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Taking Out the Laundry

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Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Mason's Office
Timeline: After "Laundry List"


"I'll get into contact with Commander Mason at the next available opportunity and get this sorted." Ra-Movraii put the padd back down and interlaced his fingers across the desk. "Is there anything else, or may I continue my work?" Although he had maintained a cordial approach since their first introduction, he was still not keen on the commander sticking around too long, for he had far too much to be doing.

Leanne looked at the man before her and gave up. "Nothing else. Good luck commander, from experience you are going to need it."


Ra-Movraii strode quickly and with purpose to the office designated as Lieutenant Commander Mason's - the station's chief of security - as the station's true XO had requested. The Efrosian was still irritated by the gall of Ulonova, who had landed Ra-Movraii with the exec's duties, as well as his own stratops department and this issue with a particular individual she seemed incapable of dealing with herself. Regardless, he had agreed to look into it, and if for nothing else, it would show up the officer class that was so prevalent on the Cardassian station.

Maintaining his gruff expression, he pressed his thumb against the chime to Mason's door.

"Yes, come," Mason called without looking up from the report she was complying ensuring the facts were in order before moving her investigation forward.

"Commander Mason," he stated matter-of-factly as he took two long steps towards her desk. "As security chief, I am certain you know who I am and what my current station is on board. Before departing, Commander Ulonova requested I assist you in apprehending a certain Reverend Julian Shay, an apparent agitant on the station." Ra-Movraii maintained his stern but cool disposition. "I trust you have an idea of where to start?"

Mason paused from her writing and turned her eyes upward fixing the bushy faced Ra-Movraii with a steady unblinking glare. She continued to hold his eye and lift her head to give him her full attention.

"You're need to have a keen eye and fast reactions to have a hope in hell's chance to apprehend him. What would you charge him with? I wouldn't say he's gone as far to cause mass disruption." she attempted to match his cool, yet hard edged approach. Truthfully she was highly reluctant to go near Shay with a barge pole on personal grounds but had maintained a watchful eye upon him along with an increasing number of shady persons including a couple that had an ability to melt into shadows.

Ra-Movraii shrugged, but not without purpose still evident in his movements. "You're the security chief; you have a better understanding of the legal issue relating to this 'reverend'. The XO suggested I simply give you some new angles. What I want to know, however, is how far you are willing to go to get him." The Efrosian stepped closer to Mason, and crossed his arms over his chest. There were certain levels he would not be opposed to rising to, should the suspect deserve it.

In opposition to Ra-Movraii's aggressive body language Mason reclined in her seat but that did not detach the steel in her gaze nor the sharpness in her tone: "What's that suppose to mean?" she challenged.

"I mean, Commander, is this a man who we need to 'find' evidence for, a man who others might be willing to 'assist' us in apprehending, or a man we could arrest for alternative crimes?" The Efrosian continued to eye the security chief. Even if she was an Academy graduate, she clearly wasn't an idiot. His predecessor,Commander Virgil - as shortlived as his tenure was before being promoted to the Trident's executive position - had spoken very highly of her during the parasite crisis.

"I agree Shay is a bothersome individual but he has to been witnessed to actually committing a crime that we can invoke punishment. And I'm not one for creating lies, Commander." Mason sighed breaking away from his burning gaze. She wasn't prepared to tell him everything about her past, a snapshot however maybe enough to finally convict that slippery bastard.
"Although a certain level of sourcing might give you something for you to chew on. Julian Shay is not actully his real name, or at least is a cover to disguise his true identity. He's also known as -" she took a steady breath feeling she body tense at the memories - "Inquisitor Takrof."

"Inquisitor Takrof?" Xal repeated, a thick white eyebrow rising in curiosity. "Elaborate."

"It goes back some twenty years," Mason began to explain pulling up what little information she'd been able to gather over the course of her Starfleet career. "Your typical villain, and all out nasty piece of work doing whatever needed to meet his goal. Everything from looting, plunder, fraud, torture, slander... sexual assault, everything."

She paused long enough to met his question gaze and passed across her aging findings. "I've been tracking Takrof for some time until the trail went cold. Shay claims those days are behind him, and now he seeks forgiveness from those he's wronged."

"You're not so sure?" The other lieutenant commander asked, doing his best to keep his disposition calm. At hearing what sort of bastard this Takrof/Shay was, he could feel his blood already boiling. It brought nasty memories of the Cardassian War back.

"A leopard cannot changes its spots, sir. His vile lifestyle runs through him like blood. I cannot see a logical reason for his so called mission for redemption since previous it had bought him unbridled profit."

"Then we'll see what we can do," Ra-Movraii replied, with a greater sense of defiance and determination - as well as camaraderie - present in his eyes and posture. "How do you recommend getting this bastard?"

Mason appeared to wilt: "He's a tricky piece of work, everything I've done so far he has either clocked a mile off or simply avoided all detection. He's been around the block sort of speak, he knows the tricks of the trades. We need to think of something out of the ordinary."

"I'll do it," the Efrosian replied firmly. "I trust our doctor can do the surgery. We can dress me up as a smuggler down on his luck. I pulled something like this once before, back on the Pacifica Seabase. Worked a treat then, guess it should now." Ra-Movraii paused for a moment in thought, before continuing: "Have me running from security - you, in fact - in plain sight, so Takrof notices. Catch me after a struggle, and that should build up some trust, and give him a reason to try and convert me." With a dark grin he added, "To help me see the light."

"I'm sure we can arrange something, and I promise not to be too rough on you sir," Mason actually smirked, a rare sight indeed. Finally after years of hating this man and everything he had once stood for something was about to be done about it.

Ra-Movraii nodded with authority. "Good. I shall inform Doctor Delrisa of the plan, and I will start running along the Promenade at 1200 tomorrow. This padd here," he said, pointing to the one he had glanced over, "indicates he makes his rounds of conversion around then." Doing his best to look comforting with his scarred and aged face, he continued: "We will get this Inquisitor Takrof, Commander. I assure you."



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