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The First Night, The Last Dance

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2011 @ 2:09am by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: During "Static Whisper"

Her attention focused on the flickering of the farthest light to the front of the main room. She furrowed her brow, head tilted towards the bright area. Around her, everything seemed dimmer, the florescence unusually mimicking a flame. It was an apathetic type of curiosity that kept her attention. The out of the ordinary kept her senses sharp but at present she was aware of the situation being nothing more than her imagination, yet she was curious none the less.

"The dance doesn't end like this, Nauket," a soft voice explained with an undertone reminding her of what she already knew.

"Indeed," Nauket replied, pulling her attention from the light and down to the five-foot-four blonde Bajoran girl. Her flowing white dress seemed to only follow her halted movement as the Cardassian's sight met her figure. Without hesitation, Nauket continued the waltz they had been on, taking the dominant side of the dance.

They moved around the empty room flawlessly and with little effort,both hands entwined in the air, and the Cardassian arm around the back of the Bajoran's hip. "How will you advise them?" the smaller woman questioned, as if questioning the tall dark woman to prepare her for an important test. Nauket kept her eyes to the face looking up at her, answering in turn like a child to a parent, "As with everything, keeping the Cardassians close is not a practiced matter for the Federation."

Their turn brought a small pause, and Nauket lowered her hand slightly, gently moving her fingertips along the small of her dance partner's back. "It is imperative that such a practice is broken here," she continued, moving her feet still, dress uniform giving the Cardassian a proud look, "We are no longer at war, and there is nothing to fight over, but there is always something everyone wants."

"And why do we change this approach?" the girl asked, closing her eyes briefly as the dip occurred, her long golden locks slowly catching up with the rest of her body. Nauket looked below her, her strong right arm holding the fair skinned beauty sternly. She gave a moment for herself to take in the sombre vision, and as she brought up the body, her answer was prepared to deliver. "It is the only approach that has ever and will ever work," she replied, "The belly of the beast is the only way to destroy it."

"Do you want to destroy Cardassia?"
"No," Nauket paused, their spin taking both attentions, white chiffon catching air, "I have a job to protect the Federation to the best of my abilities."
"My, what abilities!" Her partner added, smiling, her red lips curling slightly. "A job and nothing more. Eradicate the threats, save the weak."

The two came to a stop before the large holographic map on the left wall, the Bajoran girl twirling in to Nauket's arms, as if finishing their waltz. Nauket's eyes focused on the color lights blinking before her. The smaller arm reached out towards the center of the map, and Nauket followed it with her own, her hand sliding up the soft skin first, before they both pointed to where DS7 was labeled.

"It is my life," Nauket mused finally and in return, the skin began to darken and crack. At once, without time to react the body fell, turning in to sand. The Cardassian simply moved forward half a step, knocking her legs in to the table that had originally been there. Her breath took a gasp, a sense of embarrassment following.

"Computer, time," she commanded, collecting her composure and running her hands across her casual uniform to check for wrinkles.

"The time is nineteen hundred hours," it replied.

She ran a hand through her black hair and picked up the personal padd that lay atop the table next to the several other small padds across it. "Inform Lieutenant Alex Winters to meet me in the Intelligence offices," she added sternly, not even hesitating at her recent little embarrassment.


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