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Signs and Portents

Posted on Sat Nov 26th, 2011 @ 4:38pm by

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

The station seemed to be posed for something to happen, as if holding its breath for the next big disaster that seemed to befall this station almost monthly. T-Rena had even been affected by it with the visceral and real encounters with the vision from her past that was now still haunting her be it physically in front of her or as a reflection in a window or polished surface but it was still all to real no matter what her logic told her.

"Commanders log Stardate 65904.4."
She paused a moment as her gaze wandered out across the station from the window in her office. The elegance of the station not touching her as again the distorted reflection of a being that was stood behind her caught her eye. She knew it was only in her mind but with the absence of most of the senior officers she had to hold it together. "Station operations are returning to standard norms while Commander Ra-Movarii leads an away team to Orias Science Station. We have received a distress call from the station which could have lasting ramifications across our sector if some unforeseen event has taken place that could threaten one of the experiments being run on the station."

The image of the Benzite women had not moved and her eyes were transfixed as she slowly moved towards her in the reflection. A cold chill started its was down her spine and she acknowledged the involuntary reaction with a slight shiver. "Unusual apparitions and visions have been plaguing the station for several days and I myself have found myself to be affected by them..."

She paused as the image of the Benzite women stopped and reached out a hand, moving to take T-Rena's shoulder. The Vulcan tensed as she came within reaching distance but when the hand clapped down all that could be felt was a cold draft yet it did nothing to stop the flinch from the Vulcan women.
"I am also beginning to wonder if I may be loosing my mind?"
T'Rena removed her hand from her shoulder where the apparitions hand would have landed and she started to examine it closely. "This has no base in logic and it has been increasing in frequency!"


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