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Ghosts vs Players

Posted on Mon Oct 10th, 2011 @ 5:23am by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Personal Quarters

It had been maybe all of four minutes, she guessed before her eyes opened again. Nauket rolled her shoulders back, taking her boots away from the desk. She took a bit of time to polish the spot they had rested on with her sleeve, double checking her uniform to make sure it hadn't gotten dirty from it. The silence seemed really dull, almost hollow all around her. Nothing but the faint sound of the map beeping at new red dots entering the sector. She was thankful, however for the rest as it had seemingly adjusted her eyes to the low light, though it seemed much more duller than before. The temperature was at its finest and she was ever grateful for the fact that though she had been tossed all the way from earth, she was on a Cardassian station, one with the ability to really manage a warmer heat where she could dictate it.

Though silent it was, there was a single, very prominent but quiet buzz coming from within the bulkheads. An annoying fact that had her brow furrowing as soon as she noticed it. Immediately she stood from the black chair, wandering to the bulkhead behind her. Slowly she listened to the buzz, intrigued and yet puzzled. There were all sorts of sounds coming from a Station, and though she was well aware of the fact, it seemed out of place.

Nauket brushed her hair back over her shoulder, pressing her right ear and fingertips against the bulkhead to hear the buzz better. Its sound was much more prominent and puzzling. There was a familiarity to the frequency, a strangeness she could not put her finger on. Drawing her head back from the bulkhead she followed the horizontal seam of tritanium alloy with her left fingertips all the way to the vertical. Stranger still, she could see a white light shining through, as if a room with the brightest of lights were behind it. Curious, she knocked on the panel. It sounded just the same, but none of that registered with her, as from behind her, the door chime erupted her concentration.

Feeling unusually off guard and puzzled still now at the off key of the chime, her head shot off from the wall. She took a moments pause before pushing herself away and wandering back in to the main room. "Enter," she said cautiously, standing off to the side. As it opened, she saw the familiar face of Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class Soryn Kiela standing at her doorway, entering on cue.

Perplexed, Nauket watched the girl make her way, standing at attention as she nodded in respect to her superior. "I did not send for you," Nauket simply stated. She couldn't help but look the girl over head to toe, everything seeming a little out of place and almost awkward, especially with their long, dragged out silence.

Soryn Kiela was well renowned for her attention to detail. She was born on Bajor to Soryn Kieta and Soryn Oran. Age, 24. There were no current infractions and her security clearance was clean. This was exactly the information she had read on the padd, and in the moment, that was exactly what she told herself int he silence, taking her eyes away from the girl briefly to go over the information.

"Lieutenant Winters sent me, ma'am," she finally replied, drawing her hands behind her back as Nauket returned her attention to the short, small framed girl.

"Winters?" she returned in question, but the question was diverted.

"Ma'am, I have your personal files," the Bajoran informed, bringing her hands back around to her front side. From somewhere she had obtained a padd and offered it to the Cardassian before her with an expressionless face.

Nauket received the padd with hesitation. Her eyes squinted at the gesture and as she looked down to the padd, the first of a series of letters displayed, their words scribed in what seemed to be Breen. "And you translated these?"

"Yes ma'am," the Bajoran replied simply.

There was another long silence for somewhere around twenty seconds before Nauket tuned her attention back to the faint humming sound she had observed earlier. She looked back to the other room and towards the bulk head, the sound buzzing through her head. It was curious still, but after another moment, she looked back to the girl, her face watching the Cardassian still.

There was a soft trickling sound that caught her attention and Nauket furrowed her brow, looking down to the floor where the liquid began to drip. "Kiela," she said in slight shock, using her given name uncharacteristically, finding the trail coming from the leg of her uniform. The girl looked down at herself, then back up to Nauket with her own face of disbelief before her eyes rolled back and she collapsed to the floor.

The sound of flesh and bone against the floor accompanied itself with the crash of the padd that Nauket immediately dropped, her body lunging forward to the ground near Kiela. Without a moment's waste, she turned the unconscious blonde over and tapped her commbadge. "Commander Kulvher to Infirmary," she commanded loudly, and in seconds the transmission returned, a white static replying. It seemed like someone was talking but the words were meaningless in the white noise.

Her breath becoming heavy in the quiet excitement, she repeated the command, receiving the same result. In the fray, she had felt something wet on her right hand and unsure of what to do, she withdrew her hand from the ground, looking at the bodily fluid before standing upright.

It was only moments later that the officer jerked in her seated position, a heavy breath taking her over. She looked around the room with wakeful eyes, attempting to collect her bearings. There was nothing but the familliar hum of the station and as soon as she realised it, she found she could not help but spin the chair around to take a look at the bulk head. The seams where one met the other were flawlessly sealed together, causing her to calm her nerves. It was out of her character to be so shaken but the reality of the dream left her more perplexed than ever.

Swallowing she collected her poise and felt almost embarrassed, though her audience was empty.

The only thing out of place came to her attention as she drew up her hand and rubbed the thumb and middle finger together. There was a strange residue and with a grimace she brought it to her nose and smelled the odor.


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