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Deepest Recesses of One's Mind

Posted on Thu Dec 15th, 2011 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6
Location: Orias Station
Timeline: After "Spectres of the Soul"


Get a hold of yourself, Akina he thought. It wasn't real. You imagined it. You're senses are overloaded because you're used to having instruments to tell you what's going on. Yes, that's it, your senses are overwrought.

But he knew that wasn't it at all.


Ra-Movraii almost had to drag the teary Jrez away from the lift bay out into the corridor, of which the darkness was eerily... thicker, was the only word the Efrosian could use to describe it. Almost as though it were reaching out to them. He was thankful, however, that the apparent creaking and screeching of metal had stopped, but it had given way to something far more eerie.

One would expect, after all, that a large seemingly-abandoned station like this would result in echoes when one spoke. It was when they first arrived. Now, however, whenever someone spoke, it was almost muted, with no vibrations at all coming from the walls, ceiling or surface of the floor, and a slight ringing was present in the ears.

"Mason!" Ra-Movraii tried to call out with all of his might, but he knew his voice was barely travelling, inaudible beyond perhaps only a few steps. "Doctor Delrisa?" Again, the sound was not carried, and it died within a few feet of the trio. The cold sweats were starting to return to his slight cranial ridges.

Artem was clutching his rifle in one hand and a tricorder in the other, its soft beeping muted beyond the norm as the Russian ran scans on the surrounding area.
"The tricorder is not making sense. It shows no readings of any kind Commander!"

"Don't keep wasting your time, kid," Ra-Movraii replied, although not entirely appearing interested as he watched Jrez begin to walk at slight angle.

Somewhere in his delirium, someone called out to Jrez. He could hear voices from his past berating him but one voice.... One voice was insistent and it was different. He struggled through the fog, he fought to clasp hold of something he knew was important.

"Chief?" Artem took a step forward towards the aging Trill as he started forwards. "Are you OK sir?"

He was almost there. It was almost within his grasp. Then Ra-Movraii's slap broke the connection. He came to with a start. Blinking himself back into reality, he said, "It's... It's feeding on our doubts. I don't know how. I thought I had it but...whatever connection I had is gone. All I can say is I know this but I don't know what it means. I will say this though, I'm certain - as certain as I can be - we're being used."

The Efrosian simply glared at the joined Trill, bemused by what he had just said. He wasn't about to contradict him, as much as he didn't want to believe that what was happening was true. "What did you think you saw back there in front of the shaft?"

"I saw miniature figures fixing the wiring. I'm a tinkerer. My passion is tinkering with engines, but wiring is also important. Whatever this thing is, it's manipulating me. My guess is that it's doing the same thing to you but feeding on your memories of the Cardassian War. I wouldn't even like to guess what aspect of Commander Mason's past it's latched onto."

"Trust me: the Cardassian War's the least of my problems if it's my past it's latching onto," Ra-Movraii replied gruffly.

It began to make sense to Rihanoff now. The whispering he could hear in the distance, the gentle touch across his chest. The same thing was happening to him but this time in the form of voices in the dark from the one person he had loved, the one who had passed away sometime ago but to this day his lovers death had caused his some horrific nightmares. With luck the visual aspect of the Trills encounter would not affect the Russian, or so he hoped.

"I'm going to suggest something really stupid here. I'm going to go back into that room. One of the past hosts was trying to get through to me. Normally we converse really easily but I suspect there's a repressed memory trying to get through. I almost had it earlier and I think I can get it back."

"Wha-" The stratops officer had been watching Rihanoff's face shifting and changing as trepidation trickled into the Russian's mind before he actually processed what Jrez said. "You want to go back that way?"

"It might be nothing but...well, it might be vital. Frankly, what have we got to lose?"

Ra-Movraii stared at Jrez with angry eyes, before finally barking at the noncom. "What have we got to lose? What have we got to lose? You're supposed to be an intelligent man, Chief, and you are not going back that way. We've already lost Mason and the doc, and we could lose you, too. You may think this is some wonderful ego trip for you test out your crazy ideas, but this is no time to go lone ranger. We're getting the girls first, and then we'll figure out what we're gonna do next. Understood?"

