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Things that Go Bump in the Dark

Posted on Fri Nov 25th, 2011 @ 11:53am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Orias Station
Timeline: After "Crossing into the Unknown"

"Doctor Delrisa," Commander Mason's voice sounded through the dark, cold maze of the station. The ambitious Doctor had scurried into the gloom in search of person in need to staunch her medical desire to assist, naturally she'd done this without a second thought toward her own safety. The fact that Mason had seen the Doctor's hand tremble at the thought of caring a weapon the security chief knew she would not use it even in self defence.

This thought willed her onward in search of the runaway Doctor, with a potentially dangerous predator on the loose Mason was concerned for the stations CMO.

The ghostly quite station yielded no help in the search, the frosty surroundings even appeared to have swallowed all evidence of the teams heat signatures and life signs including the good Doctor's.

"Soraya!" Mason called once more.

The doctor heard her name, but it sounded like it came from deep within the station. Low creaking sounds could be heard as well, and sent a chill up her spine. Her eyes were adjusting to the dim light, but she could only see the seemingly endless corridor she was in.

"I am a doctor, I am here to help you," she called into the darkness. Her voice reverberated down the hall.


A female voice, but hers, or someone else? She looked again at her tricorder, hoping it would tell her what she needed to know, but there didn't seem to be anything alive within half a klick. Still desperate to help the people she was sure she heard before, Soraya started back down the hall.

"Dammit," Mason hissed with increasing frustration as she hit an dead end. The station was a maze of corridors and empty, cold rooms that contained the faint smell of death. The previous schematics the security chief had attempted to recall where useless in this overwhelming darkness. She turned at retraced her steps feeling beads of sweat cling to lips and dampen her uniform with the fearful prospect that she'd be unable to locate Soraya alive.

Pacing down another seemingly blank hall Mason continued her search, her hearing was stretching to its limits to pick up any sound of the others in the away party. The groaning of the station and the steady rhythm of her breathing where the only sounds she could trace, and with a loud shier of metal coupled with a unexpected flicker of her flashlight Mason paused with her heart leaping in her mouth as she was plunged into darkness.

The sound of her own breathing had given way to an uncharacteristic scream.

Her eyes went wide and her blood chilled when she heard the sound. Soraya had stopped in her tracks, listening for more, and felt a cold wisp of air swirl around her neck and slip into her flight suit. She turned to the corridor on her left and pointed her tricorder, but still it gave her nothing. Her eyes had almost fully adapted to the darkness now and she began to walk down the corridor where she thought she'd heard the scream, so different from the ones she'd been following.

Somehow it was darker here. As her already dim vision grew dimmer she reached out to touch the walls to keep her bearings, still watching the instument in her other hand which told her she was alone.

Then her hand ran out of wall and touched something she didn't expect.

In the confides of her suite Mason was sweating profusely as she ran blindly, unarmed and without the aid of her flashlight. Adrenaline had given her the thankful ability to adapt to the darkness as she sprinted, looking occasionally over her shoulder toward her pursuers.

They were fast, and should her stride falter she'd be there's. They lumbered after her heels upon their four limbs with natural agility despite the cumbersome shape of their gait.

The ape like creatures from Lantana Prime howled in hot pursuit of their prey.

Her hand brushed across a face, and she saw eyes glowing grey in the darkness. She froze as the image melted away, ghostly eyes becoming fuzzy wisps, her fingers feeling nothing.

Get it together, she told herself. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Her go-to tool was useless, her medkit had nothing that could help her find her way, the only other item she had was her phaser. She couldn't hear the voices anymore, and now she was seeing things that clearly weren't there.

Now was not the time for spontaneous hallucinations. However, if what she saw was really there...

Slowly, she slipped her tricorder back into her pocket and retrieved the phaser. The uncomfortable heaviness of the weapon scared her as much as her surroundings. What good is a phaser against...ghosts?

She turned around to try and retrace her steps. The vibrations from the station came in waves as she started back down the corridor.

Breathing heavily Mason pressed herself against the bulkhead in an attempt to regain control of her trembling legs. A stroke of good fortune had finally fallen into her lap. The monsters had for now lost interest in her, perhaps they had located another soul to terrorise.

How could they be here? Mason pondered peering around her hiding. They'd been killed on Lantana she personally had seen to it by detonating the charges barley beating the ensuring fireball to safety. Perhaps they was another colony like the infancy they located previous as reported by Shire, or had something been drawn from Beverly's DNA when she was infected?
Mason shook her head with bewilderment, it didn't really matter how they got on board just how they should be dealt with.

"Soraya," Mason breathed suddenly. She was out here alone some place and had no idea what these creatures were capable of! She cursed and threw herself from her hiding place to resume the search for the Doctor raising the comm as she did: "Commander Ra-Morvaii this is Mason can you hear me?"


"Dammit!" She hurried back roughly in the direction she had come in, it didn't take long for her strides to be joined by multiple footfalls.

The wall was rough and cold under her fingers as the doctor slowly made her way down the hall. She was almost panting in the thick air, and she could hear other sounds along with the now familiar deep creaking of the vessel. She had no idea how much time had passed since she had left the away team; even her chronometer wouldn't work in this place.

Soraya felt like she was losing her mind, or maybe she was lost in a nightmare. Hadn't she been this way before?

A musty smell caught her attention, and a howl echoed towards her, then ended abruptly. She froze, listening for more, but heard nothing.

Several minutes went by before she dared to walk again.

She didn't make it very far before she could hear hurried footfalls growing nearer as Mason barred into her.

The phaser fell from the doctors' hand with a loud clatter as she fell backward onto the cold floor. The floor seemed to shudder beneath her.

"Oh! Commander, is that really you?" she asked, not trusting her eyes.

Having unexpectedly crashed into something very real Mason too lost her footing and landed sprawling upon the deck beside the Doctor fighting for breath.

"Soraya?" Mason squinted twisting to look at this figure closer. "Oh thank goodness you're alright!" she breathed. "There's something here on this station, its been following me. I feared it had caught you."

"No, I mean I thought I saw someone, I really don't know," the doctor said, still dazed. She looked at the phaser next to the Commander, then pulled the tricorder from her pocket. She held the instrument inches from Mason and frowned.

"No life signs at all," she said, shaking her head. "How will we find our way back? This place is like a labyrinth, I never found the voices I heard," Soraya said, getting to her feet.

Mason squinted at the device which stung her eye momentarily before she could make head of tail of the readings.
"The others will be heading to Operations, perhaps we'll be able to find some answers ourselves," She took the Doctor's offered hand to help her up. "We should stay together and alert. There's something here, but I can't put a finger on it. Whatever its it can't be good."


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