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We lost the Trelawny

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2011 @ 1:51am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Operations
Timeline: Immediately after the destruction of the Trelawny

Alarms rang out across operations. Practised hands started pulling reports which were called around the room.

"Comms lost!"

"Negative sensor trace! No life signs, either."

"Damage reports are minimal. Flash shielding depleted on Upper Pylon 2."

"Tractor beams are containing debris cloud but energy dissipation is still in effect."

Alex stepped off the lift and immediately let his eyes roam around OPs. He had heard the alarms and knew the only place he could go to get answers was here. At least until his own office was set up. Still, it seemed more difficult to obtain what he needed on a station than it ever was on the ships he had recently served on. He figured it was mostly due to demand and a shortage of supplies. Regardless, this was a perfect opportunity for him to see just how well oiled this machine really was. Especially considering the small number of department heads still on the station. Moving quietly down to the pool table in the middle of the room, Alex looked at the readouts as they came in over the shoulder of the officer manning the station. "What's happening Mr... blue... guy...?" Alex really needed to learn the crew manifest. That much was obvious.

The duty officer, a rather young Bolian, leapt to attention when addressed, "Sir, there has been a critical incident. The transport Trelawny has suffered some form of critical failure and exploded just off Upper Docking Pylon 2. The station has not been significantly damaged but we believe all hands and cargo were destroyed."

"Do we know the cause of the failure?" Alex asked loudly enough for the entire crew in the room to hear.

"No, sir," He responded, doing a quick glance at his display. "There was a power spike just before it came apart but it doesn't seem to have come from any of the Trelawny systems. We were monitoring her energy systems prior to docking and everything was well in the green. She had just cut power to her Impulse engines and was under out tractor beam control."

"Sir," A bajoran officer provided from the tactical panel, "I have triangulated the location of the power spike. It came from inside the personnel cargo storage in the passenger section."


Operations Control turned from their comms, "We have calls from other ships asking for updates. What shall we be telling people? Do we continue to allow docking and departure as normal?"

The hissing sound behind Nauket was inaudible around her. She seemed rather complacent as the lift halted to her destination. Operations was a mess, and her embarassment was one of those subtle features that went unnoticed in times like these. Her usually cool collected head seemed filled with other questions that littered her mind like a wasteland. What she had been told was something extrodinarily far fetched and for the most park concerning a matter unrelated to the present situation at hand.

"No body in or out of the station!" Nauket bellowed above the chatter, her rather dramatic interjection overlooking the fact she was not in command. It was ranter out of her normal stature, but she was off her own balance, and her number one priority had always been the safety and success of her mission. The red flag question of whether or not anyone should be allowed on the station or off it was something of an off guard hurdle. Normally, she would take careful consideration, even in the heat of the moment, but things were of a different mood for her.

She didn't like it.

With one pause to catch a glimpse of onlooking officers, she cranked her neck slightly and peered over to the Commander of the station. "That would be your securest plan of action, sir," she added in a much more relaxed tone.

Truth be told, she never had any intention on adding her suggestion, which clearly sounded like much more of a command than anything else. It was almost an unfortunate time for her duty reflexes to reply and the irritation she was feeling mirrored itself in the brushing back of her hair from her face, directly back behind her head in the same fashion her father used to do. Of course, the strands fell back in to their place, but the symbolic act was none the less one of her dead give aways to anyone who knew her well enough.

To her everlasting gratitude, she didn't keep too many close friends in the first place.

Until T'Rena arrived, Nauket was now the ranking officer. Communications personnel began to enact the quarantine order. This was not going to make people happy, but neither would spontaneously blowing apart.

OOC Haq: We have probably done all we can with this post unless T'Rena wants to arrive and add some. Otherwise we can let it go and deal with it when the command crew try to come back and find the station quarantined. :)


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