor.
Side stepping two officers with reports that with a simply motion advised them to leave the reports for her too read over.

Finally she reached the Ops table with the duty Security Officer shuffling out the last few delegates that had been trailing her since the Promenade.

She settled into the Ops Table chair and before she took in the information on her display she closed her eyes for a moment, inhaled deeply before opening her eyes and picking up the first PADD.

"Mister DeVuor am I to believe we have a new transfer, one Crewman Ethan Cooper?"

Stewart had been busy running a diagnostic on the newly refurbished and repaired sensor grid and reveling in his responsibility as Lieutenant JG DeVuor.

"Yes ma'am. Mister Cooper has been waiting for Security to get back with his quarters assignment" he nodded in the direction of the young non-commissioned officer now sitting in one corner of Ops before returning to his still running diagnostic.

"Crewman Cooper," with a nod in the direction Stewart had motioned. "Please forgive the tardiness of the situation. Duties are heavy with the recent activity in the area. May I welcome you to Deep Space Seven. May I see your orders please?"

Brought out of his thoughts suddenly, Ethan startled and jumped to his feet as he was addressed, spilling some of his coffee onto his shirt. Luckily it was black so it wasn't noticeable. "Oh, thank you, Commander. One moment," he said, opening and bag and rummaging through it for a few seconds before taking out a padd. With it, he walked over to the woman and handed it over. "Here you go, Commander," Ethan said.

T'Rena accepted the proffered PADD of information and at a glance he was the one officer she had been hoping would arrive, despite it being a very Romulan emotion.

He waited quietly, wondering if this position would be any different. He'd never really worked for a woman before. Or a Vulcan. His limited experience with the species wasn't really good. Not that he had anything against Vulcans, of course. He simply didn't find himself getting along with people who demanded that everything around them made sense.

"Your arrival has been much anticipated Yeoman. With the absence of the Station Chief Operations Officer and Executive Officer I am in need of your skills as an administrator and assume control of the paperwork that has been flooding my desk since my own arrival".

She could focus on just getting the station back to order while her new Start Ops Officer could take Ops while still getting his own house back in order before things settle back down.

"Oh, alright, Commander, understood. Don't worry, I'll get right to it the minute I drop my things off," Ethan assured her. He knew that he wasn't really expected to turn up for work in his first 24 hours there, but he didn't see much point in lying around once he'd taken a shower and had a change of clothes.

"If you will now excuse me Yeoman, I have multiple ships requesting docking authorization".
He seemed a compitent officer even if he was all too Human, still with the aid she now needed he would be working until the complete set of Senior Officers had been returned to the station.


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