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A moment of clarity

Posted on Fri Nov 4th, 2011 @ 1:00am by

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Earth

Life was good, or so Sara kept telling herself, the Sun shone and the air smelled so sweet, two such minor things that she had really missed while serving on DS7 and 611 before it, but there was still one thing that had been keeping her awake at night, a minor energy signature from the Genesis' sensor data that she just couldn't resolve. As she sat at the large breakfast bar, the lights low as the rest of the family had turned in for the night.

As she stared at the display she knew she was missing something, her train of thought derailed by the sound of the kitchen door sliding open as her father walked in, "you're up late, still working on your little project I see." He had given up on trying to get her to stop entirely, she had managed nearly two days before the stack of Padd's were finally seen again.

With an audible sigh Sara spun round on the wooden stool, "I keep thinking about this energy signature, something seems off about it but the more I dig the less it makes sense, its almost as it it shouldn't be there." The unspoken agreement that she'd not work on her problem during family time left her open to ask her elderly father for some help, "have you ever seen anything like it?"

Filling his small glass with water he took a seat next to his daughter, Nathan Lam had seen many types of technology over the years but as he cast his gaze over the reams of data collected by the Nebula class' sensors he was none the wiser, "so what exactly is causing you to be staring at these data slates and not be in your bed?"

Scrolling through the data she pointed to a decaying energy signature, "from what I can tell its some sort of graviton signature but I can't tell how it fits in with the rest?" She had considered so many options but she hoped a fresh set of eyes would do the trick.

"Well I'm no expert" he said flatly, "but it seems like some sort of phase conjugate graviton beam, this was picked up by a starship I take it and I'm guessing one that wasn't able to directly see the event?" Sometimes Nathan surprised himself but it was nothing next to the stunned look on Sara's face.

"Needless to say all of this information is classified but yes, the ship in question was about eight light years away, if this is some sort of graviton beam then the initial energy spike would have to be phenomenal!" The sudden realisation that his theory fitted the facts but combined with the rest of the data left her far more terrified than she had been back in Ops when she put two rounds in Zor's chest. "I think I know what it is but I'll need to go to Starfleet Command in the morning, thank you, not sure if I'd even have considered that."

A resigned look told her that he wasn't going to stop her, whatever was going on he knew that his daughter could be key to unravelling something serious, "I'm sure you'd have got there in the end, now off to bed with you or I'll have to ground you" as he smiled he could see another weight lifted from her shoulders, her wary form slipping into the corridor. "Thanks dad, I owe you one" she said standing in the door way before quietly making her way up the stairs, she had an early start if she wanted to get to San Francisco on the morning shuttle.

Grabbing his glass of water Nathan shuffled the inactive Padd's to one side, the only one active the device with the sensor data, sitting down again he began to look through the awesome amounts of information by Admiral DeVuor's flagship, a true wonder of the age they lived in.


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