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Service Record, File 11, Destroyed Bajoran Sciences Facility: Section 2

Posted on Sat Oct 1st, 2011 @ 11:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Bajoran Sciences Facility, University of Culat Campus, Culat, Cardassia Prime
Timeline: Dominion War, 12 years ago

Bajoran Sciences Facility,
University of Culat Campus,
Culat, Cardassia Prime

12 Years Ago

It was usually rather bright in the dingey room. It's walls had been worn away by years of use and lack of concern. Now, it was almost pitch black and there was no surprise that the stench of urine was in the air. The only light that entered it was the illuminating light from the doorway itself. Rotting food greeted the young Cardassian immediately. It was only crumbs of originally stale bits of food, but it was enough to be noticed in the few steps she took in to the depressing room. It was rather large for a cell, and perhaps that was the point - or perhaps not. Whatever the point was, hardly mattered at the time. Priority fell to the flat alarm desperately trying to keep alive from outside the room. It's promenance had severely deteriorated much like the area Nauket had stepped foot in.

Her attention focused soleley on the wide-eyed occupant, her bright blue eyes a contrast to the faded and broken soul inside - or rather, pagh. In the light that filtered in, her blond hair illuminated, it's greasy strings parting and dirty still. Her once richly colored lips were now cracked and peeling, her skin littered with sores and dirt. There was a long moment when the two stared at eachother, still, like statues, gathering thoughts and forming comprehensions. When the moment passed, a loud explosion from within the building erupted from the left of the hall.

Nauket threw her rifle back over her shoulder, succumbing to the severety of the situation. In and out, that was the plan. Destroy, rescue, leave others behind who were unable to make the trip. It was a harsh reality that had to be seen. People would have to be left behind, and such was the ways of the war. It was silent, demanding, and discouraging. Still, the soldiers, children still, knew their mission and they knew it well. They were not to be caught, not now, not ever.

Somehow, she lost her sense of duty. An uncalculated risk she should never have made, and she knew that, even at that very moment. Her eyes did not match the fright in the Bajoran girl, and neither did she panic nor so much as flinch at the rush flowing through her veins. Adrenaline was not only a human trait.

Shaking, the girl drew back in to the seam where the wall met the floor, her brittle nails scraping against the hard ground beneath her. Her entire body trembled as she made a useless attempt to flee, crawling on her knees all the way to the farthest corner of the room. She breathed heavily, her frail and wasted body shaking. Nauket walked hard and fast towards her, a severe look in her eyes. Not a single word passed but the whimper of a frightened Bajoran girl.

Marching like the soldier she was, Nauket approached the girl without remorse for the sight before her. The smell might have caused her to gag had Cardassian senses not lacked in smell. Without compassion, she pulled the girl from her corner, her body odor breaching the barrier of weakened smell and swimmed her mind. Ignoring it, she attempted to pick up the blonde girl, her ear crusted from bleeding where her cuff had no doubt once sat. A simple desperate "No! Please!" cried out, along with the weakened physical resistance she attempted to put up. Her tears had been all used up but her crying and fear still sounded.

Another explosion sounded through the shaking building. Nauket simply glanced at the door way, her breath becoming heavy. There was no time, none left. Instead of speaking, she simply pinned the girl to the floor using her weight to keep her down. One arm went around the unsettled girls throat and nothing but the squeals of a terrified Bajoran sounded out, the quiet futile battle fading with her sight. Nauket kept a good grip of the girl until she went limp and as soon as the struggle was over, she released the body, jumping off it. Her heart raced and that was when she knew she had done too much already.

Thinking was never an option when it came to doing. The only time given to analyze things one had done was after the fact, and that was the learning time. Now was the time for action and Nauket did not hesitate to do just that. Her strength had been at full when the operation took flight, the four of them made sure they had rested, and been in a mentally stable state for the job. It was their own assignment, one they had decided upon to cripple the city's gleaming pride. From within they made their bomb. So to speak, the bomb was the Bajorans themselves, giving them the opportunity for suspision. At least giving exactly two of the prisioners inside the chance to do some good, even if they were now gone, bodies laying in the rubble of a broken research facility.

In the end they did themselves a favor as much as they did the four young Cardassions who offered them a way out from things, offered them a chance at death and a chance at striking some sort of fear in to their captives, even if fear was hardly ever something the Cardassians did when it came to Bajorans. There was no doubt that given the opportunity the lab would be rebuild, reborn in to something new and something even better, but the hope was that the war would be won by the right side, and this was more than just a display of disdain.

Their sacrifice was keeping the young Cardassians in the shadows, unknown, and able to continue with their greater missions. Unknown to the Cardassians, it was their own who rigged the lab, and not the two Bajoran men who became suspicious purposely.

Nauket didn't bother to think about which way the war would go. She just did what she was trained to do and she did it for those she cared about. It was a strange sensation that filled her as she picked the limp body off the floor, the smell enveloping her like a freshly cut onion. The only time she ever flinched was when she felt the soaking cloth against her hand. Pausing for a very brief moment, she looked down at the girls tattered leggings, finding the dark spot along the right leg. She moved her foot from the puddle she had unknowingly stepped in and gathered herself again.

The high pitched sound given by the explosions began to fade and with it the rush came back. Her arms used every bit of strength they had to keep up with her normal speed, and with the blonde girl who'se face seemed to match the youth of her own hoisted half over her shoulder, she left the cell, in to the fray.


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