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Subsequent Conditions, Incident 2: The Familiar Face

Posted on Mon Oct 24th, 2011 @ 5:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Starfleet Academy, Earth
Timeline: 4 months ago

Starfleet Academy, Earth
4 Months Ago

The vacant eyes were piercing. More piercing than any other look from the living. There was a strange silence blanketed over the white washed staircase leading up to the main building of Starfleet Academy. Twelve officers littered the scene at the top, and four others along the stairs themselves. Nauket had only arrived, and it was a solemn state she had arrived in. The thing about modern technology was that it was easy to cover up the wear from ones face. Especially when one had been up through the night reading endless lines of information and putting together the pieces of a puzzle that fit too late.

She had covered a large portion of San Fransisco in a short time, searching endlessly for the answer to the transmission received last night. It was a low blow for the woman to arrive on site to the scene she had been hoping wouldn't exist. Her heart sank now, but she would not show the disdain for the present sight.

"Should she not be covered?" Nauket questioned simply, approaching the young body, but taking her eyes from it quickly. "It's bad enough Ensign Tulvar was displayed proudly as a symbol for these people, we don't need a child's image spread across the Federation," she added.

"Ah yes," replied a blue uniformed officer, his thinning hairline giving him a refined look of age. "Before the vultures," he added, looking past the concerned woman from his low to the ground position. Nauket turned slightly to the side to patch his line of sight. She cocked an eyebrow, a swelling annoyance emerging from the pit of her stomach. A long, dark haired woman stood with arms crossed just beyond the blocked off area several feet away from the body. She seemed dressed to kill, and such was less ironic than it was irritating.

"Tch," a voice scoffed from directly behind her. Lieutenant Kobes made his approach, short dark hair accenting his rather matching annoyed expression. "Whoever let the Ferengi on to Earth must have been conned," he stated, running a hand through the strands of his hair.

What annoyed Nauket more than his blatant backwards attitude given the situation, considering they were at present on the scene of a racial attack, one that even before the crime was committed had sparked a swell of media and official attention, was the placing of his nose. Its bridge was long and snide, a bump approximately two thirds of the way down marking an old uncorrected break that had never been tended to properly. She was almost tempted to suggest him getting it looked after in an official report.

Strangely, not a single Ferengi surrounded them, which would have made the comment perplexing. Even so, the three of the Starfleet uniformed officers turned a head towards the slender woman. Their attention somehow spoke literary abodes between them. Only an awkward silence within a moment was necessary before Nauket returned her sight to the man who was of yellow uniform and slowly grating on her nerves in the last few days. She narrowed her eyes briefly, reminding herself that there were more important things to do than dwell on the imbecility of ignorance.

"Let the vultures gawk," she replied finally, practically giving the order to move on. The harder part of it all was the approach towards the small body. "Cadet, first year," she stated factually, squatting down beside the doctor who had just by chance landed on site first. The Intelligence officer did not even look over to the face near her, she knew well that he was aware of the child's basic information, as was almost the rest of the planet and beyond by this point. The point of the fact was her own remorse for failing at avoiding the tragedy of it all.

Her head cocked to the side to take a slanted view of the body. The arms were strewn in both directions. It seemed as though the girl simply fell back as if spreading lazily on to a bed and fallen asleep. A small grimace littered the corner of Nauket's face. The body was simply a corpse now. "Her birthday was only last week," she added calmly, "She was barely fifteen."

"Mmmh," Lieutenant Commander Ovar shared her sunken heart for the girl, but what he didn't share was the strange sense of similarity between them. Stranger still, the bright San Fransisco sun blazing down on them reflected in her earring cuff, bringing a psychology to the matter in a whole new light. This wasn't simply a random killing of a Cardassian, it was made to be a point. Whichever way the grass swayed in the Bajoran embassy, they were now going to have to step in.

"Have her parents been informed?" He asked.

In the distance behind them, a chatter of words came to focus. "Unfortunately," she began, standing up and turning to where the tall woman had been gawking. "I think they just arrived."

It had been only several hours since Jahol Beran and his wife Mira arrived to earth. They had been rather humble in it all, trying to help in what ways they could in finding their daughter and seeing an end to the matter. What they didn't expect was for the end to go hand in hand with the life of their daughter. Two heartbroken Bajorans to place a new face on the swelling case would seal the deal on foreign affairs getting involved.

"Someone pry off the media from them," Nauket ordered simply, avoiding her own string of emotions as she witnessed the small frame of Jahol Mira fall to its knees. It was an odd feeling to watch the mournful eyes of two Bajorans who were kind enough to adopt a young Cardassian child left behind by the Occupation. Perhaps it was a last laugh on the Bajorans, giving them a chance to love a daughter like their own in the midst of all the pain and suffering only to take her away again so violently.

If only it was that simple.


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