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The Blade Of M'Gogh

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Just as the IKW Krel'leth had cloaked and resumed it's mission leaving the USS Genesis carry on, the new arrival, Sogh K'Tan of the House of M'Gogh, Lieutenant Junior Grade as per Starfleet ranking made his way across the corridors of the Nebula class vessel directly toward the bridge. Wearing his Klingon uniform along with a warrior's sash and a Starfleet comms badge he towered over most crew members. His hair carefully tied up in a braid fell on his back and he could be seen wearing two long knives, warrior's blades perhaps attracting the attention of Federation personnel. As soon as the doors opened he made his way into the bridge itself speaking with his deep baritone voice, "Sogh K'Tan, son of Kroth, of the house of M'Gogh reporting for duty as assigned, I am honored to be here, Commander".

He bowed his head lightly to Beverly and awaited her words calmly.

"Welcome to the Genesis, and the honor is ours, you came very highly recommended by the High Council".
She indicated a seat for the new arrival in the command area just to the left of the command chair.
"This is my First Officer Lieutenant Zhjaeve".

Zhjaeve stood tall in front of the man, even though the klingon looked overhim physically. "Welcome aboard."

As DeVuor greeted the Klingon Kristina looked over from her station with mild interest. It had been a long time since she had seen a Klingon in the flesh, their stubborn attitude and fierce warrior heart were famous. Kristina, however had never considered them to be frightening, most of them had a heart somewhere under all the bad attitude and customs.
Her thoughts were simple eying up the collection of weaponry K'Tan carried if it came to blows she would neutralize him the same as she would any other threat. She kept quite for the moment until the introductions had been completed before she planned to make her move to disarm him.

K'Tan looked at the woman, eying the Lieutenant up and down. He didn't smile, nor adopt any other attitude but examined her as a warrior examines a potential threat or a simple generic person he may run into. His fiery brown eyes then moved again to the Captain and Executive officer as he waited for a reply to his introduction. He moved to the indicated seat, nodding to DeVuor, seemingly relaxed. The Klingon studied each crew member he could see, and nodded "So Commander what is the first thing to do on the order of the day?", he asked.

She noticed the Klingon eye balling the Security Officer, and vise versa. "This is Lieutenant Kristina Mason our Chief of Security".

K'Tan nodded once and saluted the woman in the Klingon way speaking quietly "Lieutenant, well met", he was short in his words as he turned to the console next to his seat, quickly tapping the LCARS controls running a full report on the ship's tactical capabilities and long range detection systems.

Kristina merely held his eye and inclined her head at his salute.
She was surprised in the which speed he tapped into the LCARS controls and began to scale through the data.
Instantly weary of him she imputed a lock down code on the tactical data banks breaking his access. He was a adviser to the mission not an officer of Starfleet granted with privileges including interment knowledge of the ships weaponry and defenses.

She crossed to him squaring her shoulders: "You are not authorized to access that information Mr K'Tan," she stated clearly. "Nor are you authorized to carry such weaponry on board a starship in times of peace. In the best interest of the crew's safety I order you to surrender your weapons to me. I can assure you they will not be tampered with nor damaged. You have every right to request to inspect them in my care."

K'Tan stood up looking at Kristina as if she said something of his mother...his eyes narrowed but his voice remained calm: "It is Klingon custom Lieutenant for a warrior to keep at least one weapon close, stripping a warrior of all of is considered a great insult. If you check my record I have had tactical clearance on the Federation vessel I served on before. I was simply checking to see if the weapons are in order and to check the overall vessel's status in order to be able to advise the Commander better. Yet concerning your request I shall give to you my weapons except my ceremonial dagger. That I cannot hand in, I apologize for it Ms. Mason"

The calmness in his tone and his words was what she had been hoping for but his narrowed eyes and face shaped like thunder spoke in more words. "I will look into your records," Kristina said smoothly. "In the mean while you will not be granted access until the Commander and myself are satisfied. I can assure all operations are functional and are waiting on standby. I make this my business to know Mr K'Tan. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them." Her gaze fell to his weapons.
"I understand the importance of your ceremonial dagger but I must insist it is not carried on your person during your stay here. It may stay in your care, in your quarter perhaps but not on yourself. Regarding your other blades would you like to follow me and I will show you were they will be held."

Beverly didn't want to interfere in the confrontation, Kristina needed to assert herself over the Klingon, and he would probably respect her more for it.

Zhjaeve just stood there, quiet, absorbing it all. "I hope to the fates that it's not like this every day," he thought.

"Excellent idea Lieutenant", she smiled, something that Kristina had said had given her an idea. "You can give our guest a tour of the ships main functions".

Coldly Kristina looked over K'Tan's shoulder at DeVuor then reined herself back. "Of course Sir, if you insist."
Her eyes focused back in the Klingon: "Shall we?" she quested.

The Klingon grunted, he didn't seem happy with the request but eventually spoke on the same calm tone "I will deposit my weapons in my quarters in their stands and as per your request I shall carry none while on your ship. After all we must respect the regulations yes?", he looked at Kristina, then at Beverly intently, his attention focusing again on Lt. Mason.
She had quite the spirit in her and he somehow liked that.
Eventually he added quietly "Well then, shall we proceed with the tour properly?". A hint in his voice indicated he had not given up yet but Mason at least stirred a small amount of respect in the towering Klingon.

"That will be satisfactory," Kristina stepped around K'Tan. "Follow me and I will show you to your quarters and the ship's functions."
Her tone was as flat as she could make it masking her detest for the clearly stubborn Klingon. He did not intimidate her but made her wary but her trust was a herd think to earn anyway.

K'Tan nodded without a word, bowed before the commander and spoke quietly: "After you Lt. Mason", he smiled to himself and followed the woman. If his judgment was right there was something warmer beneath her outer shell ....but her warrior nature was perhaps dominant


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