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Static Whisper

Posted on Sun Oct 30th, 2011 @ 5:11pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Operations, Deep Space Seven
Timeline: After "Making Waves"


"What's going on up here?" Ra-Movraii near-bellowed as he stepped off from the lift into operations, quickly positioning himself by the central console near Mason. Lieutenant Winters could also be seen to the side, calmly watching on at the others. His disdain for the XO position was growing with every passing hour he had to do it, particularly when he was being called up for matters that wouldn't normally concern him.

"Is someone going to answer me or what?" The Efrosian then asked again, only far more aggressively.

"That tone won't help matters," Mason snarled prodding the central console with distain. "There seems to have been an explosion or some type of engery discharge in the science labs. Communication is down and so too is the internal sensors."

"Wonderful," Ra-Movraii replied through gritted teeth, clenching his fists atop the main console as he regarded the others gathered. "Get the science chief up here."

Science Labs

Lights started flashing and alarms blaring all at once. It seemed that any system that could go wrong had simultaneously decided to do so.

"What the hell's going on," Jrez yelled over the din.

Lovak looked up from a panel. "We've just been hit by field."

"More information please, crewman."

"I do not have more information at the moment, Chief. As soon as I do I will report."

Jrez did not want to accept that but knew he had to. If the Vulcan had information, Jrez knew he'd divulge it; if he did not, he would not make something up to fill the empty space.

^=^ Jrez to Ops. We've just been hit by some sort of energy field. We're investigating.^=^ He waited for a reply...and waited...and waited. ^=^Jrez to Ops?^=^ Nothing. He swore fluently in Trill.

"Keep on it," he ordered Lovak and his assistant, Reguba. "Comms is down. I'm off to Ops to report in. I'll be back as soon as I can to get an update."


"So much for damned yeomen," the Efrosian lieutenant commander snarled as Jrez appeared in operations, clearly not having been notified by the lowly red-collar he had sent his way. "Tell me what this is, Chief," Ra-Movraii rumbled as he motioned for the Trill to join him and the others as they gathered. "Where did it come from?"

Jrez answered quickly after regarding one of the consoles.

"Orias?" Ra-Movraii repeated, cursing Commanders Ulonova and T'Rena for leaving him in command. "It's not a strategic sector," he reported, that being the length of his knowledge of the place. He turned to Winters and the security chief. "Do either of you know what this place is? Or even what it's current state is?" The Efrosian wanted to get the basics out of the way before they decided on how to deal with it.

Mason shook her head; "Previous scan of the region confirmed Orias to be uninhabited... Commander," Mason said softly having noted a change on the console beside her. "There's an incomming message.... it's from the Orias station!"

"Patch it through," Ra-Movraii ordered simply, positioning himself to regard the transmission. They better have a damn fine explanation for this, he threatened silently, or those bastards will be meeting the business end of Starfleet regulation boots.

The main view screen crackled to life with a static filled image along with a stardate time code in the bottom left hand side of the image. Dark images could be seen but not clearly defined as the moved around just out of view of the camera. Then a disjointed voice filtered down through the overhead speakers in Ops.
"Its her.... I..s walkin... mong us!" A bloodied man of middle age slowly came into view. A bruise covering most of his right cheek and eye even going so far as to close the eye from the swelling. "We've op..ned the g... of h........".

The image went dark but not before the unknown man seemingly was pulled with excessive force away from the monitor he had been sitting at and a gurgled scream of pain was ripped from his lips before silence fell about Operations.

"What in the gods was that?" Ra-Movraii said through gritted teeth, breaking the silence in ops as he pointed at the now-blank screen. "Can you clear that transmission up?"

Transfixed feeling goosebumps tickle her arms Mason fingered the console: "I believe so Commander," she responded after a moments pause.

Once again the messaged played out on the screen, this time the white nose was less pronounced allowing the clod and clinical background of the stations medical bay be seen clearer. Wisps of black smoke coiled around the table infront of the monitor moving as if they had a will of their own, caressing everything that could be seen in the tight angle of the screen. The most troubling aspect to most was the red liquid, most likely to be blood that had started to ooze down the wall to the right of the camera were more of the dark wisps of smoke could be seen.

The form of an officer came into view wearing the colors of Command and rank of Lieutenant Commander. His face was purple and swollen, his lips cracked and dry and his forehead cut so deep that a small amount of his skull was exposed. "Its here, Its walking among us!", he whispered at the camera as he knelt down infront of the monitor the black smoke slowly moving to encompass him, his eyes conveying more than just simple fear. "We've opened the gates of hell!".

More smoke had built around him when suddenly it moved with a will of its own yanking him back with enough force that his head was jarred forward with a splitting crack and spray of blood from his open mouth. His back impacted the table behind him with such force that another bone shattering crack could be heard along with a scream that had been pulled from the depths of hell itself as his spine shattered and splintered under the force pushing fragments through his stomach until they were exposed on the opposite side of his body. That final image was the last they saw before once again the camera blinked to blackness.

"I think it's about time we get the full picture of what has happened there." Ra-Movraii turned to look at the others again, his demeanour even colder than usual at having viewed the horror just shown before him. "How long will it take to reach Orias?"

Feeling chilled by the message that had played out feeling it strike an uncomfortable and person chord Mason had to shake herself to senses. "No more than a couple of hours, Commander."

"Then get a team ready. Inform Commander T'Rena that we are preparing to depart from DS7 for Orias." Taking oen final look at the black screen where the suffering man had been just moments before, he said: "We're going to the gates of hell."



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