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Tangled in the Wind

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2011 @ 4:30pm by Rev. Julian Shay

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Deep Space Seven
Timeline: After "Hung Out to Dry"


"Straight to the point. Thur leave us for a moment, I'd like to have a word with this gentleman in private." Shay nodded as the Monk wandered off, trying to speak to passer bys about the organization. "I am in the soul saving business, and it seemed like yours needed a more physical saving there. Ms Mason and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things so any chance to give her a bit of pause is welcomed." Shay reached into his pocket and grabbed a beat up pair of glasses and a pad. "I may have use for you be it as a Monk like brother Thur over there, or perhaps even in less official capacity if you are looking for something."

"I could do with lying low for a while, sure," Ra-Movraii shrugged. "Name's K'Tar by the way, and my business is always 'less official'." Flashing his prosthetic part-Klingon teeth at the 'reverend', he added: "Just name the game."


Shay walked down the promenade with his new found friend and the Monk next to them. People seemed to give them a wide berth as they walked, trying to avoid them to the point of smacking into walls. Shay led them to a small door and knocked twice. With a slow groan, the door opened into a small antechamber with chairs, posters for the church and a greenish looking plant in the corner. Two monks were making sure that everything was in its place but stopped as Shay entered the room.

"Welcome back Reverend, have you brought us a new convert?" One of the Monks moved over to the group.

"Not just yet brother. Mr." He paused and looked at the Klingon. "I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name."

"K'Tar," he repeated, before adding: "Son of Benny. My old ma was the Klingon you see, but I got bundled in with the old man, and he taught me everything I know," Ra-Movraii said, not in the least bit struggling to find answers that were fabricated. "So, uhh... who are these guys, and whaddya want me to do? 'Cause I gotta be careful 'round that Mason. I mean, she may have the beauty of an Orion dancer, but she's got the bite of a targ!"

"These are the members of the Church of the Photon, a little organization that I founded here to seek the mysteries of eternity, The mortal body will fail, break, decay, but the mind and the spirit will never falter, never fail. These individuals have made the choice to prolong their essence until the end of time Mr. K'Tar." Shay moved over to the Monk nearest to him and showed him off. "The singularity, where mind and machine become one. Not like the Borg's mindless drones, but a truely evolutionary step forward." Shay smiled. "The church of the photon focuses on the long term, and not the petty squabbling of the mortal coil."

It took all of Ra-Movraii's might not to roar in outrage at what he had just been told, disgusted by this warped belief they wished to spread. There were benefits, certainly, but it was not something to be mistreated like this, and he had no doubts that this Shay would go much further, and he was also certain that he must be getting some particular benefit from all of this.

"Now, for your piece of the puzzle. If you choose, we could bring you in as one of the brothers, or Monk as they've been come to be called." Shay moved back to the Klingon. "While I'd like to trust you at face value, I have to be sure much as the disciple asked for proof. If you'd like the protection of the church, you'll need to complete a simple task for us."

"Name it," the disguised officer grunted, doing his best to appear interested and growing in support for this Church of the Photon. "What do you want me to do?"

"We have a new shipment of Micro fusion generators arriving this afternoon. Very simple premise, ensure that the delivery happens and that nothing is interrupted. Very simple actually." Shay looked at the Klingon. "The brothers here will do much of the lifting, just want to make sure that some of the shadier elements kept at bay."

You are a shadier element! Ra-Movraii thought angrily as he wondered why they would need the generators. All the disguised Efrosian knew was about their application in terms of Starfleet destroyer impulse drives and high-speed and close-knit communications, similar to that between a small collective of Borg drones. That last thought made his eyes widen, but he quickly masked it. "Sounds simple enough," he shrugged. "Whereabouts we picking the shipment up? And am I likely to see that Mason again?"

"Cargo Bay 3 22:00, shipment labeled "Inert Cartosean Feed Grain" There is another box labeled combine replacement lugs." Shay moved over to the reception desk, grabbed and padd and headed back. "I'm sure the lovely Ms Mason will have some kind of ghost following you. The brothers here will take care of that if needed. Any other questions before you deliver these?"

"Yeah, just one. Now, given my line of work, I'm used to dealing with dodgy goods, but.... well, are these dodgy goods?"

"Your eyes wide and your mind open friend. Bring me those generators and I'll be more than happy to show you." Shay finally smiled at the Klingon. "Your eyes wide friend."

Two of the Monks moved forward next to Shay. "We shall assist you with this matter."

Great, Ra-Movraii thought sarcastically to himself. "Great!" He said with fake enthusiasm through jagged Klingon teeth. "Your eyes big, and all that!"



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