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Players vs Ghosts

Posted on Sun Oct 9th, 2011 @ 10:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Personal Quarters

Darkness surrounded everything. A warm sensation took place of sight, filling the empty void of vision. Heat was the centre of relaxation, at least it was more so than the bright lights surrounding her, that pierced her sore eyes as she opened them to the life around her. Nauket had made adjustments to her quarters environmental controls the moment her quarters had been assigned, yet somehow the vacant minds of freshly assigned operations officers did not understand the meaning of "Cardassian climate."

"Computer, dim the light," she commanded sternly, taking a deep breath along with the closing of her eyes once more. She took two steps forward in to the open room, opening her eyes slowly, taking in the room and it's plain decor. The containers of personal effects sat dormant at the far end of the main room, two long tables stretched along both side walls. Above the right table, a large display screen remained dormant and in her arms, she carried seven padds, carefully placing them in equal distance from one another long the table beneath. As she placed them down, she slid a finger upon each screen, initializing the back lights.

Upon each, a different face and name revealed.

Commander T'Rena, Female, Vulcan, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason, Female, Human, Chief of Security
Lieutenant Alex Winters, Male, Human, Chief of Intelligence
Lieutenant Brianna Winters, Female, Human, Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ensign Jayana Rual, Female, Bajoran, Operations Officer
Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class Soryn Kiela, Female, Bajoran, Encryption Specialist
Aria Leuanna, Female, Bajoran, Civilian

She paid no attention to them. There was a somber look that passed through the expressions on her face as she wandered the rather large quarters she had hand chosen for her stay on Deep Space 7. Those special allowances she had been getting were only rarely a relief for the woman. Nauket was no fool in her line of work, and that was what led her to her work in the first place. Starfleet had seen an opportunity and it was clear they still saw it, even if she was shooed off so easily from Earth for the time being.

From beyond the main room, there was an opening to a second room just behind it, which branched off on both sides to two more smaller rooms. The kitchen was behind her now, poised to the left of the room beside the main. There was work to be done and she wanted no part in it for the moment. It was a tedious job and while she was no imbecile in such matters, she had chosen the woman for the job.

Walking past the large desk at the center of the back room, which seemed to emulate Cardassian architecture all too well, it's position overlooking the entire quarters almost like a throne of its own, Nauket opened the third transport container, keying in a security code on its side panel. In it, she withdrew a personal padd computer, its larger display screen the mark of starfleet technology. She enjoyed the sleeker of tools, and the fresh one she had brought with her held a few things she normally would never leave unattended even in secure possession. Still she initialized it's power and brought up a program from wtihin it.

From her right pocket she pulled out a red isolinear chip, connecting it to the computer. "Computer display sector map on view screen 1," she commanded, walking back to the main room. The screen came to life, a map proudly opening before her. "Upload file TCA2567Z to view screen 1 from personal computer 2 in this room and transfer protocol 28 from Nauket personal files from the station computer, use authorization encryption from within the uploaded file, expiry 30 minutes," she ordered as if in orchestra.

In an instant the map was littered with labels and little colorful lights. Many of them moving, and some blinking. She was practiced in Cardassian technology, as per her past missions, and even so she was more used to the same old way of things. She had to have a grip on all things at all times, even if it was a little bit of an over kill.

The map itself seemed much brighter than usual, especially in the dim lighting. Her eyes became strained, causing her to lean against the table below, rubbing the bridge of her nose with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. It had been a long few days and the stress was clearly catching up with her body. Stomach growling, she moved back a pace and wandered back over to the desk at the back of her quarters. She barely took a look at her surroundings before plunking herself in the black rolling chair, leaning back with her legs crossed atop the desk.

With her eyes tight she figured she'd give herself a moment to rest and think about the selected crew, their files not unread but still left for viewing. There was work to be done and rest could come when it was convenient.


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