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Driven By A Higher Force

Posted on Sat Oct 1st, 2011 @ 8:51am by Gul Keshac & Glin Lonar

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

The dim lighting in her quarters was soothing the dull ache that had been developing while she had been dealing with the Trill misfit. Neema had abandoned her own people and her beloved Federation as they had put a stop to her work because of the deadly implications it posed. Nothing but the soft purple lights emanating from the four panels ringing her window casting soft hugh's across the room gave any light creating a calming mood.
It had been a long day traveling to the new coordinates and having to listen to her babbling on about how the next test would be more impressive than the last, that the last had been simply a small scale test of the viability of the weapon. Still, if the next test did hold its ground then she would be one step closer to taking on the Federation in the name of the Cardassian Union and her own attempt at reforming the Obsidian Order, the one organization that could maintain a new stronger Cardassian union. The only blemish to her dream would be that damned Trill lunatic that even now sat on the bridge whispering to herself, confirming her own madness but still with one of the most brilliant minds of this age. However now was not the time to be sitting around nursing ones own aches and pains.
Swiftly she dressed again, left her quarters and made for the bridge.

Moving carefully from the forward control area the young Glinn bowed his head in deference to his superior as she entered the bridge before speaking, "we have arrived at the designated co-ordinates, I have personally overseen the security scans and there are no vessels within a parsec." The slightest nod from Kashac was enough to signal there was nothing else, the young officer scuttling away to his station with a sense of relief there was nothing else.

She rounded the bridge and climbed the stairs in the centre of the bridge until she was standing in front of her Command chair. As with all Cardassian architecture anyone in a position of power would be sitting or have station above the rest.
"Bring us to within seventy thousand kilometres of the third planet", snatching a glance at the Trill still nursing over her console below her. "This is now your final test Doctor Arjin. Make it a good one!"

Beneath the crinkled brow, arched eyebrows and the slightly wild look in her dark eyes Doctor Arjin typed feverishly on the console: "Don't worry Kershac you won't be disappointed." she hissed increasing the output another notch to create a far more stable and intense wormhole.

Everything was set, and now with the ship in position Arjin nimbly hit the activation key and blasted the moon with everything she had. The glare was intense causing the view screen to polarize to avoid blinding the crew, through the whiteness nothing seemed to happen save the deep rumbling from the ships systems as they attempted to adjust for the demands place upon them.

Finally, the blinding light subsided to reveal a trail of utter destruction.

Something was happening, much bigger and intense than the last test they had run. The blinding light had been nothing more than a advanced manifestation of the wormhole which in itself had destroyed the moon they had targeted. Now a simply red dot had appeared at the location where the moon had been and it had started to grow and build and the planetoid which had been the mother mass of the moon seemed o be trembling with physical force.
"Report!", keshac snapped at the officer on her bridge and the Trill beside her. "What the hell is that?"

With what most other species call fear the Glinn looked at his console as it was overwhelmed by the masses of data the sensors were collecting, "unable to identify, sensors are still trying to catch up with the event." As he slammed a clenched fist onto the console he cursed the slow computer system as he waited and wondered what exactly what was going on.

Arjin sighed, "It's what you wanted. You're Wormhole is forming."

It started as a small pin prick of light, white and brilliant slowly turning to a burnt orange as the accretion disk expanded, growing into something ten times more devastating than the last experiment. In comparison that was nothing more than a child's toy. This was immense expanding beyond the size of the planet the moon had been orbiting.
Suddenly the ship rocked and alarms started blaring as the bridge crew bounced into action to counter the gravimetric pull of the singularity, the planetoid now visibly cracking and trembling under the pull of the wormhole until finally it shattered and was dragged, piece by piece into the maw of total destruction.

"Impulse Engines are in full reverse, structural integrity at seventy eight percent and dropping, we need to withdraw from the area mistress before the ship is torn apart." All thought of the verbal lashing or perhaps worse that he could receive the officers despair was driven his every move.

"Do it!", she snapped over the sound of the hull contorting under the strain of the gravimetric forces emanating from the trailing edge of the singularity. It was beautiful yet at the same time terrifying.
"What have you done?", her eyes focuses on Arjin and only Arjin as the view screen showed a sight that rivaled even the Genesis device and its destructive capability. The sun had started to dim as a stream of its still burning gases made its way to the mouth of the super wormhole.

"Helm get us out of here!" The beeping of alerts and the shouts from various officers replaced the normally serene setting was broken by the sound of an almighty crack, "hull breach on deck five, aft shields offline!" Yet more worried shouts filled the bridge as the normally trustworthy Galor class cruiser limped away from the scene of utter devastation unfolding before them.

Keshac was transfixed, gripping the edge of her command chair as the deck shuddered and whined beneath her as the trailing energy from the sun seemed to be draining away the life of the most mighty celestial bodies. It began to dim with each passing moment behind the still turbulent wormhole until it finally collapsed in on itself going nova.
"Engage warp engines, maximum speed NOW!"

At her postion at the fore of the ship Arjin threw her head back and laughed: "Whats' wrong Keshac, is this too much for you?"

It was the first time Keshac had realized the true power of what Arjin was offering, but was the price going to be to high?


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