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Sleeping Dogs

Posted on Mon Oct 31st, 2011 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

The last few days had seen more of the apparitions or hallucinations that seemed to be plaguing her, yet it was not in keeping with Vulcan or even Romulan neural templates to be this susceptible to these form of manifestations. The disturbing encounter in the ward room had been the catalyst for more than a few other encounters, the last being more than a little worrying. She had been showering, allowing the hot water pour over her body cleaning her, steam building in the bathroom around her when a hand and been drawn over the frosted glass separating her from the rest of the room. It had left finger marks streaked across it yet she had found nothing more to be in the room other than herself and the steam of the shower.

It had been worrying her so much so that she had made the decision to visit Doctor Delrisa and request that she endeavor to find an issue or some imbalance to explain it. If she was honest she did feel tired, more so than a Vulcan could even cope with for an extended period and she had a suspicion that Soraya would tell her the same thing, she needed rest.

She passed the open doors into the stations bar and through into the medical bay he eyes roaming for the stations medical officer.
"Doctor!", she called out to the seemingly empty space.

"Commander?" Soraya answered, walking out of the medlab. She had been working right through her lunch, trying to sort out Maya's test results and DNA analysis. She was surprised to hear the station's new CO in the infirmary. "What can I do for you today, Ma'am?"

For the briefest of moments T'Rena hesitated unsure if she was reading too much into a situation that really needed to be resolved with a little sleep but it was already to late to back peddle, she was here and the doctor had already seen her.
"I have been having difficulty sleeping of late Doctor and would ask for your assistance!"

"Of course, we can go in Room One," Soraya replied, leading the Commander through the doorway. "You can make yourself comfortable while I pull up your record," she said, patting the biobed. She sat at the terminal and accessed the medical file as the Commander sat down.

"Have you had trouble sleeping in the past?" the doctor asked, removing a neural scanner from a drawer.

"Not to my knowledge", matter of fact could be the only way she could describe how she sounded even to herself.

Soraya nodded. "I'd like to run a few scans, so we can rule out anything physiological," she said, placing the scanner on the Commander's forehead. "Have you experienced any more episodes or anxiety attacks since the senior staff meeting?" she asked.

"Numerous, and they are becoming more unsettling".

She hadn't spoken to anyone about her unusual actions in the ward room only a day or two ago but maybe now was the time? The only problem was it was a very personal experience that was drawing on her past and as a Vulcan she had no desire to bare her inner most self out, not even in a medical case.

"What are you doing when the attacks occur? Are you ever alone when they happen?" the doctor asked, watching the scanner.

T'Rena was fighting the urge to bit her bottom lip, a very visible sign of nervousness that she would not allow herself to indulge in.
"It has taken place both when in the presence of others and alone. Just this morning I was showering and felt a presence in the same room that was unfounded".

"You felt a presence in the room? Is that what happened in the meeting?" Soraya asked, looking the Commander in the eyes.

"The meeting was far more physical as the presence had taken a form at the far end of the room".
Just talking about it had caused her to feel agitated perhaps from discussing it as Vulcan's would prefer not to discuss such matters, or was it the thought of what had happened.

"I realize this is a difficult question, Commander," Soraya began, "How do you feel when you realize there is a presence in the room?" she asked. Clearly the woman was uncomfortable, so the doctor sat down to give her some space.

"My feelings are irrelevant Doctor. The fact it is happening should be the focus of your investigation!"
Truth be told it terrified her, chilled her to the bone to once again see the women who had been used as a walking bomb to take out her team back on the Benzite colony.

Soraya watched her CO for a moment, then stood up and removed the neural scanner.

"Your serotonin level is a bit low, just enough to account for a lack of restful sleep. Other than that, everything is normal," the doctot said, putting the scanner away. She sat down again, trying to read the unreadable face of the Commander.

"Commander T'Rena, my three-year said there was someone in her bedroom last night. The computer didn't pick up anything, but she felt someone there. Her father is Betazoid," she added, by way of explanation. "She said he felt 'mean,' and she was so frightened she wouldn't go back to bed. Mind you, she is an imaginative child, but I've never known her to make up a story like this."

She continued to watch the indecipherable CO before she continued.

"Does this sound like what you have been experiencing?" she asked softly.

"It has characteristics of my... Encounter!", she offered, not sure if the word really did fit her experience. She was going to add something else when the deck beneath her rumbled softly and a deep shudder of the stations space frame. It was an explosion somewhere within the station most likely the lower levels of the central core. "T'Rena to Ops. Report!"

Nothing came back other than a chirp from the combadge identifying the lack of internal communication.

Soraya quickly entered a command into the exam room terminal, followed by a code.

"I've put Medical on alert for casualties," she said.

"Doctor, please accompany me to Operations!"
T'Rena was on her feet and striding with purpose towards the nearest turbolift, the good Doctor close on her heels.


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