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A Dance between Giants

Posted on Tue Oct 11th, 2011 @ 8:34am by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Current

The promenade was always vicious with judgement. No matter where she was, Nauket was fully aware of the unspoken thoughts between each passer-by. One of the greatest skills she had ever attained as a child was the ability to ignore such frivolous mannerisms. Now was the time for her to focus on her job, and nothing more. Then again, there seemed to be no difference between now and any other time. Her emotions never played in to her stature and she wanted to always keep it that way.

Her focus was clear, eyes spread over the bustling Promenade with intent and mission. She had given it a lot of thought in the last few hours, deep thought. It was always a tricky situation to the Cardassian who had to pass judgement when judgement was what she fought against every day. When it all boiled down, she had a job and that was what she would do.

"Commander Mason," Nauket greeted, as if stating a fact. Her long strides had given her a leg up on her search for the Station's head of security. So much so that it had taken a mere seven minutes to track down the woman in the crowds. Her step halted a few feet from the officer, and with both hands trademarked behind her back, she stood proudly in fleet issued uniform, ready to meet the third player in an orchestra of trust and order. In some ways, the Cardassian looked like a ghost from the past, standing now decorated in Federation attire as life went on around her, children and window shoppers walking by in all directions.

The human woman remained standing her eyes still trained upon the crowd below upon the lower deck of the promenade before finally turning to greet the arrival. She wasn't expecting to see Commander Kulvher standing her shadow: "Afternoon Commander, how can I help you?" The striking Cardassian certainly cut a swath through the crowd as no doubt she had through the crew too, Mason, however was impartial.

Down to business was exactly how Nauket liked it. She approached, giving the below crowd a quick glance. Always on ones toes was an admirable feature to the woman herself. "I have a little information to pass a long, so to speak," she replied first, "as you can imagine, I am not here without reason." Her eyes fixated on the stature of the security officer briefly as she paused, seemingly judging her nature as she always had - something she was meant to do in every moment. "My transfer orders have only been uploaded to the station hours ago," she added, "the Bajoran freighter I traveled on has now made departure, and it's records disposed of. Should you need access to its records for any reason, the records are housed back on earth under restriction by Starfleet Command for the next thirty days, but I do not expect you should need them. Precautionary measures, however."

The nature of how Kulvher arrived upon the station would have caused some raised eyebrows among the community given the long and bloody history between the Cardassians and Bajoran's, but it was the fact that this transfer had been removed from records that tweaked Mason's interest.
Of course she knew of operatives that technically did not exist at least not on any record that was accessible. Black Ops, but what was her purpose here upon the station?
"Surely you understand is it my business to know of anything or anyone that could be a threat to station security, friend or foe." Mason lent her lower spine on the railing behind her. "Better men and women have been undone by misplace trust, and considering our recent trouble upon the station you're understand my misgiving in you arrival."

"Indeed," Nauket replied first, emulating enough Vulcan in her to make up for the lack of such in her earlier meeting with the stations commanding officer, "and that is why the records are stored under fleet command restrictions on earth for the time being. A courtesy so as to alleviate any possible security issues with the freighter. After the thirty days the records will be destroyed." Only a small moments paused passed before Nauket so kindly kept up the conversation herself, "As I'm sure you can understand, the Bajoran freighter and its crew have been a valuable ally for myself as well as the fleet intelligence division for many years. It's importance can not be corrupted by simple procedure. There has to be certain allowances for these things, and command has agreed wholeheartedly since the beginning."

The human simply nodded at the testament making a mental note to follow up the inquire at the nearest opportunity she had.

Truth be told, the Cardassian had become increasingly feeling like a dictator herself, but her understanding of such times as these told her better. Everyone felt like a victim when they had no control over things that should have been within their hands, but Nauket was not to blame, she followed her own procedure as she was given.

"But I have more pressing issues to discuss with you, Commander," she added, readily avoiding the frivolous topic.

Again Mason nodded lifting her gaze to study the woman before her in more detail attempting to look past the uniform she wore that symbolized the end of a long and traumatic friction between the Cardassian's and the Federation. On occasions it still caught her off guard with the passing Klingon in Starfleet grab, another reminder of the troubled history and since that friendship had endured long years what was stopping the same invitation being extended to the Cardassian's? War left many scars but even in time they fade too.
"Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere more private?" she suggested.

"Ahh, no need at the moment," Nauket replied, shifting in her spot slightly, "I've done some research in to yourself, among others. A precautionary measure, I assure you." Her assurance seemed slightly worn. "In order for my files to be viewed I have to make certain measures to remain secure. Being so much closer to Cardassian space and on a station no less, I have to be certain pieces of various puzzles don't become put together."

The humans eyes narrowed a fraction as Nauket continued. She detested the fact that personal were able to probe into her sevice records and personal files at will simply because they had the clearance. But somehow she since there was more there, and that Nauket was holding back on a secert.

Taking a breath, the Cardassian removed her glance from the bustling promenade over to the security officer. "You've been given access to my restricted service record, though much of it still sealed off by fleet command," she added, "it is imperative that you do not discuss the record with anyone else besides myself, Commander T'Rena and our head of Intelligence." For a brief moment, Nauket could practically feel the toes she had just stepped on, and in a split second jumped over the topic. "I've also uploaded a portion of the intelligence files I have on this sector to your access."

Mason recrossed her arms and lowered her chin a fraction. "I'm not sure if I should thank you or suspect you of something that has not yet come to light. I understand the need to secrecy Commander but I question your reasoning for being since you have more than your fair share to keep locked away and have taking great lengths to keep it that way."

"Mhh," Nauket sounded in reply, her conscious openly agreeing with the sentiment. She would have easily suspected the same. When it came down to it, there was hardly anything she could really do about it. In that, she chose not to reel comfort words for the sake of something that had no fruit to bare. "There's an interesting rumor I've been hearing as well, Commander," she added, making use of a change in subject, "this sector has acquired some valuable black marketing siegists. I haven't heard too much, most people only refer to them as a contact entirely. I'm not even sure what they're moving, if anything at all."

She paused briefly, cocking an eyebrow at the lack of her own information. It irritated her, and somehow drew a familiar feeling to her recent handling in the Cardassian hate cases back on Earth. "What I do know is that whatever they're doing or moving is highly valuable, and with value always comes trouble," the woman added, crossing her arms across the lower portion of her chest. A little bit of information she had been given by Yaras might prove to be of use, and she expected nothing less.

"Indeed," Mason purred mirroring Nauket's stance. "There are several characters I have upon the radar and casual observation, although no evidence yet of black market operations have come to my attention. Naturally with your suspicions and insight I will monitor this closely."

"As I'm sure you will, Commander," Nauket returned, her faith in Fleet security lacking in some areas. Still, she was a team player where it counted and thought she found it rather difficult to adjust to this new change, Nauket was apt to doing what she knew best: assisting the fleet in any way it needed. "I will forward you an information I come up with," she added, "I'm sure you run a secure station."

Her assurance seemed hollow, and it was certainly not for lack of faith. It was this dance that she had to repeat everywhere to fit in. Everything that came with being a Cardassian and more. Eventually it all became transparent and menial.


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