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Set Fire To The Rain Part 1

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Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Earth, Ottawa
Timeline: Present/Dominion War Timeline

Anthony walked the halls of the DS7's Promenade still trying to shake off his odd statement at the start of the day. It wasn't like him to state something out of the blue and not knowing why he had said it. It was a emotional outburst of sorts the more he thought about it. His figure weaved in and out the human traffic walking faster and faster as his feet nearly broke out into a run, his mind was so preoccupied mulling over his statement he bumped into an officer.

"Pardon me." He said more out of reflex than anything else, the officer was a young man in his twenties and Anthony could tell he was a newly minted ensign but something was off something wasn't right. The Ensign gave a look like a wounded puppy, his green eyes looked lost and vacant but as soon as their eyes met the boy composed himself.

"Not a problem Sir!" he shouted out displaying the youth and vigor of his body that he wanted to push all doubt that he was perfectly find and happy. But Anthony had seen a sad little body trying to cope with horrors unimagined in his childhood. Lost innocence was sometimes worse than death at least with death no lasting scars can be seen but with the lost of innocence boys are turned to men and men are turned into boys unable to comprehend the world, men and boys alike can sometimes break but the worse of the worse were the ones who carried themselves like a lightly cracked egg never remembering a small hairline crack and then one day a simple action a simple bump can destroy the man inside his own head and then he is gone, gone forever lost to himself and to his inner self.

Anthony gave nodded acknowledging the boys statement and continue on his way through the crowd of people. The problem he had often noticed of youth was the inability to hide feelings the inability to mask sorrow, hatred or contempt. His father had early on in his childhood taught Anthony that to display emotions was to give your enemy a piece of your strategy. An angry outburst shows a man afraid of everything around him, a grovelling demeanor shows personal weakness and a lack of courage but the stoic and calm face of tranquility on the face a man gives the enemy nothing, nothing to feed of nothing to learn but a polite face.

The problem with hiding emotions was its eventual cost, sure the Vulcan's had destroyed violence and brought peace to their world but at a cost. Sure Vulcan's were individuals but what would a Vulcan be with actual emotions. "A Romulan" his mind stated with a dark tone. Human's were much different from Vulcan's any time a human has tried to suppress their emotions it has ended in disaster whether by an emotionally crippled human or a explosive force like a grenade waiting to be pulled in the right directions.

That was the problem with this entire station, there were individuals that after seeing their best friends kill each other for no apparent reason other than a parasitic alien had climbed into their brains and taken control. Sure for the scientifically minded this was an adequate reason and a rational mind would catalog the experience, grieve and then move on. However, for the individual unaccustomed to reason or rational this parasitic virus has blown open the gates of doubt and suspicion which is impossible to close easily.

The station could very well go through a period of mass paranoia much like Earth did during the Dominion War. Everyone was looking over their shoulders, anyone lightly injured was only helped when a drop of green or red blood was seen and tested. The bombing of the Antwerp conference caused such a stir in the Federation that normally rational human's turned inwards into their baser instincts for the next several months roving gangs of thugs and vigilantes attacked citizens in the street accused of being changelings. Despite the best efforts of the authorities to disband and arrest these rogue elements of the population beatings and even murders were perpetuated by these band of violent and scared civilians in many cases local politicians took the side of these individuals who called themselves "The Earth Liberation Front."

Stardate: 49330.6 April 30, 2372, Time: 11:59:25

Anthony had seen it first hand when a medivac had transported thirty-seven badly wounded citizens to his hospital from an obscure village within the city limits called Navan. The area was known more for its golfing and quite country feel then for raving mad mobs running around town accusing several individuals of being changelings. While Anthony had freed up his hospital for the wounded mainly because the local clinic had been firebombed with petrol bombs and among the gravely injured was the town's only doctors who had been accused of helping to hide several changelings' accusations they denied.

Anthony was just finishing up on a badly burned woman when he received an urgent message from a police dispatcher.

"Is this Doctor De Pinto." The woman's voice stated in a business like tone that was peppered with forced niceties sprinkled in her statement.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked slightly agitated that his precious time was being taken up by another police dispatcher; this was the seventh call in the last hour.

"Is this "The Ottawa Hospital" that took on the injured people from the attack in Nevan?" she asked.

"Yes, what's wrong?" Anthony didn't know it yet but he could feel something about the drastic tone of her breathing that he had said something very wrong indeed.

"The mob that injured those civilians just found out which hospital they have been taken too, they've been sighted by police patrols and their comings towards you, evacuate the hospital immediately." She stated as if nothing more had to be said.

"Are you insane?" he blasted causing her calm face to become flustered.

"I have 1200 patients in this hospital not to mention the thirty-seven critically injured that I just took on how in the hell can I move that many? Where is the Service de police d'Ottawa?" Anthony said displaying what little French he knew to the woman in front of him that he desperate wanted to injure.

"They are currently protecting "The Hill" against a mob of several hundred armed civilians" she stated referring to the former Canadian parliament building which still remained a fixture in the Ottawa skyline.

"And how long do I have to evacuate?" he said calling over several of his security personnel of the hospital over to the view screen.
"Lest then forty minutes" she stated

"Fuck!" he stated forgetting his father's teachings of never using profanity in public.

"Eric, get down to the main entrance and grab as many maintenance guys as possible lock all the doors and hand out as many snow shovels and anything else that can be used as weapons." He said quickly running over to the central control room of the hospital nearly falling over as he rushed into the room and turning on the paging system.

"Attention, staff this is a code Orange. Prepare for also Code Grey and Code North" he said indicating that not only that the hospital was going into a lock down mode but it was going to be assaulted by both armed and unarmed persons.

The preparation took nearly thirty-four minutes by Anthony watch but everything was prepared or as well prepared as could be expected. Each level of the hospital had been locked and patients along with their families had been locked in their rooms with pieces of furniture used to block doors and access to anything of vital importance. Nearly 100 janitors, electricians and doctors stood in pairs of ten near the four entrances armed with snow shovels and a variety of unconventional weapons with the mess hall being operated by nurses as a temporary trauma center.

Reports had been sparse in the past forty minutes but what he did know was that local power lines had been cut and his hospital was now running of a sixty year old generator that was running of an old storage of diesel foil. In his nine years of chief of medicine he had never thought to even throw the old thing out. It was basically useless but after seeing how much work it would take to rip it out of the old hospital foundation he decided against removing it.

Anthony was now on the roof with a few colleagues that were amateur astronomers, the trio of heart surgeons had been going up to Northern Ontario to view the night sky through some basic telescopes, they were now being used to scan the streets as well as the wooded area behind the hospital looking for this roving mob that had almost set.

"Got something coming in from the southeast" Doctor Correia said pointing to the main road that linked to the hospital.

Anthony walked briskly over to the telescope and looking through the lens, "Looks like their coming up Smyth Road...maybe a hundred...what the hell?" Anthony said looking at a few rioters at the front of the pack.

"Doctor Pallotta, I need you over here right now!" Anthony said his voice rising with a tension of what he was seeing.

The doctor hurried over and looked through the lens and was silent for a few moments before he spoke "What the fuck?" he said repositioning the telescope trying to move it to erase the image in his eyes.

"They have weapons...don't they" Anthony said silently as the rest of his colleagues looked on in eerie quite stances.

"Ya they do...Federation weapons" he said looking up at Anthony.



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