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Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2011 @ 3:01am by Rev. Julian Shay

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Habitat ring, sub section 4

"3 new converts today sir." The monk turned towards Shay, its metallic face reflecting the dim light onto the padd, illuminating it in the dark.

"Excellent, with the 3 yesterday, we are quickly reaching the numbers that we require for a full congregation. " Shay took the padd and quickly looked over the names on the list.

"Sir, we are in need of more micro fusion generators for the new converts vessels." The servos in the Monks face moved as it studied Shay.

"Place an order for 10 more." Shay dropped the padd back onto the table as one of the new converts slowly walked out of the ascension room. It's featureless face shining int he pail light.

"Ahh brother Templeton, how was your awakening?" The old man moved over to the monk.

"I am well Reverend Shay." The servos in the metallic face slowly manipulated the face into a smile. "I look forward to serving the cause."

The reverend placed a hand on the imposing monk. "You will serve us well. You will join us in our next preaching on the promenade. Prepare yourself, and brother Thompson will join us."

The other monk in the room stood up slightly straighter as Shay moved towards the door with the two monks in tow.


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