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Hung Out to Dry

Posted on Sun Nov 27th, 2011 @ 11:42pm by Rev. Julian Shay

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Promenade, Deep Space Seven
Timeline: After "Taking Out the Laundry"


Ra-Movraii nodded with authority. "Good. I shall inform Doctor Delrisa of the plan, and I will start running along the Promenade at 1200 tomorrow. This padd here," he said, pointing to the one he had glanced over, "indicates he makes his rounds of conversion around then." Doing his best to look comforting with his scarred and aged face, he continued: "We will get this Inquisitor Takrof, Commander. I assure you."


Xal Ra-Movraii was impressing even himself as he shoved one of the enlisted security officers out of the way, lunging over the crumpled body and straight into a piled up collection of alien stones, angering the proprietor of the stool. Not apologising for his actions, the scruffy-looking Ra-Movraii - donning cheap brown leather trousers, a torn beige shirt and ripped cotton jacket - picked himself up, cursing his former pride.

Using a young woman to lift himself, he pushed her to one side and slammed into the wall, using it as support to throw himself further along the Promenade, and straight towards another gold-necked crewman holding a phaser. Thinking quickly, Ra-Movraii, having been surgically-altered to appear a human-Klingon cross (as it meant his ridges didn't have to be touched), grasped the man's wrist and knocked it to one side, throwing the phaser away. However, as he turned to move away once again, he found another phaser pointed directly in his face, being held by Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason, who seemed very satisfied with herself. It took all of Xal's efforts to not appear the same.

A few yards away, as the pair had planned, the supposed-Reverend Shay was looking on with one of his followers.

"Guess you got me, Commander," Xal said, not recognising the voice he had been given by the station's doctor.

"Indeed," Mason responded panting slightly from the chase Ra-Movraii had given her and wasn't sure if Petty Officer First Class Thalal zh'Simal would forgive the Commander for tossing her aside so easily. "Are you going to come quietly? Or am I going to need a more persuasive means?"

The Silver monk stood next to Shay, analyzing the situation. "Sir,shall I step in to end this situation?"

"Yes, see if you can reason with Ms. Mason over there. That gentleman shows some spunk" Shay who had stopped preaching turned to witness the scene unfold. He looked at the man who had the phaser pointed in his face.

"Aye sir." The silver avatar began to move over to where the scene was unfolding and slowly positioned itself next to Mason. "Excuse me Miss Mason, I am Brother Thur, from the Church of the Photon. May I be of assistance?" The cold, metallic face produced a manipulated smile.

Ra-Movraii smiled inwardly to himself. His guise of K'Tar, a down-on-his-luck smuggler, would be no simple task to convert. But, as their plan indicated, he would eventually serve them to uncover the truth.

Mason hadn't expect an interest to come to light so quickly into the staged events, and the twisted smile upon the monks face made her visibly shiver - a far cry from the religious figure that she leaned to cherish as a young woman. "This is a security matter, sir," she responded crisply. "Please stand back."

"I do apologize further for this intrusion, but the gentleman has been identified as a potential recruit for our organization. I would be more than happy to handle this situation." The servos actuated in the monks head as it tilted slightly to the right analyzing the commanders face.

"Yeah, you heard him," Ra-Movraii said with his chosen Klingon-esque accent. "These people are looking out for me. Let's not cause any more of a scene." He showed his full set of teeth to Mason as he finished speaking. "They're going to help me sort out this attitude problem of mine." The Efrosian did his best to appear as though he was trying to just get out of trouble, rather than genuinely being interested in joining the cult. After all, that would have been too easy.

Faking a look of disgust at the set of pointed teeth flashed close of her face Mason was impressed with the Doctors handiwork by the moment. In any ordinary situation she would have forced the monk away with a firm hand and have the Klingon in custody in a blink and without a second thought.

She lowered her weapon and took a step backward giving Ra-Movraii a long measured gaze. Than, as if satisfied she turned to the monk: "Good luck with him, I think he test your resolve."

The Monk bowed its mechanical body, a slight whirring noise emanating from its torso as the the gears and mechanisms engaged. "I thank you for your co-operation in this manner Lieutenant Commander Mason" It raised its head back to level with her. "Have you heard of the joys that the church can provide you? Along with the knowledge of immortality?"

"I've heard several versions, I do not believe I am in need of further education." She watched the monk with heavy, suspicions eyes and with a run away thought she'd hoped Ra-Movraii hadn't just landed himself in a huge, complicated mess of which she'd have to intervene later.

"Can we go now, then?" The supposed-smuggler asked with a voice akin to a teenager keen to move on. Ra-Movraii was certain he wasn't overplaying it as he tried to make it obvious he had no wish to be near station security. "I mean, we're all very busy people, and I've so much to learn about this magnificent church!"

The Monk bowed to Commander Mason. "Our door is always open if you would like to learn the mysteries of our organization."

"Perhaps another time," Mason withdrew sharply and turned upon her heel.

Ra-Movraii waited until Mason was out of range and ear-shot before he threw a grin at the robotic monk. "I really appreciate what you just did for me, uhh... robot, but I've really got to get going... so if you wouldn't mind?" The disguised Efrosian began to shuffle away from the peculiar being, in the hopes they would take the bait and try and prevent him from leaving so soon.

"Brother Thur actually." after trying to process the mans information from its database it proceeded after him. "Rev Shay requested that I intervene so that we may have a discussion with you in regards to the church. He felt it prudent to speak to you before Commander Mason brought you in for questioning."

"Yeah, like I said; I appreciate what you done for me, right? But I'm just not a church-going kinda guy. My old man always goes on about how Klingons killed their gods. Based on what my mum tells me of the gods on Earth, I think they had the right idea." Ra-Movraii was beginning to think his performance might in fact drive Shay's. "But then again, I guess it could keep that targ Mason off my back." With a toothy smile, he faced Thur directly, and knocked on his head to see what sort of noise it would make. "Take me to this Shay, then, robot."

The Monk turned and led Xal toward the preacher, who was speaking to a foul mannered Ferengi about multiple lifetimes of profit. As the monk approached Shay nodded at the Ferrengi and turned towards the two. "Welcome, I'm glad to see that you have been delivered from the hands of the Egyptians friend."

"Maybe you haven't noticed, but I ain't exactly human. A little, but not much," Ra-Movraii said simply and dismissively, in truth only knowing an inkling about the metaphor, "so stick to simple words and I'm sure we'll get along fine. After all, I guess I owe you and your tin can here."

"Straight to the point. Thur leave us for a moment, I'd like to have a word with this gentleman in private." Shay nodded as the Monk wandered off, trying to speak to passer bys about the organization. "I am in the soul saving business, and it seemed like yours needed a more physical saving there. Ms Mason and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things so any chance to give her a bit of pause is welcomed." Shay reached into his pocket and grabbed a beat up pair of glasses and a pad. "I may have use for you be it as a Monk like brother Thur over there, or perhaps even in less official capacity if you are looking for something."

"I could do with lying low for a while, sure," Ra-Movraii shrugged. "Name's K'Tar by the way, and my business is always 'less official'." Flashing his prosthetic part-Klingon teeth at the 'reverend', he added: "Just name the game."



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