Before Jrez could reply, however, an ear-splitting screech called out from beyond the corridor and deep into the impenetrable shadows beyond. With it, the deck began to shake and pushed the men from one side to the next. This noise, unlike the others, was certainly not metal screeching, and this noise was not being absorbed by the thick blackness all around them.

"Enough of these games!" Xal Ra-Movraii announced, swivelling around with his rifle held high. "It's time we-" The fifty-seven year old was caught short, as he came face to face with a pale, cold and contorted human woman's face, dangling upside down from the dark ceiling above. Her features, of Native American descent, were twisted, blue veins obvious and pulled in manners beyond reason.

"Huyana..." he muttered, horrified at the sight of his first and beloved wife before him, causing him to back away in shock, a sight that was not common to the ex-marine. What he bumped into was even more shocking, as the mangled features of his deceased daughter stared coldly back into him. "Kanti..."

Artem shook of the cold sensation of something stroking his bare chest and playing within the strands of hair that resided their with the realization he was still fully clothed and that the Command Officer seemed to be distant, detached from the situation.
"Commander... There isn't anyone there; just us!"

"But... b-" Ra-Movraii's eyes squinted tightly as he tried to ignore what he saw, until a quick nudge from Artem made him turn and open them, to see Kanti, mottled and naked as she was before, but this time behind the Russian, and baring sharp, inhuman teeth, and stretching out with clawed hands towards the lieutenant's neck. "No!" The Efrosian smashed Rihanoff out of the way and lunged at young human/Efrosian hybrid, only to find himself engulfed in more shadows.

Jrez now knew their problems weren't isolated to that one room: they could reasonably assume the whole station was infected by...whatever it was.

At least that meant he didn't have to disobey orders which was something he'd been seriously contemplating. It wasn't much consolation. There was still a mystery to solve and he did not have a clue how to go about doing it. Then there were Mason and Delrisa; in all likelihood they'd run not from trouble but into even more. He shuddered to think what demons might be being thrown up in Mason's mind.

Again the gentle caress of a delicate finger traced the outline of Artems abdomen and a shiver ran down his spine, either from the warmth of the touch or through fear of what it was that was affecting him in such a personal way.
"Commander I think we should move!"

"Agreed," Ra-Movraii replied after a few long seconds of silence, his body still shaking slightly as he managed to scrape together some forced composure. "Let's get back to the shuttle, link up with the others in orbit, and try and beam into the station's ops," the Efrosian was amazed his voice was holding. The shuttle they arrived on, the Ford, was still docked a slight way away, and would allow them to regroup with the others on standby. With any luck, they would be able to then be able to get to the station's command centre. "Let's move, people! I've had enough of this ghost shit!"

The Efrosian practically grabbed the two officers by their collars and shoved them in the direction of the docked shuttle, but was having to ignore the hanging corpses all around him as they did, deciding in the end to hum to cover up the whispers and screeching metal. Dead marines, his mother, his sister, his daughter, his wives... All were dropping from the ceiling with cold, dead eyes, and icy skin that raised the hairs all over Ra-Movraii's body.

A few minutes later, with both Jrez and Rihanoff in tow - who the second officer had had to work hard to keep on task - the officers arrived at the docking port, where through the window the shuttle could be seen, although it was not vacant. Beyond the cockpit's window, Starfleet officers, garbed in the uniform of the 2360s, were going about their business, with terrible wounds across their bodies, heads and limbs.

Once more, Ra-Movraii worked hard to ignore their apparent existence, and keyed in the commands to open the doors. Once open, he ordered the other two inside, and then sealed them shut, remaining behind with his rifle raised, and tricorder set to detect any lifeforms in the muted shadows beyond, waiting for the doctor and Mason to return. In any situation such as this, should the team be separated, they would regroup at their base of operations. With one not having been set up, the former marine knew Commander Mason would return to the shuttle.

If she was still in her right mind. As things stood, he was going to have Delrisa court-martialled when they returned to DS7.


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