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Making Waves

Posted on Sun Oct 16th, 2011 @ 10:24pm by Konrad Vogler

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

Orias Science Station had not been Lieutenant Commander Palmer's first choice of assignment but having been here for several months now he had started to appreciate the calm and relaxed nature of the whole thing. He was far from a scientist himself, infact he had originated from the Security and Tactical career track and many years ago the thought of research had made him physically sick. Now however things had changed. To say he had mellowed in his years would be an understatement.
With every passer by that he encountered on his meandering journey through the old Regulus Class Science Station he made some comment of greeting. The one thing that could be said about living and working on a small station, you got to know everyone and learned to live with them. Unlike the larger space stations in the area the Regulus Class lacked the same amenities of say Deep Spaces Seven and Nine. Still it was his station.

He had been called down to one of the science labs by a very frantic scientist saying that they had managed it. 'Managed what though?, he had been thinking to himself. Many different experiments were being run on the aging station, some of plasma dynamics, others on space and time, the question was which one of those experiments had been achieved here?

"Ah commander, thank you for coming." Vogler had been so engrossed in his work he had taken little time to get to know th e station's commander, in fact all he knew was his name having briefly looked him up before his arrival, "we've made a breakthrough in what can only be described as a one of the most ground breaking fields of subspace mechanics, you will no doubt go down in history as the commander of the stations, sadly no more than a footnote however." The man's strong Austrian accent made his comments sound far more condescending than intended but such things were the concerns of mere mortals and therefore irrelevant compared to his quest.

Karl choose to selectively disregard the scientist's comments having learnt that most said what they wanted without any regards for feelings but having no malicious intent involved. Instead he focused on the fact that Doctor Vogler seemed more energetic that Palmer had seen him in the past, not that Vogler had ever really noticed the Starfleet Commander.
"Well then Doc, you'd best fill me in before I find my name in print!"

Moving past the strobing lights of one of the many pieces of equipment Konrad launched into his explanation, "our experiment to scan beyond the dimensional barrier has begun to show results, the probe we launched last week is now embedded in a small rift that we were able to open, this is the beginning of faster communications, long range transporter devices the possibilities are endless!"

"What about possible side effects Doc? Did you get clearance for this from Station Operations?"
Messing with the Dimensional barriers had always been something his temporal mechanics tutor at the academy had said they should not play with unless every precaution had been made. In this case had they, what could happen, is it truthfully safe?

"Of course, and written permission from the Federation Science Council before you ask, this is not the sort of thing one trifles with on a whim my dear Commander. As for side effects, I don't foresee any issues, however at the first sign of trouble we can collapse the rift with a dekyon beam." Palmer was like so many other Starfleet officers, far to risk averse to be open minded about certain types of ground breaking research, this field especially. "I appreciate your concerns Commander but we have ran over three thousand simulations, the margin for error is less than a tenth of one percent."

"I don't feel like playing the odds today Doctor. I want a full diagnostic run on all of your equipment... Double check everything and that isn't a request!"
The burly Commander using his imposing frame to intimidate the civilian scientist as much as possibly in the hope he would take him seriously.

Konrad's frustration was slowly turning to anger, his work being questioned and undermined by a busy body, "we run continuous diagnostics Commander, this isn't our first experiment after all!" His tone starting to become rather more scathing and less amicable.

"Don't take that tone with me Doctor. You operate here at my sufferance, not the other way around!"
The larger blond man bearing his teeth and squaring up to the smaller scientist. "Show me!", his interest in the manifestation taking over, but still spitting the words.

"I don't have time to satisfy your every whim Commander, this experiment is fully sanctioned and to stop at this time risks a catastrophe the likes of which you are so keen to avoid!" All sense of decorum having left the conversation Vogler knew stopping now would possibly waste months of preparation, he had to stall Palmer only a little longer until the point of no return after which he point he didn't care what happened to him.

"Thats not a request Doctor", with a point of his index finger jerked in the direction of the separate room Karl started to follow the scientist, that was now grating on his last nerve, into the test center for his theories.

Grudgingly Vogler showed the Starfleet officer to the control centre, the computer banks whirring as they processed the vast quantities of data being sent back by the probe, "here you go Commander, as you can see level three diagnostics are running continuously, the sensors probe the dimensional barrier for any signs of bleeding, this experiment is far safer than the first atom bomb or warp flight!"

An unsettling fear of anomalies had always plagued Palmer, even from his childhood but now it was building again within him. He knew it was unfounded but the panic was their as if being projected into him by some unseen force. Standing on the edge of his fight or flight, his breathing ebbing to a heightened state also he could barely hold himself in check.
"Shut it down Doctor. I need to contact Starfleet about this and I want it shut down until we can get confirmation of your data!"

"We can't, the tetryon compositer is fully charged, stopping now could result in a subspace implosion!" The sound of fear in Vogler's voice at stopping was now very real, he had reached the point of no return and sailed straight past it, if the Commander decided to pull the plug he had no idea what would happen.

"Fine!" Palmer wheeled on the console behind him that appeared to be linked directly to the experimental apparatus that held the experiment. "I'll do it myself!" The Commander started to manipulate the controls and started to power down the equipment before Vogler could stop him.

"NOOO!!!" screamed Vogler as the circuit shorted and the systems began to lose power, "what have you done?" Before anyone could answer the question alarms began to ring out from various monitoring stations. "Professor, the compositor is in a state of overload!" The worried cry made everyone look round to the horrified Betazoid who had shouted across the frantic noise of the operations centre, Vogler wracked his mind to think what could possibly be done, the answer was nothing, "well done Commander, you've just caused the very event you were trying to stop!" As all eyes turned to the viewer as the great rift in space began to form a horrified silence descended across the science lab, disaster had struck and there was nothing any of them could do about it.


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