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Knocking At The Gate

Posted on Mon Nov 14th, 2011 @ 5:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Operations, Deep Space Seven

Station Operations

T'Rena strode into ops with a confidence that she didn't truthfully feel. Infact she still had an unsettled feeling around the visage that seemed to be haunting her, or at the very least seemed to be following her but the matter was secondary to the larger matters of the station.
"Report!", she called across the bustle of officers as the distance between her and the Operations table diminished to nothing until she was stood at the station tapping commands into its terminal.

"There was some sort of anomaly that affected the station, and we received a distress call from another station known as Orias," Ra-Movraii said, packing equipment into his belt as he rounded the centre table to approach the Vulcan CO. "I did tell someone to inform you that I am preparing an away team to investigate, and we definitely have a grounds for it." Without being prompted, the Efrosian hit a button on the main console, which played back the horrific message they had received, and it still made most of the staff present stop in shock and disbelief. "My only request is Commander Mason and a medical officer, and whoever else they wish to bring."

"I'm going too." Jrez announced as he exited the turbolift.

"Pleased to have an enlisted man on board," Ra-Movraii replied honestly, passing a phaser over to the joined Trill. "Any findings to give Commander T'Rena?"

"I've already got my staff working on what just happened," he replied, "but we need more information. There's only one place to get it and I'm the best person here for getting it."

T'Rena shot a glance behind her to the Doctor that had followed her from the Infirmary. She would be the best person for the job but at the same time she also had a family to consider.
"Doctor are you able to assist the Commander?"

"I'm ready to go," the doctor replied, shifting her medical kit. "Medical is on alert, I have staff on call to assist if necessary."

The station Commanding Officer turned back to her acting First Officer. Although he so far had been rather open about his opinions she also saw he was a more than competent officer who had correctly anticipated her orders.
"If memory serves, the station has a compliment of fifty scientific personnel and Starfleet Officers. Take the runabouts Sargasso and Arafura to aid with the evacuation of any you may find!"

Jrez walked over to Mason. "On the assumption that you'll be in command of the other runabout, Commander, I'd like to request that I be assigned to accompany you."

While T'Rena and Ra-Movraii cleared the pleasantries Mason began pulling data off the main computer regarding Orias station and in depth floor plan. "I don't suspect there will be anything to worry about Chief."

"I'm afraid I can't agree, Commander. I realise that we have not exactly hit it off in the past but...well to put it frankly, we're going into an unknown situation there are few other people I would prefer to have beside me. Haqtaj Matlh is one but this is not her provenance. You can be...please forgive the candidness of a mere enlisted man but you can be abrasive, contradictory, obnoxious, distempered.... I could go on and the crew have listed many more of your fine qualities - usually in much more florid language."

Mason turned from the console and fixed the Trill with a stern look: "If you're just going to mock me, Chief, I suggest you stop right there."

"Yet most say," Jrez continued, though a little more warily, "and on this I must agree, if they were in a sticky situation and reliant on someone to get them out, you're the one they'd want to be there with them. They might not like you, Commander, but they damn well respect you."

"I suppose that will have to do, won't it?" Mason remarked with an air of closure to the matter.

"Do you have any idea how many may be injured?" Soraya asked Commander Mason.

The security chief turned to the concerned voice of the Doctor: "Not at this stage I'm afraid. I don't think the station has been occupied for any long period of time, I'm hoping that would have limited the numbers, but honestly Doctor I cannot guess accurately."

"Well, lets hope for the best. What can I do to help you?" Soraya replied.

"We'll likely to be the first to respond to the distress, you may have to deal with some very unpleasant scenes, and perhaps other forces at work. We'll be needing you skills as a physician to treat any survivors we may encounter." The team began to move toward the turbo car toward the shuttle bay since Ra-Movraii had clearance from T'Rena.

"I presume you'll still familiar with the finer details of protecting yourself from harm Doctor?" Mason inquired. "No member of the away team is going be allowed to transporter across unarmed."

"You want me to carry a phaser? I haven't used a phaser in years!" the doctor exclaimed.

"Indeed, I'm afraid now is not the time for being a pacifist Doctor." Mason fixed the second woman with measured, none judgemental look. "You wouldn't necessary be required to discharge the weapon but I still wish for you to carry one, for your own protection."

Soraya held the Security Chief's gaze for a moment, then sighed in defeat. "As you wish." Then she added softly, so that only Mason could hear, "But if it is a new model, I'll need a quick lesson."

USS Sargasso

Lieutenant Rihanoff sat at the conn of the Sargasso and had done for the journey to this point. It would take a total of two hours fifteen minuets to reach Orias station and the silence from the system was more unsettling than the distress call that Commander Ra-Movraii had shown him in the first few minuets of the journey. It had just been lucky that Commander Mason had assigned him to review the offensive and defensive capabilities of the runabouts when the call had come for extra security to be assigned and as for the Sargasso, she was designed to be a science scout but at the same time he had taken it upon himself to make sure that the runabouts attached to the station held as much punch as they could knowing full well that they could very well be the only line of defense the station had.

"Commander, Orias has just appeared on our long range sensors!", his thick Russian accent tripping over some of the English words. "I'm still not picking up any form of transmission. Even the systems sun has no form of transmission, radio wave, emissions or any form of detectable reading other than its composition. The system is just silent!"

"Then there's no power or life support?" The Efrosian asked simply, not wishing to beat around the bush. If the ensign said that there were no emissions, he was willing to agree with the man. "We may not be so needing of your services after all, Doctor," he continued, looking briefly back to the CMO. Of course, he did not mean it is as a joke, but a sad acceptance of the truth. So many times had he come this close to death, and so many times had he been required to be this cold to confirm the simple truth. "Continue to bring us in. We can't underestimate the survival instincts of Starfleet personnel, or their tenacity. Take very precaution you can, Ensign."

USS Arafura

In the second shuttle moving in tamden with the Sargasso Mason sat staring ahead toward the system that appeared devoid of anything expect the hulking station that hung abandoned in the gloom. Her face was impassive as the shuttle nudged closer, its sensor desperately attempting to penetrate the stillness that has wrapped around them like a thick blanket.

"Do your sensors read the same, Chief?" she probed the second occupant of the shuttle.

"The only sensor giving any data is my eyes. If it weren't for them - if I was just to rely on the runabout's sensors - I'd have to say that there's nothing out there. There's no life signs, no heat signature from the base; nothing! The runabout is staring at empty space."

"Strange indeed," Mason muttered in response. "By the looks of things we may be too late, I'm not reading anything from the station, no heat, no power and no life signs....begin to prep some suites along with an array of weaponry that can function in a hostile environment. Just in case we do find anything out of the ordinary."

Jrez refrained from saying 'I told you so' or anything crass like that'. He contented himself with getting the suits ready. He hated the things. They made him feel closed in; trapped. For some strange reason he could not explain they reminded him of the Borg. He had faced those automatons before but, to the best of his recollection, never with a suit on. Yet the feeling wouldn't be denied. Every time he put one on a shiver went down his spine and the symbiont cringed (if it could be said that a symbiont actually cringed).


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