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A Journey into the Unknown Part 1

Posted on Sat Nov 26th, 2011 @ 12:41am by

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

Completing the pre-flight checks Sara's mind couldn't help but think back to all too short farewells she had said to her friends and family or more accurately the ones she had seen before grabbing her bags and being whisked away by a transporter beam to the giant orbital facility known to everyone simply as Spacedock, the sheer scale of the century old station still impressive after all the years of active service with every class of starship in the last hundred and fifty years having passed through those mighty space doors.

Taking a moment to look around at the empty seats all around she knew that this was the start a new adventure, where it would lead her was far from certain, just a distant sector mostly controlled by the Cardassians. "Runabout Manzanar you are cleared for departure, flight path alpha two, good luck Commander." The voice from the operations centre snapping her back to the task of piloting the small craft, "thank you, Manzanar departing." Slowly lifting off the heavily retro fitted Danube class runabout moved towards the space doors, the sight of so many starships in all their splendour forming a sort of ceremonial guard as they lay at port, the last ship in line the MacArthur catching her eye bringing back yet more memories of friends lost and battles won, she had survived a Gorn invasion force, perhaps anything was possible.

Several hours later

With the soft hum of the warp drive in the background Sara knew she had more time on her hands than she had done for a while, it would take the better part of three weeks to arrive at her first point of interest, the source of the strange energy signature detected by the Genesis. She hadn't however heard from DS7 for a while, the station's status reports still being forwarded to her but with many new faces and even some old ones adjusting to the change in command she had no idea what the station would be like when she finally set foot aboard again, for now however her bunk called and if her weary legs could carry her that far she could worry about the rest in the morning, for now though all concern about this foolhardy mission having been left behind.


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